by Michael DePaoli


Back in 2003 Ann Coulter wrote a book titled: Treason: Liberal Treachery from the Cold War to the War on Terrorism. In the coherent parts of the book where Ms. Coulter is not rambling, she says (or implies or wildly asserts, and I am paraphrasing here) that liberals are committing treason because they allegedly love the Russian communists, and the communists are just as bad as the Nazis, and the liberals constantly attack their own country, blah, blah, ugh.

This week The Washington Post reported that Michael Flynn (the National Security Advisor to Donald Trump) did discuss sanctions with the Russian Ambassador in late December 2016. Previously, Flynn and the Trump Administration had flatly denied that any issue of sanctions had been discussed with the Russian Ambassador. What this means is that Flynn and the Trump administration probably lied, and probably had something to hide about Flynn’s telephone calls with the Russian government.

Thus, there is more evidence that Flynn and Trump are committing treason than there ever was any evidence that the average liberal was committing treason. Where is Ann Coulter? Why is she not screaming at Comrade Trump and calling Trump a traitor like she declared the liberals to be traitors?

Also this week, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals determined that it was plausible (not a ruling on the merits, but plausible) that Donald Trump violated the Constitution with his Executive Order that banned immigration from seven Muslim countries. The Court of Appeals upheld a stay on the Executive Order. So, with one District Court Judge and three Judges from the Court of Appeals all agreeing that Trump might have violated the Constitution, where is Ann Coulter screaming that Trump hates American and Trump is committing treason against our system of government? I am going to walk out on a limb and assert that the typical liberal never violates the Constitution. Yet, Trump violated our sacred form of government (the First Amendment, no less) after one week in office. Where is Ann Coulter when we need her to protect the Constitution?

“Oooooh, oooooh/Witchy woman….”

This past weekend, Trump was on a Fox News show and he tried to take the position that the USA is the moral equivalent to Russia. During the campaign, Trump praised the Russian Dictator Putin all too often. Again, where is Ann Coulter to stop Trump from hating on America? It is not enough for Ms. Coulter to simply say that she disagrees with Trump. She must be consistent and call Trump a traitor, under her own standards!

In his personal life, it is just a fact (not a judgment, just the way it turned out) that two of Trump’s wives were raised in communist countries. Under Ann Coulter’s logic, marrying two women from over there in communist land (Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia) would make Trump guilty of treason. Obviously, the rest of us might ignore this issue, but Ann Coulter is apparently an expert on treason and liberals and communists, and she needs to apply the same standards to Trump that she applied to the rest of us. If someone could be committing treason simply by holding liberal beliefs, then clearly someone would be committing treason by marrying someone who was born and grew up in a communist country.

All I am asking is for Ann Coulter to be consistent and start her fight against Comrade Trump. Based upon her treatise on treason, it is a no brainer that Trump is a traitor.


I was at Walmart yesterday in Scottsdale and there was a sign posted at the manager’s stand that read “ABSOLUTELY NO OVERTIME.” And, I thought to myself that apparently there are people at Walmart who want to work overtime, but Walmart does not want the work to get done by the people who are willing to work overtime to do it. All of which might explain why none of the Walmart employees had the appearance of being happy while at work. The message is clear: We do not want you to work long hours because we want to stifle your career.

This brings me to the immigration issue, which has befuddled me since the 1980’s, back when the Reagan Administration was granting amnesty to immigrants, selling weapons to Iran, increasing the debt and raising taxes. Why would anyone in a capitalist system want to criminalize the desire to work for a living? Seriously, when the immigrants want to work, we should hire them! We should not prosecute the people who are willing to get stuff done.

This week, the USA deported a longtime resident of Arizona and mother of two, named Guadalupe Garcia De Ramos. As reported by The Guardian, the deported woman’s fourteen year-old daughter had this to say: “Her only crime was to work here so she could support us.”

Chew on that. Her only crime was to use a fake social security number so that she could work. Why is that a crime? When a Mexican citizen wants to work here we label them criminals, but when you commit fraud, cheat contractors, and lie on a daily basis you are elected President. (Ed Note: Please return to that Walmart and inquire about the sign. Then ask if they are TCOB and if they like BTO; also, next time take a picture of the damn sign so we can post it; oh, and ask if “absolutely” was absolutely necessary).

ADELE (or No Deal)

The 59th Annual Grammy Awards are Sunday Night.

I vote for Adele. Nobody else, just Adele.

Michael DePaoli does not have musical talent, which explains why all of his YouTube videos to date are silent movies (ED NOTE: Michael DePaoli does not look like what you probably picture someone named ‘Michael DePaoli’ looking like).

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