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1. Recently deceased college basketball coach Rick Majerus once tried to set me up with his girlfriend’s daughter (she eventually married a Ute quarterback), took me swimming (he swam a mile; it only took about a day and a half) and debated me over which Van Morrison song is the best (“Caravan”, of course). He once entered a video session, fresh from a shower, buck naked and clutching a 12-inch…sub. I will miss him.

Heaven better have a terrific deli

2.  You are more likely to find or Deadspin pieces on Jovan Belcher today, pieces in which they basically regurgitate the reportage of the Kansas City Star for new details on the murder-suicide. Now, both sites do credit the Star and that’s good. However, in situations such as this it would be cool to go the extra mile and name the individual who did all of the heavy lifting as well: Glenn Rice.

3. Fiscal Griff! Robert Griffin III  completes a stunning weekend for rookie NFL quarterbacks as the Redskins defeat the Super Bowl champion New York Giants on Monday Night Football. Griffin, Andrew Luck and Russell Wilson all led their teams to fourth-quarter comeback wins over the weekend. The Quarterback Class of 1983 salutes you!

4. MANTIhattan. For today. And later this week. And in other Manti news, a Jamaican folk song is rewritten in his honor, although some of the lines are ponderous (“Offense come and me wanna go home”; what does that mean?). The video shots themselves are fantastic, though we agree with Ty Duffy: Needs more Freekbass. And if we were going to do a mash-up in tribute to Manti, we’d use this tune (“I throw my hands up in the air sometimes/Saying, ‘Te’o’, You Destroy O'”)

“You come from an island? We live on an island, too!”

5. So it appears that Prince Charles is going to become a grandfather before he becomes king — if that ever happens. Rumor has it that it may be twins. Back to Prince Charles, if this man has a theme song, our bet is that it is this. 


The Lakers visit Houston this evening, and Kobe Bryant needs 52 points to hit the 30,000-point mark in his career. We wouldn’t bet against him doing so.

He’s the new leader of the world’s most populous and, in many ways, most powerful nation. And he doesn’t have time for b.s. stuff like red carpets, banquets and banners. I’m telling you, I like this Xi Jinping dude, China’s new leader. He’s basically saying, “The Communist party is not a par-tay.”

You’re too Xi, Xi/Hush hush, eye to eye

Chris Huston, alias “The Heisman Pundit”, provides his top ten Heisman Moments of 2012.

David Letterman, at the White House, before the Kennedy Center Honors. You know he’s thinking to himself, My God, how did I get here?

Stupid Human Tricks

So it doesn’t get lost. Comedian Ray Romano had a great line about Led Zeppelin during the Kennedy Center Honors: “I lost my virginity to the first two minutes of ‘Stairway to Heaven.’ Spent the next 11 minutes apologizing. That’s a long song.”

Today’s New York Post cover. The victim had approached his killer, who was harassing others as they waited for the train to approach, and attempted to soothe him. And you wonder why people choose not to get involved.

We agree with Stewart Mandel: Four of the six most compelling bowls, after the national championship game, are not BCS bowls. And we think he’s being awfully generous to the Orange Bowl, by the way.

The Beats ad that uses “Scream and Shout” is a far better video than the one that was produced for the song itself.

Tim White believes that Bob Costas overstepped his bounds in addressing gun control during a nationally televised prime-time football broadcast. Has Tim White ever heard of Howard Cosell? Whether or not you agree with Costas, isn’t it hypocritical to defend 2nd Amendment rights while admonishing someone for exercising his 1st Amendment rights?

Here is what I know: I know Bob Costas. Well. And I know that Bob Costas is probably smarter than most people, certainly smarter than nearly every person — if not every person — who has ever posted an anonymous comment on a blog. So whether or not you or I agree with him, what do we have to lose by listening to someone who has proven year after year that he invests great energy in delivering essays, comments, insights? Doesn’t mean you have to agree with him. But if you just clamp your hands over your ears and shout, “I CAN’T HEAR YOU!” every time someone present an opposing viewpoint,  that does not in any way enhance your knowledge on a subject. is reporting that Christian Ponder proposed and ESPN reporter Samantha Steele accepted. The joke flying around the Twin Cities is that it will be the first wedding ever held without a reception.



One thought on “IT’S ALL HAPPENING! 12/4

  1. About FOX News’ “War on Christmas” – since only Congress can declare war, isn’t it technically a “Christmas Conflict” or “An Action on Christmas”?

    And I know I’m a day (or two) late on this but had you EVER seen/heard Herbie so riled up as he was about Northern Illinois? Gave new meaning to ‘Hot Herbie’.

    And finally, after watching in shock/disgust how CBS began their NFL pregame show last Sunday, I NEEDED some Bob Costas that night to stop my screaming at the TV. Although I did think the pregame shows on FOX & ESPN did pretty well. Also, if a starting NFL player committing murder & then killing oneself ON the team’s property in front of the Head Coach & GM didn’t postpone a game, what would?

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