by John Walters

Starting Five

Harm, but no foul

Harm, but no foul

Beverley Spills*

*The judges will also accept “The Beverley Center” and “Steven Hawking Rockets’ Guard”

The Thunder only trailed by 5 in the third quarter when Steven Adams laid out Patrick Beverley on a brutal but legal pick. The Rockets went on to win by 31. James Harden simply was not fair, scoring 37.

Wondering….Do NBA players call “pick?” I mean, help a brother out, yo.

2. Is Boston About To Become Rupp Arena?

Later today Galen Rupp could become the first native-born American to win the Boston Marathon since Bill Rodgers did so in 1980. Two other nationalized Americans have done so since then: Rupp’s coach, Alberto Salazar, and his teammate, Meb Keflezighi who will also run today. Rupee took bronze in the Olympic marathon last summer.

Lisa Weienbach was the last American female to win Boston, in 1985, and now that Shalane Flangan has withdrawn with an injury, that record won’t be seriously challenged.

3. Golf Cart Blanche

As obscene as the $23 or so million that has already been spent on Donald Trump’s weekend getaways to south Florida have cost, there’s something particularly wicked about the reported $35,000 the Secret Service has had to spend in golf cart rentals at Mar-A-Lago in order to protect POTUS.

This is not a story from The Onion. The Secret Service, in protecting a prez who has now played 18 rounds of golf in fewer than 100 days in office, has to rent golf carts from his company. That’s an experienced grifter at work. Not only are you, the American people, going to pay for my weekend trips, but I’m going to profit off you having to protect me.

4.That Question The Reporter Asked Doc Rivers Was NOT The Dumbest Thing I Ever Heard

You’re down two and you have the ball. Of course you want to score, but here’s the counter-arguments…

  1. If you miss, you may get the offensive rebound for a second opportunity, but you may not, which will likely necessitate a foul and falling behind, after free throws, by three points or even two possessions.
  2. If you make the two very late, you force overtime. If you make the three late, you win the game.
  3. If you take the shot when the Clips did and make it, now you must play defense and there’s an excellent chance that the opposing coach will not call timeout and not allow you to put your top defenders on the floor, which is why Joe Johnson was able to blow past 84-year vet Jamal Crawford on the final iso play, which is also why, given those particulars, the question was pertinent.

We’ve seen Doc Rivers try to belittle reporters before (see: Bill Simmons, 2012, I believe, NBA draft) and we’ve seen that it’s more about his ego than the facts. You can make a strong case for why the Clippers did what they did at the end of Game 1 but, given how the game ended, you can make just as strong a case for asking that question.

By the way, when fellow reporters scold a reporter on Twitter for asking a legitimate question, all they do is move the line toward asking questions everyone already knows the answer to. You know why kids ask such great questions? Because those questions are asked out of genuine curiosity. That’s really the only standard for a question.

(Listen to the first question in the presser above. That’s not a question. That’s a “Talk about…” safe conversation starter.)

(By the way, Joe Johnson is in his 16th season; Jamal Crawford is in his 17th.)

Also, here’s a good question for Doc: How did you lose Game 1 at home to a team with no playoff experience as a unit when that team’s most productive player, Rudy Gobert, only played 17 seconds?

5. Farewell, 19th Century

The 19th century, which gave us the discovery of men’s suits, electricity and anesthesia, is finally over. Last weekend Emma Morano, the last person born before 1900 who was still breathing, died at the age of 117. Morano, an Italian woman who loved cookies, credited her longevity to ending her abusive marriage, which she did 79 years ago.

The world’s oldest living man, Israel Kristal, is 113 and is a Holocaust survivor. So take that, Hitler.

Music 101

 Biggest Part of Me


Unapologetic soft rockers Ambrosia scored a No. 3 hit with this tune in the spring of 1980.

Remote Patrol

Better Call Saul

10 p.m. AMC

Last week’s season premier was all exposition. We got a lot of shots of Mike tinkering with gadgets, which shows how much more meticulous and careful he is than Jimmy. Also, it’s going to be his way, I suspect, of showing Gus Fring and his crew that he cannot be outsmarted. Two, we got Chuck hatching a plan to go after Jimmy, with Ernesto in the middles; and we have Jimmy and Kim in an odd place, as she realizes that she has landed her biggest client thanks to Jimmy’s skulduggery. Did she self-sabotage as a way to even the score?


3 thoughts on “IT’S ALL HAPPENING!

  1. I hope to come back later to chat more NBA, but I have a question now. Has there ever been a more admired & respected wildly successful participant in a sport than Phil Jackson who day by day over just a few years unwittingly SELF-SABOTAGED his image & that very respect? Maybe you agree with PJ that Carmelo Anthony has been “the problem” with the Knicks the past year (or two) but my god, Phil Jackson is an INCOMPETENT ASS in his CURRENT JOB! He doesn’t speak to the media when needed & should have kept his trap shut when he finally did. WHAT All-Star player will come to NYC as long as he is there? Heck, the one star on his team that he’s NOT trying to run out of town refused to speak with him or the team because he’s so disgusted. And I may not watch a lot of non-LBJ teams (except when they play LBJ of course) but even I knew enough last year to know Noah & Rose were already past not just their peaks but their “player expectancy” dates. HOW much money did he throw away on them?

    I’ve never been the biggest fan of Carmelo on the court but my respect for him has grown in how he’s handled this past season, specifically in how, basically as shark-bait, he’s addressed the media day after day. I can understand why he’d want to stay in NYC just to get spit-in-your-eye revenge on Jackson but for his own self-esteem & mental health, he should get the hell out. (Just NOT to Cleveland!)

    On the other hand, as long as LeBron is playing in the NBA, I hope Jackson STAYS with the Knicks. Between the no-rest Hornets & the sabotaged-from-within Knicks, there are 2 less Eastern Conference teams Sweet Pea (& I) need to worry about. 🙂


    I can’t lie, I don’t watch all (ahem, much) of the NBA Playoff games that don’t include LeBron James. But I DID watch bits of all & paid attention to who won/loss. So, here’s the rundown –
    2 Blowouts (Spurs over Grizzlies & Rockets over Mr Triple Double),
    2 Upsets (Bucks over Raptors at home, & #8 Bulls over #1 Celtics also at home but this one gets an * due to the tragic personal loss for the Celtics star player),
    3 Expected outcomes (Wizards over Hawks, Supervillains over Blazers, & Jazz over Clippers – the latter COULD be considered an “upset” but come on, the Clips lose at HOME in the Playoffs – what’s unexpected about that? 😉 ), & finally,
    1 Escape (Cavs by, gulp, one over the Pacers).

    Before I illuminate the Cavs most recent attempt to get me exercising (i.e. to stomp around & wave arms wildly), let me just say I know what you’re thinking – “susie b, didn’t you just say last Friday that the Supervillains (Warriors) would samba into the Finals without breakin’ a sweat (i.e. go 4/4/4) & yet, did they not struggle throughout the Blazers game until midway thru the 4th?” Well, yes & yes. But they are just toying with you! They’re not nicknamed SuperVILLAINS for nuthin.

    The Cavs-Pacers Game 1 was this Cavs season in miniature – my heroes handily led thru most of the season/game until the last 3 weeks/6 minutes. THEN, the podplayers took over & they barely scored let alone kept the opponent FROM racking up bucket after bucket. Granted, if just a few layups/passes went where they were supposed to go those finals minutes, the final score would have seen the Cavs win by 10 at least, but that’s the way the ball bounces! Honestly, those last 6 minutes when the Cavs barely scored at all made me flashback to last season’s Game 7 & the Warriors couldn’t score down the stretch. Panic? Sloppiness? Fate? I don’t know but they need to STOP it! I can only take so may Tums.

    Tonight is Cavs-Pacers Game#2. I’m hoping for a CAVS win by at least 15!

  3. And I regrettably didn’t see the Adams take-down of Patrick Beverly but I’m betting (like the song says) “HE HAD IT COMIN’!” That guy is more annoying than panties that keep ‘traveling’ to your butt-crack.

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