by John Walters

Starting Five

Quadruple Triple

A pair of two-strike, two-out, two-run triples, one of them by reliever Archie Bradley (above), led the Diamondbacks past the Rockies in a wild, wild, Wildcard game last night in the desert. Arizona hit four triples (two by Ketel Marte) in all, the most in a postseason game since 1903 (the year of the first World Series).

MH staff is off for some overdue dental work; we’ll check in later

2. Cam-O’Flage

It’s not the National Female League, after all!

3. Mandalay Bay Watch

Is it irresponsible to ask if there was more than one shooter? I don’t think so. Doesn’t mean these videos are gospel truth, but it’s a question worth pursuing at this stage.


There are a lot more if you click on these. Doesn’t mean it’s true or false. Just that there’s some strange stuff surrounding this tragedy.

4. Christian Ponders

Actual Headline: “Christian Ponder: I Shouldn’t Have Blamed God For Being Bad QB.”

Truly Nolan

Katie Nolan, who never left New York City upon joining Fox Sports (that may have been part of the problem), switches teams and joins ESPN. Is this a coup by Norby or the latest Megyn Kelly-ing of a media giant? Great parting shot by Nolan, regardless: “When I was a little girl, I always dreamed that one day announcements regarding my specific assignments would be forthcoming.”

Meanwhile, what ever became of Georgie Thompson?

Remote Patrol

Red Sox at Astros

4 p.m. MLBN

Yankees at Indiana

7:30 p.m. FS1

Chris Sale makes his playoff debut

Midweek day baseball! This is the best sports time of the year. Soak it in.


4 thoughts on “IT’S ALL HAPPENING!

  1. Posting videos of Infowars-citing armchair ballistic experts and saying “not sure if they are true or false, just putting it out there” is downright Trumpian.

  2. Who knew Trump & Cam Newton had anything in common – well, they are both f*cking MORONS. (Yes, apparently Tillerson didn’t just call The Sociopath “a moron” but a “f*cking moron”.) Hohoho, it’s “funneee” to see a BLACK quarterback…Hohohoho, it’s FUNNEEE to see a BLACK Doctor…. Are you KIDDING ME?! And this is the same ass that told elementary school kids not too long ago that boys should be strong but “ladies SILENT? WTF? And oh yeah, right now when the NFL DESPERATELY wants the fans on THEIR SIDE of the whole kneel-protest brouhaha, this idiot denigrates 50% of their VIEWERS? And then other knuckle-draggers both in & out of the media “defend” this jerk?! OH, HELL NO!

    Hey Cam, it’s SO funny to hear a BLACK person talk about societal ills, racial injustice & political activism… Can you even SPELL any of those words? Got a LAPTOP handy to look them up? Snicker, snicker. Want to talk about “woke”, well, WAKE UP, CAM NEWTON! Racism, sexism is the SAME DAMN THING – a person is being denigrated not because of their actual abilities but merely because of their “group” affiliation (race or gender). My god, he is disgusting, as is ANYONE who actually attempts to ‘defend’ him.

    Because of that ass, I almost CRIED on draft night when CMcC got taken by the Panthers.

    Question – does anyone know if anyone at that presser then asked Newton if the reason he has SUCKED for most of this season is because he’s been HIT IN THE HEAD too many times? Asking for a friend. 😉

    And yes, Jacob – NOW I’m ANGRY.

      • I thought about this on my flight…My comment seems pretty rude in hindsight. I apologize.

        I’m not a women, so it really isn’t my right to judge the emotions Newton’s comments could stir. It is easy for me to MMQB it and say you shouldn’t be angry. But as a white male American, I seemly hit the jackpot of life. My barrier to entry is effort, not ethnicity, skin color or gender.

        The idea that women wouldn’t know anything about routes is pretty stupid. Think about it for two seconds and everyone should come to the same conclusion.

        There are a lot of women I could pull from, but from the top of my head, I really like Doris Burke and Beth Mowins. Michelle Beadle does the NBA ESPN show, and I think she is good at what she does. Michelle Tafoya, Lindha Cohn, Samantha Ponder, etc.

        These are some people from my own viewing, and it doesnt include all the local beats, writers and budding stars still in school. Oh yeah, and what about Chesney McMurphy, Brett’s daughter? I mean, the list should certainly be longer, but the ones above and many more are paving a road ahead.

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