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Did you find the Emmys Boron?

1. The Heisenberg Certainty Principle

Outstanding Drama (Breaking Bad). Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama (Bryan Cranston) Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama (Anna Gunn). Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama (Aaron Paul). Outstanding Writer in a Drama (Moira Walley-Beckett).

It looks like Walter White won, after all. And then when you add the smooch with Julia Louis-Dreyfus, a big fat middle finger to all those anti-dentites out there. Well played, Sneaky Pete.

Dr. Watley, I declare!

Hey, you know me. I think True Detective is the bee’s knees.* And Game of Thrones and Mad Men, are to me, also both better than Breaking Bad. But none of those three shows had a show hosted by Chris Hardwick that immediately followed them, and none of them bowed out after last season. Next year it’ll be Don Draper’s turn, like it or not.

*I’m consciously endeavoring to employ more Katie McCollow-approved phrases in my repertoire.

2. The Leftovers…

Three of these actors are multi-millionaires. The other is still waiting for the film version of “Mango” to be greenlit.

…is what every actor or series nominated against either Breaking Bad or a previous winner were left to scrounge for last night. Has an awards show ever been so guilty of being a repeat before? You want to see the Guilty Remnant? It’s the people who vote for Jessica Lange and Kathy Bates and Modern Family without even having watched TV all year.

Although, to be fair, I do believe Kathy Bates won for “Best Proprietor of an Upstate New York B&B.”

True Detective’s casting director deserved an Emmy for finding a phethora of brilliant character actors, among them Carter

I’ve said it before, but Brad Carter as Charlie Lange in just two scenes of “True Detective” deserved an Emmy for Outstanding Guest Actor. And Veep is the funniest show on television.

The second season of True Detective should revolve around two partners investigating why and how Modern Family always wins Best Comedy.

3. …and The Leftovers

“Are you a good guy?” “No–but my dad is.”

It only took eight episodes, but The Leftovers finally provided us with a compelling hour of television, start to finish. Chronologically, Sunday night’s episode would come first in the series. I understand why they waited so long to hand it to us –we needed to build up an emotional investment into the characters–but the show’s creators nearly slow-played their hand to cancellation.

Officer Kevin Garvey had a wonderful life –and a nicer home– but felt trapped. Wife Laurie wears makeup and can even speak but knows something is up. Daughter Jill is a dream child, while older son Tom stepped out of an Abercrombie & Fitch shopping bag just long enough to come home. And Grandpa has short hair and isn’t crazy–though he looks better long-haired and crazy. Oh, and Nora Durst is a loving mother whose husband is a deadbeat.

Jill Garvey (Margaret Qualley), who will go from presenting science fair experiments to being one (the fridge). The actress’ mom? Andie McDowell (I didn’t, either)

The final three minutes of Sunday’s episode was magical. Great tension as we got to be voyeurs, to see that life was actually taking place, messy as it is, just as that moment on October 13, 2011, happened. Sure, there were hints: the crack in the wall a the Garvey’s home, the crack in the coffee mug, the blown manhole cover, the car-full of middle-aged future GRers stopping to ask Kevin if he was ready.

Knowing what we knew what was about to happen, and that the characters were oblivious to it, amped the tension. Great stuff.

Now where do you go?

An aside: Has there ever been an HBO show with a greater disproportional display of male to female toplessness?

4. A Hole in England*

There are more than a few Brits who wish that this hole had appeared beneath Stamford Bridge

This sinkhole, located in County Durham in the far northeast of England, has gone from nothing to massive in just a week. Apparently, it’s located above an old lead mine. I see a BBC show coming out of this: Littler Britain.

The English are renowned for their bottomless pith. But now a bottomless pit?

*As opposed to A-hole in England, in which case we’d have placed a photo of Chelsea captain John Terry. 

5. Gregg Allman, Brother

Did the New York Times overstep its bounds by describing Michael Brown, who was laid to rest on Monday, as “no angel?” You can decide for yourself. On one hand, as many have pointed out, there “are no angels” among the living (seriously, you’ve never met Phyllis if you believe that).

On the other, as the news seems to have been tilted –before all the facts of the incident are fully known –that Brown was an innocent victim of an over-aggressive law enforcement officer –and there seems to be little outrage in the media, per se, over that characterization– I happen to think it’s a valid point.

It seems, if Brown were a living person, that this description would not be offensive but closer to accurate. Although I think the convenience store footage already told us that (it’s not the theft of the Swisher Sweets that is the troubling part, by the way; it’s the bullying and shoving of a clerk just trying to make a living). But, since Brown has been killed by a police officer’s bullets, many see the “no angel” line as the NYT trying to say that Brown might have deserved it.

Which, of course, is an opinion you’re welcome to have. But it’s not journalism’s job to spare anyone’s feelings. It’s journalism’s job to pile you with facts. And, in the context of the NYT story, I didn’t see where the “no angel” line was out of bounds. Your mileage may vary.


One thought on “IT’S ALL HAPPENING!

  1. I watched The Emmys last night & even though nothing was egregious except Weird Al (WHO thought that segment was a good idea?!), I thought the show itself was a bit blah. (A day late – guess I threw my hands in the air, but just didn’t care…)

    I actually watch a lot of TV, but since I don’t get HBO, the other “premium channels”, or Netflix, that means for more than the past decade, I’ve seen less than half the nominees, which limits my rooting .

    Anyhoo, some things I liked – the In Memoriam segment with the live music & especially Billy Crystal’s remembrance of Robin Williams. That Juliana Margulies won Best Lead Actress in Drama (of course, I can & do actually watch The Good Wife). Jimmy Kimmel’s bit (even though I’m now beginning to wonder if MM’s dramatic weight loss for his Oscar winning role has irreparably damaged his looks, come on, he STILL doesn’t look the same & it’s been at least 2 years since he filmed that movie! Do you think he’s TRYING to stay unattractive because Hollywood NOW deems him a good actor?).

    And some things I didn’t like – that The Amazing Race won yet again (!). That the show was on a MONDAY in AUGUST. And that too many of the “winners” were by default, i.e. sheer laziness of the voters.

    Also, as entertainment – The Tonys kick The Emmys’ ass.

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