by John Walters

Starting Five

“Chernobyl 2: Siberian Boogaloo”

Anyone else notice how the most damage the USA and Russia ever do is to themselves?

The execs at HBO must be thrilled. Now we just need a body count and we have to find out if Jared Harris’ schedule can be cleared for the coming year.

Will A Running Back Who’s A Sitting Back Be Welcome Back?

Dallas Cowboy running back Ezekiel Elliott has threatened to pull a Le’Veon Bell and sit out the entire season unless Jerry Jones gives him a new deal. Time was when only Urban Meyer had the power to irrationally squander Zeke’s obvious talent and not deploy him. Now the former Buckeye back and two-time Pro Bowler is doing it to himself.

Maybe he just doesn’t want to partake in August training camp. We could understand that.

In three seasons Zeke has earned more than $13 million while rushing for more than 4,000 yards. All well and good, but if he were to sit this season he’d still be under the Cowboys’ employ at the start of next season. So is he willing to sit two seasons? Prolly not. If it’s a bluff in the land where Texas Hold ‘Em began, both Zeke and Jerry know who’s holding the superior hand.

New York, New York

The Yankees have won seven in a row, but the Mets have won 12 of 13. The Citi Fielders are now two games over .500 and better yet are one of eight National League teams within five games of a wildcard berth. And our friend Matt Zemek claimed the 2019 season was boring!

The Yanks, by the way, are tied with Los Angeles Dodgers for baseball’s best record (.655) and last night hit six solo home runs at Camden Yards. The Yanks have become the first team to hit at least five home runs in four different games at the same opponent’s park in one season (Baltimore), have set a record for most home runs hit at one opposing ballpark (38, Camden Yards) in one season, and tonight will likely break the mark for most home runs hit by one team versus another (currently 48, they’re at 47) in one season.

Maine Attraction

That’s Nubble Island, for which there’s an even more arresting photo if you just type “” on your browser this morning. It’s located just about 100 yards off the tip of Cape Neddick, Maine, which is only a few miles north of the Maine-Massachusetts border.

August is the month everyone travels to Maine. Even Phil Mickelson. It truly is a beautiful and unique state when the temps are above 70 and the sun’s out.

Manitoba Manhunt: ?

The Nelson River

The RCMP have found an aluminum boat on the shores of the Nelson River that looks the worse for wear. And they’ve found what they say are a few items that belonged to McLeod and Schmegelsky, who are both now 19 if they are still alive. And yes, the RCMP is probably hopeful that both men drowned on an ill-fated voyage along the river.

But here’s the thing: they just don’t know.

What we do know is that the two teens, who are suspected of murdering three people in mid-July, crossed four Canadian provinces and at least 1,200 miles in four days back in the third week of July. Now, nearly three weeks later, no one has spotted them since.

Says Canadian Terry Grant, a cowboy known as “Mantracker,” ““I’m half thinking they met someone in a big town … and they’re long gone to Texas or the Bahamas.” Sure, this article from The National Post is sensationalist in nature, but it’s rooted in truth.

The RCMP seems to be at the point where they themselves know that continuing to search near Gillam is fruitless and that enough time has passed that the two young murder suspects could be just about anywhere a vehicle could take them. That includes the USA or Mexico. Until they show themselves or are spotted by someone who remembers what they look like and that THEY’RE BOTH 6’4″, this trail will remain cold.

5 thoughts on “IT’S ALL HAPPENING!

  1. So, one of the “hosts” on that Fox News morning show says that calling immigration an “invasion” is NOT “anti-Hispanic”. So, to call him a “vacuous twit” doesn’t mean he’s “dumb”? YES.IT.DOES.

    Please tell me there’s a gigantic red “X” painted on the roof of the building which broadcasts the Fox News shows? I want the INVADING aliens to know where to begin…

    What could destroy a boat like that? Ramming into rocks? Going over a 50ft waterfall? Hit by a bigger boat? If Canada was Africa, I’m thinking hippos? 🙂 What do YOU think has happened to those killers?

  2. Question for you jdubs – are most apartments in NYC “rent stabilized”? What % of an increase in rent is allowed each year? Except for 3 months while I waited for my current house to be finished back in early 1997, I haven’t rented in 33 years so my knowledge of renting is poor. I actually thought other cities also had some version of rent control but now I’m thinking that is incorrect. My curiosity was prompted yesterday when seeing a piece on Yhoo news of some people in CA upset about their rent jumping 50%. I’d be furious too but such lack of control over my living expenses is one of the many reasons I wanted to own instead of rent & did everything I could to make it happen. Twice.

    What would you do if your rent suddenly jumped 50%? Heck, I get miffed when my HOA fee goes up by a buck. 🙂

    • Susie B.,

      This is an easy one! If my rent jumped 50%, MH world headquarters would move into your spare bedroom. And I prefer Nestle Quik to other chocolatey milk products, just so you know.

      • Going by house’s original floorplan, I actually have 3 “guest bedrooms”. However, one has served as my “library” since day one (complete with five 7 ft by 3.5 ft bookcases) & the smallest one was to be converted to another walk-in closet but I never got around to having the work done. I do use it for “storage” though. So, you’ll have to do with the largest guest room. It’s in the front of the house which gets sun ALL DAY LONG (i.e. it’s the hottest room in the house). This is especially true since I had the one tree in my yard cut back “50%” last Fall (HOOOGE mistake, I cried for a week as it looked like a hurricane had stripped the tree of all foliage!). 🙂

        I do see a teensy problem with your plan. Where will you work? The commute to cookoutateria would be brutal. There are only 2 sit-down restaurants within 5 miles of my house (a Tex-Mex place & an Outback) & I’m guessing the tips would be, er, somewhat below that of NYC.

        The Nestle Quik would not be a problem (there are 2 grocery stores within walking distance) as it was also my choice. Back when I drank milk. (Oh, this may be a drawback for you – NO alcohol or smoking (of any kind) is allowed in the house).

        The biggest impediment (besides the paucity of your employment options & the whole “dry house” thing) would be if you plan on having a new kitty. Sorry, but NO cats. Can’t abide the hair all over everything!

        If you can live without feline companionship, no liquor & agree to performing ALL the house cleaning & laundry, we can work out a good deal on the rent. 🙂

        I’d “keep the light on” for you but my 2 front house lights are having “electrical issues” so you have to knock. 🙂 🙂

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