by John Walters

That’s Cold, Turkey

This turkey’s name is Michael Flynn.

One of these creatures deserves to be pardoned (because it is innocent), the other merits a DOJ investigation.

Someone wondered aloud on Twitter whether President Trump was going to pardon the entire turkey or only the white meat.

These are the jokes.

And here’s a fella who’s been doing some terrific impersonations on TikTok lately. This one of Tucker Carlson is spot-on:

A Team On A Remission

BYU coack Kilane Sitake mushrooms

BYU, the only school in college football whose acronym also fits “Bob’s Your Uncle,” will not be playing this weekend. Not that they ever really were. But yeah, Washington reached out about a Saturday date and BYU knew that depended on Utah-Arizona State not working out and BYU said, “No sloppy seconds, thanks much,” but the problem is they should’ve said yes, anyway. That way even if the Utah-Arizona State did fall through (it did), at least the Cougars could’ve said they wanted the game. Now they look like posers.

Anyway, the worse team from Utah will be headed to Seattle Saturday (the Utes), due only to Pac-12 affiliations. Which is the game no one wants to see. Meanwhile, BYU was ranked 14th in the initial playoff poll which, we’re burying the lede, is an abomination.

Meanwhile, Minnesota and Wisconsin, whose streak of playing every year for 113 years is the nation’s in FBS, will not play this weekend due to Covid-19. The Badgers and Gophers will burrow into the Earth and remain in their holes. This is also the most played game between two schools in FBS (129 times), beginning in 1890.

The game will not be rescheduled. Paul Bunyan’s Axe will remain in mothballs. Sad!

Think of all the other events the game has overcome: the Spanish Flu, the Great Depression, the Lend-Lease Act, disco, the Dane Cook phenomenon. And this kills it? Wow.

Big Numbers

The Dow Jones Industrial Average hits a record high and briefly eclipses 30,000. President Trump calls an impromptu presser to take a victory lap (maybe it had something to do with yesterday being the day the GSA acknowledged Biden as president-elect?). Also yesterday more than 2,100 Americans died of COVID-19 while it marked the first two-week period since the pandemic began that America recorded 2 million new cases in a fortnight.

President Trump was right: More testing, more bad news!

The More You Noah

This is Noah Harris. He’s 20 and was just elected student body president at Harvard. Harris, a native of Hattiesburg, Miss., becomes the nation’s oldest school’s first black student body president.

But is he really from Mississippi?

A Semi-Regular Reminder That China Is Fine With People Dying Any Way Possible

We were going to post a photo of the stairs Tianmen Shen (pro tip: follow
Hiking The Globe on Instagram) but then came across this photo, also from China. We love that this pathway exists and that some do-gooder group has not outlawed it on some sort of public safety basis. Let people have their adventures. And if they happen to die, so be it.

The staircase at Tianmen Shen.

This List, While Not Quite Garbage, Is Not Very Good

Topped the list: we, too, enjoyed Training Day

The New York Times, whose Arts & Leisure section was a little short of fresh ideas, ran a list “The 25 Greatest Actors of the 21st Century (So Far)” Here are some of the people who did not make the list (movie actors only): Ryan Gosling, Matt Damon (criminally under-appreciated), Paul Giamatti, Frances McDormand, Scarlett Johansson, Christian Bale, Jake Gyllenhaal, PHILLIP SEYMOUR HOFMAN (I don’t care that he’s dead), Ed Norton, Michele Williams, Casey Affleck, Don Cheadle, Leo or Brad, Ethan Hawke, Sam Rockwell…

Should we go on? Joaquin Phoenix made it. Good. Tilda Swinton. Yes. Sairse Ronan. Of course. Of course. But the list is entirely TOO WOKE. Thanks a lot, Biden!


by John Walters

It’s Joe Time

While still playing both ends against the middle, Donald Trump has instructed Emily Murphy, the General Services Administrator, to begin making sets of keys for Joe Biden and his staff. It’s O-vuh.

Sure, Trump will continue to sow seeds of conspiracy on Twitter while retweeting the likes of Randy Quaid, but he’ll be leaving. Even Laura Ingraham is wise to it.

It’ll take about 43 seconds for the far-right wing to go from “HE DID NOT LOSE THE ELECTION!” to “WHY ARE SO MANY AMERICANS DYING UNDER JOE BIDEN’S WATCH!?!?” You wait and see.

A Kubric Rubric

In the Utah desert, an elaborate hoax or the talisman from 2001: A Space Odyssey turning out to be real? On November 18 a helicopter crew from the Utah Dept. of Public Safety discovered the 10-12 foot object while surveilling bighorn sheep in the remote red rock country.

“One of the biologists is the one who spotted it and we just happened to fly directly over the top of it,” helicopter pilot Bret Hutchings told local news station KSL-TV. “He was like, ‘Whoa, whoa, whoa, turn around, turn around!’ And I was like, ‘what.’ And he’s like, ‘There’s this thing back there – we’ve got to go look at it!’”

Utah DPS is not disclosing the exact location so that visitors will not flock to it and endanger themselves. Also, so as to protect the ape-like creatures who are gathered around it.

Abilene It When I See It

This still doesn’t top my 2014 Bahamas Bowl bad beat—35-point faves Western Kentucky gives up 34 in the fourth quarter, the last six on a 75-yard Hail Mary pass—but it’s awful close. You’ve got a two-pass play from the team up 34 in the final minute (the coach read from the wrong line on the call sheet) and then a pick-six to steal the win away from those who took the 39.5-dogs on a play that began with :07 on the clock.

Van Pelt: “Who bet on this game??? They’re goin’ straight to heaven.”

Today’s Thought

You spend your adulthood chasing enough money to have the life you want. Once you have that, you spend it chasing enough time to do enjoy your money. That’s the game. That’s pretty much the entire game.

You can always make more money. You can never make more time.

Love, Honor, Oubre

A week or two ago the Phoenix Suns traded their glue guy, 25 year-old Kelly Oubre, for one of my least favorite NBA players, Chris Paul. Within a week the OKC Thunder had shopped Oubre to Golden State, putting a smile on Steph Curry’s (and Steve Kerr’s) face for the first time since early in the first quarter of Game 5 of the 2019 NBA Finals.

Oubre, asked about the difference in franchises, pointed to what an absolute phony Suns owner Robert Sarver is. But we already knew that. Then the Suns let popular big man Aron Baynes go. It’s like they’re trying to make themselves awful.

You watch: Oubre will go for at least 40 the first time Phoenix plays Golden State this season.


by John Walters

Mormon Nonquest

I’ve been an advocate of BYU football all season long. The Cougars are physical, they’re smart, they have playmakers and they play with energy. So how come, faced with open dates the next two weekends, are they not taking Washington up on its offer to play in Seattle this weekend?

The Huskies are the best team west of Ames, Iowa. Or the Cougars are. One of the two. Both schools could use this win to advance to the playoff or an NY6 bowl. Of course, the loser would be out. But isn’t that why you play?

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more impressive BYU team than this one, at least not since the national champs. What I don’t understand is how an administration looks its players in the eye and says we’d rather you not play so as to not jeopardize our position in the playoff standings. In other words, we do not believe in you.

Another Day Of Trump

Random Thoughts:

*Seeing as how Donald has reacted with continued recalcitrance to every judicial or election official beatdown in Georgia, Michigan and Pennsylvania, I’m beginning to form a better understanding about how he reacted all those times women told him no.

*I never felt off-base in assuming that Jeffrey Epstein was murdered. Now, seeing how brazenly Trump is willing to jettison the U.S. Constitution and democracy itself in order not to lose his home on 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., I’m quite sure of it. There is no deed Trump won’t be in favor of if the consequences of not doing that deed would be ruinous for him. He’s the greatest sociopathic narcissist of our lifetime.

*Remember when Sidney Powell was the lawyer for both the White House and Trump, spewing his lies about hacked election machines in a presser as the warm-up act for Rudy and the Dye-Sweats? Well, she’s already been consciously uncoupled from the White House and Trump in less than one week. As someone tweeted, “She only lasted .67 Scaramuccis.”

  • Oh, and Kayleigh McEnany is maybe the one person in the White House who is as shameless a liar as the president.

Be Kind. Or At Least Kinda Kind

The Polar Express

Forget reindeer. Why aren’t eight moose pulling Santa’s sleigh? You’d probably only need six.

Big OAN Kickoff*

*The judges stole this from Kyle Koster on Twitter.

Matt Leinart, entitled brat. Maybe he’ll move into Heisman House?


by John Walters

One Flew Over The Coup Coup’s Nest*

*The judges acknowledge that one comes from actor/director Ken Olin. There’s also Democracy Dyes In Darkness and Ru-dye Giuliani and Just For Mendacity.

As damaging generationally as the Trump presidency has been, something Susie B. notes here almost daily, it has also been a comic goldmine. If the country survives, we’ll always have Rudy Giuliani to thank for offsetting the grim malevolence of thugs such as William Barr and Mike Pompeo.

Also, The New York Times asked hairdressers what was going on with Rudy’s scalp. No one suggested Rudy got his hair colored at Four Seasons Total Scalpscaping, but many thought he’d done a last-minute touch-up of his sideburns with mascara or even shoe polish.

There Will Be Blood?

Those wondering how this post-election cycle will all play out would do well to read (or re-read) Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, or William Goldman’s Lord Of The Flies or George Orwell’s Animal Farm. Or perhaps watch the final moments of the 1972 Olympic men’s gold-medal basketball game between the USA and the U.S.S.R.

When the time comes that adherence to the rules or law fails to benefit the party in power, it has a choice: adhere to those rules and lose power or simply make up new rules. And then the side that was not in power but had the rules on its side has a choice to make. Suck it up or resort to a defiant act, anywhere from publicly refusing your silver medals or stabbing Caesar in the back (we repeat: Brutus was not a traitor; to Caesar, perhaps, but not to Rome).

Donald Trump just lost his own ordered recount of the ballots in Georgia (it took Notre Dame two-plus years to lost to Georgia twice; Trump just accomplished the feat in two weeks). Everything he’s tried in Michigan is going nowhere. And yet he still won’t back down. He’s going to lean on willful William Barr to turn this into a Dept. of Justice issue.

He won’t back down. He won’t concede. Maybe it’s just that he knows what waits for him in the abyss.

He keeps firing people at the tops of departments who might get in his way and replacing them with toadies. But here’s the thing: Those toadies give orders and you cannot fire everybody. Eventually, men (mostly men) in positions of influence or enforcement must decide for themselves: Secret Service personnel, the National Guard, the military. Some men in these roles are loyal to Trump and may just defend him in his White House bunker. Many more than that, we feel, are not loyal and will not. It’s just a matter if Trump will leave office with (even more) blood on his hands (than the 250,000 Covid-19 deaths).

We don’t see Trump going gracefully. But he IS a coward, so he’d never stand and fight himself.

Tucker, A Man And His Scheme

It’s been a fun parlor game: How far will the Fox News millionaire on-air person be pushed before he or she abandons his or her sycophantic ways of Trumpiness? Neil Cavuto got off the Trump train long ago. Shepherd Smith formally exited in the summer of 2019 and recently resurfaced at CNBC.

Earlier this Brian Kilmeade of “Fox and Friends”, a show title Trump construed as being attuned directly to him, said something about there being no fraud in the voting process. But Tucker Carlson? Did you really ever expect to see Tucker Carlson defy Trump? Happened last night.

If you actually watch Tucker’s rant, it’s hilarious in its irony. First, he calls the alleged theft of this election from Trump “the single-greatest crime in American history” (I’ll wager the widows of Lincoln, JFK and everyone who died on 9/11 might dispute that). Then he says, “A lot of people with impressive-sounding credentials are frauds.” HA!

But here, finally, Tucker finally comes out and says that the show kept contacting Sydney Powell for evidence and that she never, ever provided evidence of her allegations.

So what happens next? Tucker’s minions abandon him. The nest has been attacked! The hive is agitated.

But by sending out this tweet they only further make the point that Fox News is a company run by the billionaire class where millionaire hosts schill for them to (almost always) dupe well-meaning middle- to lower-class white folks. It’s the Bob Rumson strategy all over again.

A Modest Proposal

Let’s game it out to the WPC: Worst Possible Circumstance. Somehow Barr and Trump and the Supreme Court obviate 244 years of democracy and prevent the inauguration of President Joe Biden (happy 78th birthday, by the way).

Here’s what we’d suggest happen next: The “Hollywood liberals” and the “social justice warriors” in the NBA and NFL should simply stop working. Movie studios and actors/producers/directors, most of whom do not support Trump, should simply stage a walkout. Same with NBA and NFL players who feel the same.

How would this country be without TV shows, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Showtime, HBO and the NBA and NFL to constantly distract us? I guess PlayStations will become even more expensive on the black market, but besides that, the president would have a lot of frustrated and not-distracted Americans on his hands. There’d be more fighting in the streets.

We’d love to see this (not so much the fighting in the streets, but the artists and athletes who oppose Trump simply walking out until he follows suit). Could it happen? Doubtful. Should it? Yes.

Cramer’s Epiphany

SOTS in less virusy times

We don’t watch CNBC any more except for occasionally our three guys on “Squawk On The Street”: Carl Quintanilla, David Faber and Jim Cramer. Now, ever since the pandemic began Carl has been subtly subversive on his Twitter feed. He never quite comes out and says anything against MAGA himself, but he’ll retweet people who have something of efficacy to say about how the virus is being handled, etc.

Faber, you can tell, is no fan of Trump on TV but he keeps most of his comments clipped and never uses the president’s name. He’ll dryly comment on something that is utterly ridiculous without getting into a lather.

Cramer is Cramer. Sometimes he’ll go to far sarcasm but he never, like his partners, directly excoriates the president. However, in the past day or two on his Twitter feed Cramer, under the guise of saying that we need a steady government for stable markets, has begun to warn his followers of the coup that is openly being attempted right before our eyes.


So I guess it’s good that Cramer is saying this. On the other hand, these are three very savvy men who for years would allow Trump officials such as Larry Kudlow, Steve Mnuchin and Peter Navarro to come onto their show and blatantly lie to the American public. They gave them a forum and rarely gave any push back. Now, they don’t book these people. But simply by being on their air they gave them legitimacy.

Navarro, for one, often cited an economics book as his guide to his own machinations while never mentioning that he’d actually written that tome under an assumed name. Seems, I dunno, fraudulent.

Anyway, this has not been a very fun blog today. Sorry. We’re writing it in the wee hours. You’ll have to count on Susie B., Wally, Don, Jacob and Micah for the chuckles today.


by John Walters

Goose, You Can Be My Wingman Any Time!

With the first pick in the 2020 NBA Draft, the Minnesota Timberwolves selected Anthony Edwards. In his two most famous roles, as Goose in Top Gun (F-14 Tom Cat dog fight war games) and Dr. Mark Green on E.R., he died (cancer). So be careful, T-Wolves.

Our favorite pick came in at No. 48: Nico Mannion, a 6’3 red-headed Italian guard via the University of Arizona and before that Pinnacle High School (same school as Spencer Rattler). He’s a Donte DiVencenzo doppelgänger. Nico’s dad, Pace Mannion, played at the University of Utah, briefly in the NBA and then for Shampoo CLEAR of the Italian League. The NBA needs more white-guy mustaches.

Rudy: Still Donald’s Bitch

This is real. From 20 years ago. The president thought sexual assault, as part of a skit, was funny.

Orange Weary

So if it feels as if the entire civilized world (minus 70 million misguided or ignorant or deluded or racist citizens) is waiting for one 74 year-old spoiled child to get over the fact that his feewings wuh hoit, well, that’s where we stand. The president has virtually gone into hiding (unless you are White House staff or a caddy) as he sits and stews and waits to see if his latest attempt to cheat a system (in this case, the U.S. Constitution) will work out.

For us it was telling this morning that CNBC’s Jim Cramer even publicly acknowledged that Donald Trump has no intention of going anywhere. He’s just hoping that his 70 million or so will continue to buy the blatant lie (evidence of these people doing so is ubiquitous) while his minions and sycophants work hard to manufacture just a shred of evidence to make it easier to sell.

Trump’s not going anyhwere. Not willfully, at least. Meanwhile, 1,964 Americans died of the coronavirus yesterday. All we can hope for is that with their deaths a lot of red baseball caps were left orphaned.

There’s a part of us that wonders daily: Will these Americans one day wake up? The ones who insist that they’re not racist, or that they love America. Why are they so blind? Oh, that’s right. Because if the Democrats win black welfare mommas will take all their hard-earned money.

(Ever heard of Enron? Halliburton? Goldman Sachs?)

Here’s something to consider: We’ll soon be north of 2,000 dead Americans per day. And a president with no intention to do anything about it. And even that isn’t changing the will or mood of his base. You have to wonder just how many Americans would need to die daily for them to come around to the fact that he’s a fantastically mendacious, narcissistic and incompetent megalomaniac and buffoon because apparently 2,000 a day isn’t enough. 10,000 a day? I still doubt it.

So if that many people die per day and his base won’t be moved, then there’s no chance he’ll be moved to concede. He’s taking this full TWO SOLARIUMS. Watch.

DDS For The Cards

About two weeks ago another of our high school friends, one who does not sit home alone and write songs about the environment, informed us that he was working on the grills of two Arizona Cardinals. Our pal is not a mechanic but rather a dentist… so, okay, a tonsorial mechanic.

And he happens to be the team dentist for the Arizona Cardinals. So he sent us text telling us that he’d worked on the grills of quarterback Kyler Murray and wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins just a day or two earlier. And then what happens the following Sunday? The Hail Murray pass. You saw it.

Now, we’re not saying that Doc Zach’s expertise in the dental arts is what led to these extraordinary feats by both Murray and Hopkins, but then we’re not saying that it didn’t, either.

It’s just the damn truth: we have very talented friends.

The Worst Wing (Cont.)

A photo like this would knock the Dems out of presidential politics for at least two election cycles. In TrumpWorld, it barely lasts 24 hours.

In today’s New York Times, a contest for “The Worst of Trump” which, sadly, has become an annual thing. When we do our own rankings, we use a sliding scale of 1) mendacity and 2) effectiveness. So while Rudy is high up on No. 1, he’s so criminally incompetent that he’s low on No. 2. Herewith, our rankings:

  1. Donald Trump (actually, he’s lower, but if we don’t put him at No. 1 he’ll pout and refuse to leave the contest).
  2. William Barr (because of No. 2)
  3. Mike Pompeo (because of No. 1)
  4. Moscow Mitch (because of both)
  5. Paul Manaforte (gone but not forgotten)
  6. Roger Stone (was gone, now isn’t)
  7. Sean Hannity (chief of propaganda; this is a team award that should be shared in parts by Tucker Carlson, Laura Ingraham and Jesse Watters)
  8. Mike Pence (the Sgt. Schultz of this outfit)
  9. Stephen Miller (probably deserves to be higher, but we can Nazi whom he’d actually overtake).
  10. Rudy Giulani (because we need to reward comic relief)


by John Walters

Donald Trump at his 2nd inauguration

Invasion From Within

It’s funny how red-staters ramble on about terrorists from ISIS or the Taliban, or about “GYY-na” as threats to our democracy. I’m not sure most of us understand how close we came to losing our democracy two weeks ago.

We were watching a documentary on PBS (we’re such elitists) last night about the rise of the Nazis, and there were three important components (besides men such as Hitler, Goehring and Himmler). First, the destruction of the free press. Second, the elimination of an independent judiciary. Third, the eradication of meaningful elections.

How we doing?

Do you think scenes such as what happened above in Washington, D.C., would be less plentiful if Trump had won? It’s a sad thing when 70 million Americans are able to brain-wash themselves into believing that their righteousness makes everything alright.

Graham, Cracker

Lindsey Graham, asked yesterday why a Senator from the state of South Carolina was phoning election officials in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan and Nevada. “I’m trying to preserve our democracy,” said Graham.

Exactly the opposite.

A Hero In Michigan

Everyone who has ears and a mind needs to listen to this…

So What Next?

I’ve been saying since forever (this is a blog, after all; bloviate, repeat, bloviate some more…) that Donald Trump will not depart with grace or willingly.

As long as Moscow Mitch, Graham Cracker and the rest of the Senate GOP refuse to accept the election results (even Brian Kilmeade of “Fox & Friends” suggested the Trumpeters help the Biden transition this morning), as long as Brett Kavanaugh is still out there doing Fireball shots in his black robe, and as long as the Duck Dynasty doppelgängers are taking out journalists with sucker punches, he’ll continue to grasp at his eddying power.

We’ll see if I’m wrong, but I still think it’s going to take an act of some combination of the Secret Service, National Guard, the A-Team, Jason Bourne and perhaps even the Irish Guard to physically removed Trump from the White House. I just want to see the look on his face when this happens.

Hipster Headed To Brooklyn?

Just what Brooklyn needs: another 30ish bro with a hipster beard thinking he’s about to conquer the world.

Actually, TMZ, which pays for information but is almost always on target, reports that 2018 NBA MVP James Harden no longer wants to play for an owner who is a Trump fan.

Been waiting for this. When enough NBA and NFL players of enough stature begin refusing to play for owners, or in leagues, where Trump is supported by that league’s power structure, we will begin to have meaningful change. Now, you say, what right is it of theirs to force owners to change or mask their political opinions?

It isn’t, of course. But it is their right not to help these rich old white men get richer from their labor. Go play in Europe. Or Australia. If you are a ‘baller. And if you are an NFL player, gather ’round with others and create an alternate league. The NFL would wither on the vine without African-Americans. Put them out of business.


by John Walters

Deadliest Hoax

If you visit Twitter, you’ll find nurses from South Dakota to El Paso sharing personal stories of patients who refuse, up to the point of being intubated, to believe that they have COVID-19. Anything but, including lung cancer, is acceptable in their minds.

Thousands of Americans dying while, with their final gasps, still refusing to accept that the coronavirus is more than a Donald Trump punchline. Of course, it’s not the reality of the virus that they’re actually refusing to accept. It’s the reality that Trump was a con all along, that their paradigm of American-ism was never quite in keeping with the values of liberty and justice for all.

So they’d rather just fool themselves into believing they died of a hoax.

Look What’s Up: Bitcoin*

*Hate to tell you, Susie B., but it’s true

Lots of stocks have had banner 2020 years: Peloton, Moderna, Tesla and Zoom to name just a few, are all up more than 100% since February (Why didn’t someone tell us?!?). But then there’s Bitcoin, or as we trade it, GBTC.

On March 16 GBTC was at a year-low of $5.01. This morning it’s at $19.59. I don’t understand it, either. But it’s like they always say, “The first rule of investing is ‘buy low, sell high.’ The second rule of investing? Never listen to me.

If you’re curious, the actual price of a Bitcoin from then to now is about 1,000 times what the price of a share of GBTC is.

By the way, my good friend A.J., armed with a high school education and a ton of moxie, phoned in early July and recommended we buy The Gap (GPS). It was at less than $12 a share then. Today it is above $24. Thanks, A.J.

Plant A Tree

This is an original tune crafted by our old friend, Sorp. We’re hoping he sees this and files suit for unauthorized usage, as he has gone Howard Hughes on those of us who care about him. If you want to help, please click on it and give him some YouTube views and maybe even write a comment such as, “Is that the same bass line Led Zeppelin used in ‘Whole Lotta Love?’

There is a valuable message in this tune, by the way. Hope you listen.

The First Thanksgiving

So I was thinking about Thanksgiving and its origins. And, sure, you can visit the Wikipedia page and talk about Canadia in the 16th century or the Jamestown settlers in 1619 and I won’t fight you on that. The larger principle to remember is that the settlers were THANKFUL and to be thankful requires, I dunno, a little humility and grace perhaps?

Anyway, I don’t see a lot of that in the good ol’ USA anymore. What’s more, isn’t it funny how the Native Americans welcomed these uninvited settlers to their land and actually helped them to survive? And here were are, 400 years later, separating families from one another who are simply attempting to do the same thing? Interesting.

Higher Ground

I love Van Morrison. You’ll never encounter a more curmudgeonly, cranky live performer, and yet he writes songs such as this. That’s Cliff Richard, who just turned 80, sharing vocals with Van the Man.

Richard may be the most under-appreciated of all British artists on this side of the pond. Only two artists sold more singles in the history of the UK: the Beatles and Elvis Presley.


by John Walters


If your local Home Depot or Ford dealership seemed somewhat vacant Saturday, here’s why: thousands of C U Last Tuesday (i.e. C.U.L.T. 45) denizens showed up in our nation’s capital to protest the results of the November 3rd election.

If you hadn’t heard, Joe Biden won with 306 electoral votes to Donald Trump’s 232. When Trump won by the same number of electoral votes in 2016, he referred to it as a “massive landslide.” Of course, in both 2016 and 2020, Trump received far fewer actual (popular) votes.

With an era that has seen a surfeit of symbolic moments, Saturday provided another one. The march was interfered with by an elderly white man in the back of a limousine who wanted to cut through the protesters so that he could play golf. That man? Donald Trump.

Welcome to TrumpWorld.

True Detective foresaw this years ago.

Fail! Fail! To Michigan

Playing in Ann Arbor against a Wisconsin team that had not played in three weeks and had literally had its program shut down for 10 days in the interregnum due to COVID-19, Michigan got walloped on a rainy Saturday night on national television, 49-11.


Less than 13 months ago, on a rainier night in Ann Arbor against No. 8 Notre Dame, the Wolverines pasted the Irish 45-14. In the interim Notre Dame has gone 14-0 while Michigan is 4-5. The Wolverines are 1-6 in their past six games and are the only team in FBS not to have won as an underdog in the past five years. The only one.

As natural a fit as Jim Harbaugh seemed six years ago, his tenure has devolved into an unmitigated failure. The Wolverines have not beaten Ohio State, are 3-3 versus Michigan State and are 6-14 versus opponents in the Top 15. What’s worse, the talent level appears to be dropping off and Michigan doesn’t bully anyone on either side of the ball. They’re not intellectual and they do not impose brutality.

Unless Harbaugh wins in Columbus on December 12, we don’t see Harbaugh remaining in Ann Arbor. There’s nothing about these Wolverines that suggest they are well-coached or enthusiastic. We did like the snippet of QB Cade McNamara we saw late in the second half, but how far can he take a squad this soft? And yes, the Victors were without defensive studs Qwity Paye and Aidan Hutchinson on Saturday night. Still…

…The Buckeyes have slapped 62 and 59 on the Wolverines the past two years, both 20-plus point wins, and we don’t see it being any prettier this season. Count us among many who thought this was a perfect marriage when it began but have seen it disintegrate beyond repair.

Hoops Headliners

Above, that’s 6’9″ Emoni Bates of Ypsilanti (Mich.) Prep. Bates, a junior, is considered the top recruit in the Class of ’22. If he attends college.

Below, that’s 7’1″ Chet Holmgren of Minnehaha (Minn.) High and also AAU team Sizzle. Holmgren is considered the top recruit of the Class of ’21.

Last Thursday, in a televised ESPN exhibition game that received little fanfare, Holmgren’s Team Sizzle out-dueled Bates’ Ypsilanti squad, 78-71. Bates outscored Holmgren, 36 to 31, but Holmgren, who has trimmed his list of schools down to seven, also grabbed 12 boards and blocked six shots. Someone get him a protein shake.

Stay In Your Lane

Ole Miss’ Lane Kiffin was once our least-favorite college football coach. Now he may be our most favorite. Look at this play from Saturday night. It’s glorious.

That clipboard soaring to the heavens? That’s Lane’s as he realizes his Rebels are about to score on a 91-yard pass play (that USC forgot to cover). The player who made the grab, Elijah Moore, also knows something about redemption. He’s the one who made the peeing gesture during the Egg Bowl last year that cost Ole Miss the footbaw game.

Vax Populi

Just one week after Pfizer says that it has a vaccine that is 90% effective (a solid “B”), Moderna announces that it has a vaccine that is 94% effective (probably a low “A”). Can’t any of these pharmaceutical companies give 110%?

Might be worth noting that Pfizer’s CEO sold nearly $6 million in PFE stock the day after the announcement lat week. And that Moderna’s executives initiated their own huge sell-off on good news months earlier. But maybe we’re just bitter because we bought a &%$-load of MRNA back in late February at $22 and sold it at the tiniest of profits.

That’s showbiz.

Meanwhile, 2,321 Americans died from COVID-19 between Friday and Sunday. That’s a lot of plane crashes, Mr. President. Though, one must agree with Dave Chappelle that the coronavirus has brought a virtual halt to mass shootings. So thank God for the small favors.

Hail Murray Pass

The Cardinals win, 32-26. Kyle Murray’s commercial with Tim Tebow just got more airplay.

By the way, that negates a terrific comeback by the Buffalo Bills that included tremendous catches by both Cole Beasley and Stefon Diggs.


by John Walters

Case Load

November 12: 161,541

What is it they always say? “Lead, follow, or get the f**k out of the way.

Get the f**k out of the way, Donald. Because lead or follow are not options for you.

That’s your leader. THAT’s your leader. What kind of man does this? Let’s his friends suffer while only thinking of himself?

The Combover Presidency

Has a hairstyle ever better defined a presidency? The color is fake and it’s covering up a lot of bald(-faced lies). There will always be Trump loyalists who’ll attempt to persuade Americans to see what they pretend to see: Mike Pompeo, William Barr, Peter Navarro, the Trumpkins.

But when even China and Fox News have bailed on him as well as Arizona (you’re welcome, Susie B.), it’s time to intubate this presidency: shut him up and wait for the inevitable end.

Love The Drake

Before this week I, like most of you who have never spent much time in Lincoln, Neb. (Hi, Jacob), had no idea who Leta Powell Drake was. But then this Twitter clip of her celebrity interviews was posted and, for good reason, went viral:

So here’s Vulture, who landed an interview with Drake, an 82 year-old living legend who still resides in the Cornhusker State.

You Tackle Him

This is Howard Brown. He’s a senior quarterback at Lincoln Prep Academy in Kansas City, Missouri. Brown carries three bills and change on his 6’2″ frame.

Brown has accepted a scholarship offer to Iowa State, which plans to put him at defensive tackle. Is there any good reason for him to change positions?

Heedless Horseman

You’ve probably read about how Steve Bannon, on Facebook, suggested that both Dr. Anthony Fauci and FBI Director Chris Wray be “decapitated,” and you’ve probably further heard that Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, in a staff meeting, explained to Facebook employees why Bannon’s account was not suspended:

“We have specific rules around how many times you need to violate certain policies before we will deactivate your account completely. While the offenses here, I think, came close to crossing that line, they clearly did not cross the line.”

You have to wonder how many times the Winklevi wonder why they didn’t plant Zuckerberg at the bottom of the Charles River when they had the chance.

This always rings true about Mark Zuckerberg. One of the greatest opening scenes ever written.


by John Walters

Kicking And Scheming

On the same day that the U.S. set a new record for coronavirus cases (142,000-plus) and 1,478 Americans died from the virus, there was a report that “Donald Trump does not seem to be interested in his work.”

Has he ever been?

In an interview with Anderson Cooper of CNN, the NYT’s Maggie Haberman, who would rent space in Trump’s soul if he had one, noted that the president doesn’t really have a grand strategy to defeat Joe Biden (problem 1 being that Biden just defeated him), but that he’s willing to keep pushing the envelope, i.e., keep grabbing America by the pussy, to see just how far he can go. When you’re famous, after all, people let you get away with it.

Truly, I’m flummoxed that anyone with a brain is taken in by him. And yet so many are.

A Trump campaign advisor said, ” ‘Concede’ is not in our vocabulary.” Neither are grace, humility, honesty or integrity. But we already knew that. Trump will eventually back down but he’ll act as if he were robbed (he loves playing the aggrieved billionaire and, again, dumbasses buy it) and attempt to make a comeback in 2024. We’re thinking the obesity and the virus and the high blood pressure will do him in by them. We can hope.

The Upside Down

So there it was, Veterans Day, and certainly countless Americans were thinking of their fathers, their uncles, their grandfathers who had fought in World War II. Who had sacrificed their lives or at least put them on the line in order to fight Germany, to fight fascism.

And here we are, 75 or so years later, and the leader of Germany, currently the world’s most stable and economically viable democracy (you read that right), is reaching across the Atlantic to help rescue America from fascism.

Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it.

80 From ’80

If only Peter Gabriel had saved “Games Without Frontiers” and “Biko” for his former band, Genesis’ Duke album of the same year would be an all-time classic.

Rolling Stone has compiled a list of “The 80 Greatest Albums From 1980” while making the claim that there may have never been a single better year in terms of worthy albums. As someone who was in his 8th grade/freshman year at the time and experiencing my first real crush with pop and rock music, I cannot disagree. As I went through the list, here are just a few of the songs that stick with me to this day:

“Kiss On My List,” (I’m not kidding), “Against The Wind,” “Turn It On Again,”
“Games Without Frontiers,” “Oh Yeah”, “Pulling Mussels,” “The Spirit of Radio,” “Girl U Want,” “She’s So Cold,” “Crazy Train,” “I Will Follow,” “Private Idaho,” “Brass In Pocket,” “You Shook Me All Night Long,” “Once In A Lifetime” and “Death or Glory.”

If I had to pick a Top 3 that was representative of what my Brophy classmates cranked up most often that year, a Phoenix faves list, I’d go with “Crazy Train,” “You Shook Me All Night Long,” and anything off Zenyatta Mondatta. If I had to make my own, I’d go with “Once In A Lifetime,” “Oh Yeah” and “Turn It On Again.”

But five minutes from now I’d probably give you a completely different list. Suffice it to say that back then the hardest part of picking 13 albums for a penny from the Columbia Record & Tape Club was winnowing it down to 13.

A Christmas For Christmas

Don’t you hate when a couple this good-looking (Penn and Kim Holderness are married in real life with a cute son and cute daughter) is also this witty (they wrote this)? They’ve set a new, er, Hallmark for holiday film parody.

A Whale of A Story

This feels as if it should’ve happened on WKRP In Cincinnati, or perhaps it inspired the famous WKRP Thanksgiving episode.Whatever. Today is the 50th anniversary of this event that will leave you blubbering with mirth. Enjoy.

MAC-tion is BACK-tion

The MAC returned to November week night viewing (as it does annually) and last night’s finish between Toledo and Western Michigan did not disappoint.