Medium Happy Reconstruction

Hello, all! Jacob here. The Imperial Poobah (a.k.a. John) is off crowdfunding this weekend (does that mean a raise? Yeaaah!), meaning I will be playing around with the layout of Medium Happy. If you are like me, I miss the old, subtle theme that was associated with this site. It was so perfect. Well, since the hackers did their hacking, we have all been forced to deal with the new theme. Not so cool.

OK — now the point of this post: Medium Happy is not being hacked this weekend. If you see a different layout at different hours of the day, that’s just me reconstructing the site. If you have any suggestions or ideas, comments are always welcome.

Have a great weekend, loyal MH readers! And a happy (belated) birthday to Phyllis!


2 thoughts on “Medium Happy Reconstruction

  1. I think of Medium Happy Reconstruction as right around 1870. The sadness of Lincoln’s death had passed, but the South wasn’t really back on its feet.

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