1. Snowvember

Buffalo Billizard? The lake effect snow coming off Lake Ontario (checks map of Great Lakes…chuckles once again at “Huron”...) dropped as much as SIX feet of snow on some parts of Buffalo on Tuesday, which can only mean that God does not want to watch the Jets at Bills on Sunday.

2. Wonder Woman

Ace attorney and ketchup (and Pop Tart) enthusiast…

Tougher than the rest (again)

Amelia Boone won the World’s Toughest Mudder outside Las Vegas this weekend, which translates to how far one is able to transport themselves over and through and in between and under obstacles over a 24-hour period. Boone, a GFOB, has now won the WTM twice.

Only five or so weeks ago the Chicago-based barrister was undergoing arthroscopic surgery for a problem meniscus, and only three weeks ago she tweeted that she was having a fun Friday night “aqua jogging” as the extent of her exercise. And then she wins the WTM again. A collective Wayne-and-Garth “We’re not worthy!” in salute to yet another boon for Amelia.

3. Dan Jenkins’ (FAKE) Obituary

i.e. “A Poor Lie”

The beloved golf scribe will be interred in Amen Corner…

Former Sports Illustrated senior writer Dan Jenkins, one of the most gifted writers that the magazine’s pages ever showcased (perhaps THE most gifted) has passed at the age of 84. Jenkins, who had attended 45 consecutive British Opens before illness caused him to miss last July’s, was eighty-FOOOOORE! He will be missed by most everyone…with a possible notable exception.

4. Minute By Minute

Lili Von Shtupp dedicates her signature tune (“I”m Tired”) to the Cavs’ big 3

So, LeBron has a point. Three of the NBA’s Top 5 leaders in Minutes Played are The King (39.1), Kyrie Irving (38.4) and Kevin Love (37.0). You can imagine LeBron wanting to shake David Blatt and scream, “You’re not in Tel Aviv any more!”

5. Love Me Nots…

…invade NYC!

Our favorite courtroom judge-in-real-life/Rocker grrrrl!-by-night, Nicole Laurenne, and her band, Love Me Nots, are invading the East Coast this week (they’re from Phoenix; picked a great week to experience a different climate). We braved 25-degree weather and the L train to Williamsburg to catch them at the Grand Victory last night.

If you are in Long Branch tonight, Philly Thursday night, or New York City Friday night (or Dover, N.H., on Saturday night), I highly recommend seeing ’em. They’re kind of like Pretenders-meet-The White Stripes with a smattering of early B-52’s and a pinch of Grace Slick.

Here they are performing “End of the Line.”

Oh, and if you happened to be in the ultra-swanky UES Carlyle Hotel on Monday night and wondered who was that girl who hijacked the piano, it was Nicole.

p.s. And a Happy Birthday to the band’s kickass lead guitarist (and Nicole’s husband) Michael Johnny Walker.

Remote Patrol

Spurs at Cavs

ESPN 7 p.m.

James (not pictured here) is 2nd in the NBA in scoring at 27.1 ppg

Our Susie B. Special, as the aformentioned small “b” big three take on the Championship Three of Duncan, Ginobili and Parker. The defending NBA champs have only been the third-best team in Texas thus far, but they’re still ahead of Los Cavs at the moment. I’m just waiting to see which/how many Hall of Famers Pop chooses not to play tonight.


One thought on “IT’S ALL HAPPENING

  1. I laughed (yes, OUT LOUD) when seeing your photo substitute. 🙂

    Anyhoo, yes, Sweet Pea needs more rest during games, but if you consider he played the 1st 4-5 games as IF he was “resting”, then his mpg avg goes way down. Hey, the truth hurts! Actually, I’m not sure what LeBron was doing in some of those games but I do know he didn’t play as his old HEAT self. Perhaps he was trying to “teach” the young’uns, but geeze, it was pitiful (well, for him). And HE was the highlight in most of those games! HOPEfully, the LeBron of the 2nd-half Celtics game & the recent Hawks game shows up tonight! And the rest of the team too. After thinking they had turned a corner with the fab Hawks game, they stunk up the joint with their inconsistent & at times outright sloppy offensive play and NONexistent defense against the lowly Nuggets, who had won only ONE other game this season! And it was a Cavs HOME game!

    This is the 1st time I’ve really watched much of Kyrie & he can really be impressive in some of those moves to the basket. However, I’m still not seeing real chemistry yet between LeBron & Kyrie. And Kevin Love has not been incorporated as much into the offense as he should. PLUS, both Kyrie & Kevin need to go to DE-FENSE school! When they were the main offense on their old teams, did they even run back down the court after making baskets?

    Question – by the All-Star game, how bad/good do the Cav & Heat W-L totals have to be before we are deluged with articles/TV spots screaming if LBJ “regrets” his ‘2nd Decision’? My guess – if the Cavs are under .500 & the Heat are no worse than 3rd place in the Eastern Conf standings.

    Finally, whoever wrote the song ‘Shuffle Off to Buffalo’ apparently had never been to Buffalo! At least in the winter. O.M.G. ! Once again, so very thankful MY ancestors ventured a bit south & NOT north once they landed in Philadelphia some 300 years ago. Thank-you, Balthazar! (Yep, that was his name).

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