Duckworth Disses Donald

Meet Senator Tammy Duckworth

–A Democrat from Illinois

–Born in Bangkok, Thailand

So far, the MAGA crowd despises her. But she is also…

–a retired U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel

–an Iraq War veteran

–a U.S. Army helicopter pilot

–a casualty, losing both her legs due to severe combat wounds…although she received a medical waiver after incurring those wounds and continued to serve in the National Guard

Now what does the MAGA crowd think of her (don’t worry, we all know what they think, right?)

Anyway, in the wake of Donald’s Monday suggestion that Democrats who did not clap for him during last weeks’ SOTU may have been “treasonous,” Senator Duckworth had a worthy rebuke:


To paraphrase former Colonel Nathan Jesup, “Donald, I think you f*cked with the wrong Marine!”*

*Even if she’s Army.

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