IT’S ALL HAPPENING! Tuesday, November 26


1. Irish Complete 65-Yard TD Pass– at Halftime

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2 . “In Bummin’ham, They Love The Guvnuh”

3. Get the Message?

4. Not Exactly The Way Pops Did It

5. All-Blacks, All Wins


Straight Outta Kenya (By Way of Newark)

Paging Phil Jackson!

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IT’S ALL HAPPENING! Monday, November 25


1. Bryce Petty Commits Metaphor of the Year

2. Stacy’s Meme Has Got It Going On

3. Rose Woes

4. The Will Muschamp Era in One Photo or Less

5. It’s Justin Timberlake’s World. We Just Groove In It


IT’S ALL HAPPENING! Friday, November 22


1. The Crime of the Century

2. Infamous Jameis?

3. Manson: Family?

4. Taking Their Eyes off the Ball

5. Nix’s Season Nixed



IT’S ALL HAPPENING! Thursday, November 21


1. Judgment at Nurembergahassee

2. A-Rod Goes All In

3. Camelot is a Long, Long Way from Carmelot

4. Me, My Selfie and I

5. “I Read the News Today, Oh Boy…”


IT’S ALL HAPPENING! Wednesday, November 20


1. Samba! Samba! Samba!

2. Time To Retire?

3. On Grinnell

4. Toughest Mudders

5. Elon Musk is NOT Happy


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IT’S ALL HAPPENING! Tuesday, November 19


1. Shame

2. Ark de Triumph?

3. Diver Down

4. “I’ll Have the Iceberg Wedge”

5. “You Don’t Exactly Have to Be Scotland Yard…”



IT’S ALL HAPPENING! Monday, November 18


1. The Immaculate Deflection

2. Thumbs Up On Your Lawn Ornament

3. Death in Mexico

4. USC Puts on Its  ”O” Face

5. Jack’s Back


Sportsmen of the Year?

Niagara Fall

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IT’S ALL HAPPENING! Friday, November 15

Starting Five

1. Mumbai and Good Luck

2. Oliver Moves to Premium Cable

3. Cris, Charles and the N-Word

4. The Other Side of Big-Wave Surfing

5. “In the Long Run…”



IT’S ALL HAPPENING! Thursday, November 14

Starting Five

1. ”But Don’t Say Nuthin’/They Just Keep Rollin’/They Keep on Rollin’ Along…”

2. “You Know What’s Better than $3 Billion….?”

3. “Separate But Not Equal…Taxis?”

4. Rinny

5. Ball Hawk


NIU and Fresno State Are STILL Undefeated (Nooo!) What Does It All Mean?


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