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Tweet Me Right

To think of how much Michael Bay would have spent to get this as the opening shot of a movie…

Starting Five

Colin’s Cowed Herd

We’re not going to delve into all of the details of Colin Kaepernick’s Saturday workout in Atlanta. We do find it ironic that in a city where les than two centuries ago black men were put on stage and auctioned off to the highest bidder that a man was told by the NFL to be at a certain place at a certain time, and given all of two hours to decide whether or not that suited him (just four days before the stated event), and that still he showed up only to be presented with a waiver to be signed that would grant the league indemnity against him should he file any future lawsuit concerning collusion.

It’s difficult not to think that this is the only reason the NFL went ahead with this charade.

A couple of other reasons: 1. Roger Goodell’s new business partner, Shawn Carter (you may know him as Jay-Z) was feeling push back from the community about being a sellout, which he is, so he foolishly thought that this dog-and-pony show would take the heat off. 2. A few teams may actually be interested in Kaepernick but they were afraid, as individual franchises, as to how their fan bases would react, so they reasoned that there’s strength in numbers. If the entire league attends a Kaepernick workout, then no one franchise is more woke than the others.

Kap moved the workout from the Falcons facility to a high school field when he realized the NFL wasn’t going to give media the access he wanted them to have, including video footage. He doesn’t trust them. And why should he? And they don’t trust that the man who wears a Kunta Kinte T-shirt (“Roots,” kids; look it up) to an open tryout is going to be a good Stepin Fetchit. Which he won’t.

I don’t think Kap will ever appear in another NFL game. But he will be remembered long after most current players are dead and buried.

Seems Like Old Times

LeBron and Kobe shared a laugh at last night’s game seated next to a dude who thought cargo shorts would be a good look for the front row

Yes, the NBA season is not even a month old yet, but if you look at the standings you’ll note that the Boston Celtics (10-2) and Los Angeles Lakers (11-2) have the best records in the East and West, respectively. If Commissioner Silver had known it was gonna be like this, he’d have scheduled these two to meet on Christmas day.

Oh, by the way, guess who has the NBA’s worst record (and it’s about to get even worse with the injury to D’Angelo Russell)? That’s right, Susie B., the Golden State Warriors (2-12).

Finally, we’ll note that we’re all still awaiting for the debut of the most anticipated player in years, Zion Williamson.

Google Flat-Earth

We had to laugh at this CNN headline this morning: “The flat-Earth conspiracy is spreading around the globe.” Of course, if the Earth were actually flat, wouldn’t it be spreading across the globe?

I’m actually thankful for flat-Earthers. They remind me that as dumb as you think human beings might be, many are actually far dumber. Most of us fail to appreciate just how little sense many human beings have: if they can’t see it with their own eyes, they simply don’t believe it (unless it has to do with religion, and then they’ll believe anything).

That’s My Domer!

We’ll leave aside the argument as to whether Indianapolis Colt (and former Notre Dame) guard Quenton Nelson, moonlighting as a fullback, actually scored a touchdown here. The keg stand end zone celebration is epic. It’s really the only thing the NFL does better than college football, allow celebrations of this type.

Five Films: 1957

  1. The Bridge On The River Kwai The first of David Lean’s three epic masterpieces, and of the three, the tightest story from beginning to end. Sir Alec Guinness and William Holden are brilliant in the tale of a Japanese POW camp in Burma (or about) populated with British soldiers where the mission is to build a bridge only to blow it up. “Madness!” Just like war. Deserving winner of the Best Picture Oscar 2. An Affair To Remember The best opening banter scene in film-dom (or at least right up there with The Thin Man series) and we’ve had a crush on Deborah Kerr from the first time we saw it. 3. 12 Angry Men A study in the power of persuasion and reason, of using humility and intellect to sway the minds of men, starring Henry Fonda. The first of two films on today’s list that is a must-see for any student of the political landscape of the past four years. 4. Sweet Smell Of Success Burt Lancaster and Tony Curtis star in a film about (yet another) sleazy journalist. 5. A Face In The Crowd Starring Andy Griffith as a country bumpkin with charisma and a minister’s power of rhetoric who is transformed into a media celebrity and then a demagogue. One envisions a young Donald Trump taking notes. Also starring a young Lee Remick, who in those days was a carnal princess 5.

Note: One of my favorite things about poring over annual film lists for this item is discovering connections to things I never knew. For example, in 1957 there was a film titled What’s Opera, Doc? and now I’m wondering what came first, this or the Bugs Bunny catchphrase (“What’s up, Doc?”). Also, this is the year that gave us Zero Hour, starring Dana Andrews, which is basically the playing-it-straight template for the 1980 comedy classic Airplane!

Music 101


The catalog of Mesa, Arizona’s, Jimmy Eat World is not very deep, but the songs at the surface are incredible. The energy and angst of youth personified. The best Phoenix area-based band this side of Gin Blossoms and Roger Clyne.

Remote Patrol

The Crown

Season 3, Netflix

We have yet to view it, but we’re including this as a public service to Phyllis, who loves the show. Pardon me for a moment (Mom, it’s a different actress playing Queen Elizabeth this season, but you may recall her from the series Broadchurch and from that dreadful film I took you to see last Christmas about the weird queen from another era; remember, you have the Netflix on your lap top and the password is already entered; just click; enjoy!)

3 thoughts on “IT’S ALL HAPPENING!

  1. I can’t replace any of your 1957 picks but I do have a few more to add :

    3:10 to Yuma starring Van Heflin & Glenn Ford.

    Heaven Knows Mr Allison starring Deborah Kerr as a nun (natch!) & Mitchum

    Old Yeller – yet another Disney movie where I bawled my eyes out in the theatre. That’s right all you whipper snappers, Disney movies were not all singing crabs & Mary Poppins back in the day (although, I bawled at the end of that one too come to think about it). Also, way back when I was a kid (back in the day of no cable, no video & the internet was nothing but a government secret at most), classic movies & Disney movies didn’t get just shown once in the theaters; they came around every 4-7 years. Thus, I saw Old Yeller in the mid 60s in the movie theatre & it was a “new” movie to us.

    Peyton Place – soap opera, incest, small town moral hypocrisy & Lana Turner & Hope Lang, plus a bunch of others, it had a lot if not all. I’ve seen on TV several times & the 1st couple was before the age of 11 where I have to admit, I didn’t quite ‘get’ what had happened to the female friend/schoolmate of Hope’s character – incest wasn’t something you saw on TV or heard discussed back then.

    Desk Set – not the best Tracy & Hepburn film & not really a favorite of mine, however, I list it because it basically told all of us that bloody COMPUTERS would one day run (ruin?) the world. I SHOULD HAVE PAID MORE ATTENTION when I saw it on TV in the 60s. Sigh.

  2. Yes, the Sporting Gods are really letting the former Supervillain team have it! I don’t delight in any of their injuries exactly, but I do LOVE that this crashing & burning is taking place in the fancy-schmancy new arena on the ‘BILLIONAIRE’ side of the Bay. And I hope Jacob “we know more than any other NBA team how to do things ’cause we’re just sooooooo much smarter than everyone else” Lacob is choking on his caviar.

    And btw, I think you delight in TORTURING me with all these pics of Sweet Pea in that heinous uniform!

    Ooh, speaking of injury – I feel terrible for Tua. I hope he truly can recover & have the pro career he’s been working towards his entire life.

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