by John Walters

Starting Five

Great White (To Be Cont.)*

*The judges will also accept “Attack of the Flying Tomato”

In second place before what may be the final run of his Olympic career, Shaun White goes balls-to-the-wall on the halfpipe with a gold-medal run. That’s three golds in four Games for the red-headed wonder, aged 31.

2. Great White (Part II)

Half a world away from Pyeongchang, the annual dog days of winter in New York City conclude with a Best In Show for a Bichon Frise named Flynn. If you thought we’d get through this Westminster Dog Show item without mentioning the infamous song by Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, you were wrong…

3. What The Elle?

This is Louise Linton, whose husband Steve Mnuchin is the Secretary of the Treasury. And this is one of her pics from a current profile in Elle.ย In the piece, Louise claims that SoulCycle “is my temple, I go there every day.” We’ve seen her husband and we’ve got to disagree: American Express is her temple. SoulCycle is more like a small crypt.

4. A Lotta Lotto News

–You heard about Donald Savastano, the upstate New York carpenter who won $1 million but died three weeks later due to Stage 4 cancer. At least he was able to afford a doctor and a nice funeral.

–Then came Jane Doe, the woman in New Hampshire who won $560 million but has been unable to claim it while she sues for the right to not have to divulge her name. Since then she has been deluged with offers from afar as to how to skirt this regulation; meanwhile, how much of her fortune will those lawyers claim?

–Now comes Bill Pendergast of Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canadia. Pendergast and his wife lost their home due to a wildfire two years ago. He just won $1 million. He says he’s going to finish rebuilding the abode and finally buy a Mustang. And he doesn’t care who knows who he is.

5. MH Movie Buff-ery

The Benedict ranch house was nothing more than a facade

We watched the 1956 epicย Giant the other night, and since we stayed up until 1:45 a.m. to watch, we felt as if we needed to glean something and to pass it on. A few notes: 1) Yes, that’s a young and ginger Dennis Hopper playing the son of Jordan Benedict (Rock Hudson) and his wife, Leslie (Elizabeth Taylor), 2) Like Carole Lombard in To Be Or Not To Be (noted here a few weeks back), James Dean died before the release of the film (in a car accident, as you probably knew), 3) there are no actual giants in the film, though Hudson was a rather tall fellow, and 4) the exteriors were shot just outside of the southwestern Texas town of Marfa, which is now an eclectic tourist destination (it has also been the setting for Oscar darlings There Will Be Blood and No Country For Old Men) for film geeks. Check out their Prada store:

Music 101


We chose this Sam Cooke classic because there aren’t that many great Ash Wednesday tunes…

Remote Patrol

Winter Olympics

8 p.m. NBC

Will Valentine’s Day be the night when America’s newest sweetheart, Mikaela Shiffrin, at last makes her much-delayed 2018 Olympic debut? And will someone please let my pals at The Big Lead know that this is happening? Cool, thanks.

One thought on “IT’S ALL HAPPENING!


    I almost passed out last night on the sofa watching the Halfpipe! I so wanted Shaun to reclaim his ‘King of the Mt’ status that I could barely breathe each time he made his runs. And then the LAST RUN – OMG, the waiting & the tension & more waiting & hearing the cheers at the bottom of the pipe & waiting some more & then GO! And then, after the HISTORY MAKING RUN, waiting some more for the score. Finally! Shaun cried, his family cried, I cried. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’m betting Shaun believes that not getting the Gold (or any medal) at Sochi was the worst thing that ever happened to him. I think it’s actually one of the BEST as it’s made him a better rider & most importantly, a better person. Plus, he REALLY acknowledges the work & sacrifice that went into this achievement when before, I think it all came so easily to him that I don’t think he really did. Heck, he was barely a teenager when he became the BEST in the WORD in his sport & stayed at the top for almost 15 years (I think he was still the top but just had a bad day in a bad Russian Half-pipe, hmmmm, maybe this was the 1ST instance of ‘Russian meddling”!) so that’s hardly a surprise.

    So, what are the odds we will REALLY see a Women’s Alpine skiing event tonight?

    Have you read if the bitter cold & those heart & sport-stopping winds are the norm in that area at this time of year or is this a fluke?

    I heard some folks laughing this morning that “OAR” (those incognito folks from, pssst, Russia) lost to Slovakia in men’s Hockey. Shouldn’t have laughed so hard as the American men lost their 1st game today to that well-know hockey powerhouse… Slovenia. Oh, the sporting gods are bustin’ a gut today!

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