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Starting Five

Feat Of Klay

It was a veritable three-for-all at the United Center, as Klay Thompson set an NBA record for three-pointers in a single game with 14. Thompson finished the evening with an NBA-best this season 52 points and you almost forget that the Dubs led 92-50 at halftime (they won, 149-124).

As second (no, third) bananas go, Thompson’s not so bad. Besides breaking backcourt mate Stephen Curry’s single-game three-pointers record by one (notice how upset Steph seems right here), he also holds the NBA record for most points in a single quarter with 37 (set in 2015).

2. Saturday Shame

On the day eleven Jews were in a synagogue in Pittsburgh, President Donald Trump attended (performed?) at two political rallies.

–At the first he joked about perhaps canceling because he was having a bad hair day. Verbatim: “I said, ‘Maybe I should cancel this arrangement because I have a bad hair day.”

Then he attended a rally in Illinois, where in the first 10 minutes he told two giant lies (or he just got his facts wrong, which, hey, what does he or his MAGA audience care?). First, at 5:40, he says, “We must bring back the death penalty” to cheers. Except that we’ve had the federal death penalty back since 1988. Maybe he wants to take credit for that, too.

Then, at 9:45, he rationalizes that he’s decided not to cancel his appearance at this rally the same day as the massacre because “on September 11th, the New York Stock Exchange was open the following day.”

It was not. It did not reopen until September 17, six days and three full trading days later.

But here’s what’s beautiful about Trump, and how you know he’s not stupid but is instead a fabulous con man. Two days after this ridiculous error, forgetting for a moment how thoughtless it was for him to be out barnstorming on this day (because his ego is insatiable) and not even mentioning him trolling Los Angeles Dodger manager Dave Roberts later that night via Twitter, forgetting all that, let’s go to his interview with Laura Ingraham on Monday night. Because here is where you get the full measure of his character, of his duplicity (and of Ingraham’s complicity).

Again, he brings up the New York Stock Exchange opening so quickly after 9/11 to justify his appearing at the rallies, but notice how this time he does not claim the NYSE opened the next day. Instead he says, “As soon as posible” because by now he realizes people have caught on to Saturday’s lie. And notice how Ingraham doesn’t push back on this. She knows it was six days later, too, but she doesn’t push back.

Now, is this more important than 11 Jews losing their lives to a gunman? No. But it’s just one more example of the lack of character of the president, and his appetite for deceit.

3. Fun While It Lasted

Wouldn’t you know it, the couple who fell off a promontory in Yosemite Park, Vishnu Viswanath and Meenaksi Moorthy (purple hair), had an Instagram account and a blog, Holidays and Happily Ever Afters, that featured the two of them taking photos at the edges of cliffs and skyscrapers.

As Moorthy wrote in the blog, ““A lot of us including yours truly is a fan of daredevilry attempts of standing at the edge of cliffs and skyscrapers, but did you know that wind gusts can be FATAL??? Is our life just worth one photo?”

You tell us. You. Tell. Us.

4. Waterlogging Miles

Where else but in Venice would it be apropos to run a marathon partially below sea level? The Venice Marathon had some flooding issues this past weekend and we doubt any veteran harriers achieved personal bests.

But at least they’ll have a good story to tell. The flooding didn’t affect the runners until the last few miles, in Venice proper, but then the last few miles is when it already feels as if you’re running in a foot of water. The top finisher, who had been on a 2:09 pace for most of the race, finished in 2:13.

5. Cope and Haven

No. 2 on the list, Shenzhen

Lonely Planet just released its top 10 list of cities to visit in 2019. We’ve only been to three, including the city that tops the list. Maybe we’ll make them all next year (unemployment has its perks).

1 Copenhagen, Denmark
2. Shēnzhèn, China
3. Novi Sad, Serbia
4. Miami, Florida
5. Kathmandu, Nepal
6. Mexico City, Mexico
7. Dakar, Senegal
8. Seattle, Washington
9. Zadar, Croatia
10. Meknes, Morocco



Music 101

Only You

This song by Yazoo (known here as Yaz due to copyright reasons) only reached No. 67 here in 1982 but climbed all the way to No. 2 in the UK. It was written by Vince Clarke of Depeche Mode, who teamed with vocalist Alison Moyet to form this side project duo. It’s a genuine New Wave slow song classic, and it’s sort of impossible to believe that it never made its way into a John Hughes film. It’s the ultimate John Hughes film torch song.

Remote Patrol

College Football Playoff Selection Show

7 p.m. ESPN

The Crimson Tide are to college football, we fear, what the Red Sox were to baseball. This is just an inexorable, unsuspenseful journey we all happen to be on.

Alabama, Clemson, Notre Dame, LSU.

Next four? Georgia, Michigan, Oklahoma, ? (personally, I’d like to see Wazzu or UCF there, but watch them go for Ohio State).

Our friend Brett McMurphy has a piece on where he predicts the Playoff as Alabama-Notre Dame, Clemson-Michigan. That would mean Michigan jumps Notre Dame, but we don’t quite see Michigan jumping the Irish unless the Irish lose, and we’re not so sure the Irish get in with one loss. So we’re not quite certain what Brett was thinking on this one.

6 thoughts on “IT’S ALL HAPPENING!

    • Um, because they’re telling people to visit next year BEFORE it becomes the Venice of America? 🙂

      That’s right all you Miamians (?), that pic up top of the Venetians slogging thru 2 feet of water is your FUTURE.

  1. jdubs, what does your Mom say these days about Trump? Sometimes, I just cannot believe the past 2 years have been “real”. It came to me yesterday that we’ve all been living “It’s a Hellish Life” & this election determines if our country reverts back to being Bedford Falls or we continue being hellish Pottersville. Clarence? Clarence? Where are you, Clarence?!

    If the Democrats don’t at least take back the House, I’m not sure how I’ll be able to manage my anger & abject PANIC about the future of our country & the world. The only thing that’s kept me from foaming at the mouth & crying uncontrollably on a daily basis has been the expectation that Mueller’s investigation will finally OUST that son of a bitch SOCIOPATH out of the WH & government forever (& off to years in court if not prison).

    Some friends of mine who know of my hatred of that “human garbage” got up the nerve to ask me if I wanted him, er, “not breathing”. I said “ABSOLUTELY NOT!” I want that SOB alive for years to come so he will have to WATCH the DESTRUCTION of his political fraud, his company, his name, his family.

    And then we’ll go after the collaborators in Congress.

    • Susie B., LEAVE MY MOM OUT OF THIS! 🙂

      (I don’t ask; that’s why we get along so well)

      Quickly, Susie B., I expect the Mueller investigation to be meticulous, professional and conclusive beyond a shadow of a doubt and I expect it to not mean a damn thing. Unfortunately. The best chance you (we) have is 1) vote Trump out in 2020 or 2) he dies of natural causes; he’s an obese septuagenarian who does not exercise and has a poor diet.

      Of course, the illness, American racism/exceptionalism/xenophobia will still exist. That’s going to be a 2 steps forward, 1 step back (and occasionally, 2 steps back, 1 step forward) proposition for many years to come. Or at least until we inaugurate President Sweet Pea as our 50th POTUS.

      • Are you saying that our country/Congress is ALREADY too far gone to eject a convicted fraud/tax evader/TREASONOUS piece of shit who causes IMMENSE amount of HARM on our country every single day The Occupation continues? If this is true, our country is ruined, the IDEAL of our country lay in tatters, violence will escalate on an unprecedented scale & with the USA a smoldering ruin, WWIII will erupt, instigated by the world’s neo-fascists & their nationalism agendas.

        Question – how many Republican Senators & Representatives have to be gunned down before the answer to “can we talk about gun control?” is NOT freakin “too soon”?! Since the daily murder of children & the elderly hasn’t done it, I guess that or the complete takeover of Congress & the WH by Democrats is what it will take.

        The biggest FRAUD committed in this country’s history has been the GOP convincing all outside the 1% that they will actually HELP them in ANY way, shape or form. The GOP has morphed into a fascist organization & while they may not ever revert to gas chambers, they will kill MILLIONS by neglect, barriers to education, & the withholding of health care. (You just know that if The Sociopath could, he would NUKE that immigrant caravan!)

        Please explain to me why ANY “senior citizen” who is not a raving racist, would vote for the party committed to ENDING Social Security & Medicare? I will NEVER understand this!

        And while I have watched not a single minute of any NBA game yet this season (& will not watch any of “that team out West”), I did see on Yahoo news that LBJ wore a BETO hat into the Spurs arena a few days ago AND that he’s apparently already losing patience with his current young/weird team. So, maybe “50th” is too far out. 🙂

  2. Wow, I consider myself well-traveled (although not well-heeled) yet I’ve only been to two cities on Lonely Planet’s must-see list.

    I’m putting Zadar on my radar.

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