Designated Survivor: Day 4

I’m through (unofficially) to the fourth round with my Gonzaga pick yesterday (after West Virginia on Thursday and Oregon on Friday). My Sunday pick? Baylor.

As for the actual players, we are down to just two (sorry, Lorraine W.; we don’t see a Friday pick).

Pick Day 4 in the Comments and thanks for playing….


Gene B: Gonzaga, Kansas, Florida State

Fawn L: Butler, Oregon, Gonzaga

Jim O: Duke, Oregon ?

James D.: Gonzaga ?

Brian R.: Florida State, Baylor ?

Sean S.: Purdue, Baylor, Gonzaga, 

Brian C.: Virginia, Baylor, ?

Jeff P: Butler, Oregon, Florida State

Ruth R.: Iowa State, Creighton

Jacob: A: Virginia, SMU

Susie B.: Maryland

Michael Z: Vanderbilt



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