Our man Oz will make a weekly stock pick for us from one of his western U.S. lairs. In his initial entry, about 10 days ago, Oz espoused the lustrous investing possibilities of gold. This time he invokes the value of desert gold, i.e., water.

While on assignment in central California I took this picture. What does it tell you? Crops need water.

And what is the stock opportunity there? Well, I have bought “water” stocks before, but the problem with them is that they are tied to an increase in spending around construction and that means a growing economy. This is not necessarily the case. The other easy answer is agricultural stocks. The main players are the usual names: Monsanto (MON), Syngenta (SYT) and Dupont (DD).

While these stocks have performed well recently, based on “drought” news, I really like the Powershares DB Agriculture Fund (DBA). The chart looks great and I see it topping its 52-week high– potentially a 20% gain in 2012. Plus, I can’t help but mention the overall trend of the market and in the short term is up.

Get in now, is what I say. Plenty of choices out there and more ideas to come…



Last Week: Nova Gold (NG ) Was: $4.72. Is: $4.51. (oops) 


One thought on “OZ’S STOCK PICKS: FROM AU TO H2O

  1. Oz’s Picks: First Gold, then Water. Goldwater? No coincidence his lair is in the West – must be in the Southwest. I had hoped politics would find a place at mediumhappy. But just the absurd parts please, if it’s even possible to draw that line.

    Speaking of absurd, we still pretend political conventions are relevant? The Repubs cancelled day one in Tampa. Can’t they just blame God for the weather and call it done? TLC is holding the next episode of ‘Here Comes Honey Boo Boo’ until their audience returns. That monstrosity of a mother is going to lose her mo.

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