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3 thoughts on “IT’S ALL HAPPENING!

  1. I can tell ya right now, my “list” of 1966 films won’t match yours. I only saw one of mine in a theatre & the other 3 on TV, although I have now seen all of them multiple times. Yep, I only have 4 films on my List, which pretty much sums up my opinion of movies in 1966. Of all the years covered so far, it is the nadir.

    CFB question – which Bowl game do you see for ND?

    Also, I was dealing with a very bad cold & only slept in spurts & thus, I MAY have hallucinated this but I think I heard Pawwwwl state Friday morning on Golic & Wingo (even though neither Golic or Wingo were actually there) that he thought Michigan would beat Ohio State? Was this the effect of my cold medicine or did he really state this?! Was he just kidding? I’ve pretty much given up on betting in sports, but if I’d found some doofus wanting to bet on Mich in that game, I’d have taken that bet! BIG!

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