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Halloween thought: I’ve always thought of The Exorcist as the Linda Blair Witch Project…

Starting Five

Top Jimmy Struts

As if having to spell Papadopoulos were not tough enough for the MH staff, the Patriots have now dealt up-and-coming QB Jimmy Garoppolo to the 0-8 San Francisco 49ers, who play not far from where Tom Brady grew up. From the Back Bay to San Francisco Bay is not a bad career move.

Apparently Bill Belichick’s deal with the devil was approved and Brady will live forever, or at least until Belichick retires. Garoppolo turns 26 on Thursday. Brady is 40. The Pats got next year’s 2nd-roudn pick in return. Feels as if they got robbed, but BB is way smarter than the rest of us, so it’ll probably work out for the best for them.

2. Clown Show

As The Worst Wing begins to unravel, you’ve got President Trump assuring Americans that there was NO COLLUSION because you know why? Because Paul Manafort’s defense attorney says so.


You’ve got Sarah I Heart Huckabees winking at the media, you’ve got Sean Hannity saying “President Clinton” when he refers to Hillary, you’ve got Carter Page appearing on MSNBC and dancing very close to the flame,

and you’ve got John Kelly saying that he does not owe Frederica Wilson an apology after it was proven that he was either misinformed or outright lying about her. But when do white men ever own black women an apology?

Oh, speaking of black women, watch Joy Reid go master chef with the ginsu knife on this hapless pundit. It’s so much easier to win when you have the facts on your side.

3. Her, Too

This is going to be a daily thing now, isn’t it? We’re not objecting, we’re just noting. Over the weekend it was Annabella Sciorra alleging that Harvey Weinstein raped her, and yesterday WNBA’er Breanna Stewart wrote a first-person piece for the Players Tribune in which she revealed that she was repeatedly molested by a family friend/relative? before puberty.

In related news, Netflix has canceled House of Cads.

4. DeMarcus Where?

It’s still astounding that serial brooder DeMarcus Cousins has never played in a single postseason contest, seven full seasons in. Last Thursday, in a homecoming game in Sacramento, Boogie put up 41 and 23. Two weeks in, he’s second in the league in Scoring (29.4), third in Blocked Shots (2.14) and fourth in Rebounds (13.6) for the 3-4 Pelicans.

Giannis is more popular, but DeMarcus is your October MVP.

5. U2 Debut

Happened upon this on YouTube (shouldn’t there be a U2-ube channel?) and before we forget about it, thought we’d air this gem. The year is 1980: Bono is 20 years old. This was the first song from Side 2 of their first album, Boy.

One year later…

Look how much more confident they are.

Music 101

Mr. Crowley

Before there was Metallica, there was Black Sabbath. And after Black Sabbath, there was simply Ozzy. This tune is dedicated to Aleister Crowley (1875-1947), Great Britain’s notorious occultist and reputed muse for Led Zeppelin, among others.

Remote Patrol

World Series, Game 6

Astros at Dodgers

8 p.m. Fox

Justin Verlander gets the pill on the hill. We want a Game 7 in November, don’t we?

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  1. What in the world did you do to get blocked by Clay Travis? Was there a single Tweet that got you blocked or just a series of straws upon the proverbial camel’s back?

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