Day of Yore, May 10


One of hockey’s iconic moments happened tonight in 1970, when Bobby Orr took a give and go from Derek Sanderson and scored 40 seconds into overtime to complete a four game sweep over the St. Louis Blues and give Boston it’s first Stanley Cup in 29 years. Believe it or not, that photo did not make Sports Illustrated’s top 100 sports photographs list last year. Really, SI?

Did the ’80’s style officially kick off today in 1982, with the release of Duran Duran’s “Rio”? It only peaked at #6 on the Billboard charts, but it remained on the list for 129 weeks. Don Johnson noticed. Hit singles included, “Hungry Like the Wolf,” Rio,” “Save a Prayer,” and “New Religion.”

220px-DuranRio Unknown

Madonna’s homage to herself (which one?), “Truth or Dare” hit screens today in 1991. It was a sort of boring episode of “Behind the Music.”


Weezer released their debut album today in 1994. Entitled, “Weezer,” it’s always been known as the Blue Album. It was a fantastic debut and set the course for Weezer’s beguiling run. Hits were “Buddy Holly,” “Undone-The Sweater Song,” and “Say it Ain’t So.” The best songs on the album are My Name is Jonas” Surf Wax America.”


Today in 1893 the Supreme Court of the United States ruled in Nix vs. Hedden that the tomato is a vegetable and not a fruit. Imagine the peace the justices slept with that night… but the debate rages to this day.

Bono is 53 years old today and Chris Berman is 58. For someone who was born in 1955, it’s sort of odd that Berman doesn’t have a pop culture reference beyond his 20th birthday. The once beloved anchor has done too much of this to stay that way:

225px-Chris_Berman_sings_with_Huey_Lewis_(edit) Unknown

— Bill Hubbell

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  1. I was waiting for a Duran Duran Top 5 list. Here’s mine: 1) Hungry Like The Wolf 2) Rio 3) Planet Earth 4) The Reflex 5) New Moon on Monday.

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