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10 thoughts on “LIVE LOOK-IN AT SUSIE B.

  1. 🙂 🙁 🙂 🙁


    I thought we had this one, I really did! The whole second half, especially once we got the lead, I wouldn’t even get off the sofa for some more Diet Pepsi or to use the bathroom, didn’t want to ‘jinx” anything. Hell, I wouldn’t even shift my POSITION on the sofa the entire 4th quarter! And forget the babble about the Cavs not scoring in the final 3 minutes, this game was decided on ONE play – the Cavs were up 113-111 with about 55 seconds to go. Sweet Pea had the ball, defended by 5-foul Draymond & as LBJ got into the paint, another SV rotated over to double on LeBron so he whips it out to Kyle Korver (brought to the Cavs mid-season for ONE REASON – shoot & make 3s) WIDE OPEN in the corner, he hoists up the 3 & it clangs off, GS gets the rebound & within 5 seconds, Kevin ‘3rdbase’ Durant hits a 3 & the Supervillains are now up 114-113 with about 4o seconds to go. IF Korver had hit his 3, the babble today would be completely different. We’d been up by 5 (116-111) & the Supervillains would have had to inbound the ball under the Cavs basket, get it up court & face a more-set defense. Could Durant made another 3? Sure, but much more time would have been eaten & they still would have been behind. The SUPERHEROES would have won the game!

    Last night was a gutpunch by the gutless. Both LeBron & Kyrie donned their Superman capes, JR finally showed up & swished some 3s, Kev missed some shots but still rebounded well & contributed. We were in it. We SHOULD have won! Damn. 🙁 🙁 🙁

    My heart hurts for my “legume of Sweetness”. (loved that! 🙂 ) What more can he do?

    And can I just say I really can’t stand Paul Pierce!

  2. Oh Susie B., you were so, SO close. But then you had to blame the loss on Kyle Korver. Sure, he might have hit it, but Michael Jordan doesn’t let his nemesis shoot the game-winner in his face AND THEN let Andre “Night of the” Iguodala muff his own game-winning three attempt. LeBummed played great, but once again in the final two minutes he was simply mortal. Don’t even try to pin this on the KKnotOK.

    That said, this sets the stage for the Cavs to win four straight and for you to experience the type of previously unattained bliss that no amounts of Diet Pepsi and extra-bagging of Amazon shares can provide. Get ready for greatness, Susie B.

    • If LeBron & the Cadavaliers could actually come back from a 3-0 hole against the Supervillains, then Sweet Pea’s not just joining but REPLACING Jordon on the ‘Mt Rushmore of Basketball”. 🙂

      Already, certain members of the media are discussing how the Cavs will be “reconfigured”, i.e. who gets traded/cut & for whom. Hah! Except for adding Kawhi, how do you improve that team to beat GS? Put together ANY team with the current NBA player personnel to try to beat them, considering who is available & salary-cap & who do you come up with? Then I see the articles stating the “rumors” about LeBron moving to either the Lakers or Clippers after next year. WHY would he move from the alleged weaker conference to the stronger if his goal is more titles? To have to go thru the Spurs AND the Supervillains just to get TO the Finals? Hmphf!

      I really like this version of the Cavs, especially the main 8-9 guys & would be very sad to see them broken apart. And I didn’t mean to blame the loss totally on Korver as yes, LBJ & Kyrie missed some shots too in those final 3 minutes but I really think that ONE shot, if made, would have changed the outcome, as it would have put us up 5 & eaten more time. Just like last year in Game 7, if only ONE of The Block or The Shot or The Stop had not happened, there’s a good chance the Dubs would have won it all.

      As for greatness – we got it last year & I’m always ready for some more. Plus, Sweet Pea already has the t-shirts. 🙂

      • Susie B.,

        You do realize these sports pundits went from debating LeBron versus to Jordan to Lebron versus Durant in a matter of days, correct? These are the same people that started wispering perhaps LeBron was tired in game 3 versus Boston, instead of just thinking he may have just had a bad game.

        Where do you get your sports content from? Quality content isn’t passed along in 140 characters or three minute television spots.

        I’m just trying to save you a few extra years of life.

  3. Speaking of AMZN – 28 bagger. And NVDA is now a 12-bagger! And YHOO (the 2nd stock I purchased back in late 2008) is a 6-bagger as of today. I wouldn’t give it ALL up for the Cavs to perform the COMEBACK OF ALL COMEBACKS & enter sport immortality but I’d give up SOME. 🙂

  4. Susie, the biggest complement given LBJ is the GSWarriors. They needed to create the team they have to stop him. It’s easy to view them as SV’s but realistically they wouldn’t exist in the current form if it weren’t for LBJ.

    • Hi Don, my head agrees with you somewhat but this is still pretty much the same as telling a bullying victim to “shrug it off, don’t worry about it” as the bullie has “low self-esteem”. Lemme tell ya, a bullying victim doesn’t give a rat’s ass about his/her tormentor’s “self-esteem”, they just want an anvil dropped on the bullie’s head ala Road Runner. 🙂

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