by John Walters

Tweet du Jour

Starting Five

Eric Gordon poured in 27 points off the bench

The James Gang

James Harden shot just 20% from beyond the arc (3-15) but Stephen Curry was worse, shooting 12.5% from three-point land (1-8) as the Rockets knotted the series with a 127-105 win. Kevin Durant poured in 38.

Curry is now 2-13 from outside the arc in this series. Expect this to be a story line in the long fallow period before Sunday’s Game 3.

2. Wild Kingdom

An animal endemic to Mexico

“You wouldn’t believe how bad these people are,” Donald Trump said during a roundtable discussion with California leaders on sanctuary cities. “These aren’t people, these are animals.”

To be fair to Trump, he was most likely referring to MS-13 members. To be fair to animals, even predators have far more dignity and respect for life than gang bangers.

3. Weary Traveler

With a surname such as Cahill (K-Hill), you should be a dominant pitcher. And at moments in his 10-year big-league career Trevor Cahill has been just that. In 2010 he was an All-Star, had a sub-3.00 ERA, and went 18-8.

Last night we were briefly watching the first inning of the A’s-Red Sox game from the sidewalk outside of Blondie’s (a bar from which we are banned…seriously) when ESPN flashed a quick note about how many consecutive road starts Cahill has lost. We have been unable to verify the number on the WWW, but we think it’s in the thirties.

Anyway, Cahill gave up 3 first-inning runs and was facing Chris Sale and even though he pitched five scoreless after that, Sale doesn’t need that much run support to beat you. The streak continues.

4. Jumpin’ Jack Flash

We loved learning yesterday that the codename given to the mission that would become the inception of the Trump-Russia-Election Meddling (notice we did not write “collusion”) investigation was Crossfire Hurricane.

No lie, we were ruminating on this only last week, as we scoured tunes for “Music 101”, that this is one of the all-time great metaphorical terms in rock ‘n roll history. Totally original. Totally vivid. Just a wonderful job by Mick and Keef.

Tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiime is on his side/Yes it is

It’s funny, and maybe it’s just us, but the older we get the more we appreciate the truly original lyrics and metaphors/allusions in rock and pop music: “Crossfire Hurricane.” “Tequila Sunrise.” “Suffragette City.” “Little Red Corvette.”

Anyway, read up here on what Crossfire Hurricane is all about. And here’s hoping the totality of this investigation is code named “When The Whip Comes Down.”

5. Rant

We see this as a musical, the 180-degree rebuttal to Rent. In our version, a middle-aged white attorney fights the noble battle of ridding America’s most diverse city of all languages except, of course, American. Which is totally a language.

Personally, I don’t care what language service employees speak to one another. All I’d ask is that they make eye contact with me and at least pretend to not be annoyed by having to take part in this business transaction as we partake in it (and I’m not just talking about the hookers…for once).

Music 101

Big Bang Baby

In the early to mid- Nineties, when nearly every American band of note was shopping at REI or thrift shops, Stone Temple Pilots turned it up and went glam. God bless ’em. This tune came out in 1996. RIP to Scott Weiland, the greatest rocker/Notre Dame football fan of ’em all (unlike Bon Jovi, he’d stay for the entire game).

Remote Patrol

Evil Genius


We finally had the opportunity to dive into this four-part series last night and while it’s not quite Making A Murderer, it’s damn compelling. Basically, it’s an elegy to White Trash America and man is it depressing. And if the words “Pizza Bomber” ever sprang forth from your lips, then you need to watch this. Note well: American criminals are lazy (note how close to the actual home of one of the perpetrators the original crime took place).

10 thoughts on “IT’S ALL HAPPENING!

  1. Wait.

    You just casually mention you’ve been banned from a bar, and we don’t get a story?

    I don’t know what it takes to be banned, but I’m sure the barrier is fairly high.

    • Some things I have to keep to myself, Justin. I can say that it had nothing to do with what I did in the bar, but with the bar owner being chummy with someone who did not want to see me there.

  2. I don’t think that Trevor Cahill stat is right … it’s true that he hasn’t won a road start since about 2014, but for much of that time he has been either injured or in the bullpen. I think the streak, as it were, is only about 10 losses in road starts.

    • U may very well be right. The stat flashed for an instant and I could not find it anywhere on line without line-item’ing it, which I was not inclined to do. If you want the job, it’s yours.

  3. I’m happy the Rockets got themselves together & defeated the Supervillains but I still think the latter win the series. Unfortunately. At least As long as Draymond doesn’t get himself tossed/suspended AND KD does not get injured &/or not play for the duration.

    Meanwhile in happy news, I need to thank Morgan Stanley today! Yep, one of their analysts gave an upgrade to 1 of my refiners AND stated & I quote “long-term demand has set the stage for refining to enter a “GOLDEN AGE” (caps emphasis mine) through 2020. Whoo-damn-hoo! 2020! GOLDEN. AGE. Hell, my refiners are the golden children in my energy holdings already! Right now they are two 25-baggers & a 31-bagger. And all 3 give out one of their quarterly divys next week. MORE bagging! I know you think “fossil fuels” is a dying investment but refiners have been some of my best. (Well, one was a spin-off, but I kept it). Lemme give you a comparison. Back in Aug 2010, I bought AAPL & VLO within a week of each other. I bought a little more AAPL over the years (but unfortunately did not buy more VLO, a HUGE mistake I see now) & while my AAPL is a couple of bucks away from being a 6-bagger, VLO is a 31-bagger! That MS analyst thinks VLO will reach $140 share this year. If so, I will have my 1st 55-bagger! Hot damn! πŸ™‚

    Of course, not all is, er, “sunny” in Susie’s Energy Land! I still have 6 stocks in the red. While 3 are between only 9-17% in the red, the other 3 are deeeeeep in the red, in fact, they’re burgundy. Even after the run-up this year. Sigh. What’s the lesson here? Well, for 2 of them, I liken it to a “shark” sighting – next time there’s an “incident”/environmental disaster, GET THE HELL OUT OF THE WATER! You’re welcome. πŸ˜‰

  4. Did you cheat on “Blondie” or just call her the “world’s leading apologist” for an alleged whining athlete? πŸ˜‰

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