I’m not even making this up: a theater in Dallas will show “Team America: World Police” gratis on Xmas Day in lieu of “The Interview”

1. The Interviewention

So, here are my points to ponder:

–The U.S. government isn’t forbidding anyone from seeing this film. A bunch of theater owners who are in business to make money are. Maybe they thought December 25,¬†Christmas,¬†might not be a good date to have their theater chain associated with a terrorist attack. Maybe they didn’t want to hire security detail because, even though the likelihood of an attack is low, what happens if you DON’T hire security and something happens? But if you do, your profit margin lowers.

–Our version of free speech is producing a film such as The Interview. Someone else’s version is hacking into your computers and revealing private information. Potato, Po-tah-toe.

–Let’s admit that this is more than a little bit about the cult of personality. Seth Rogen has stoner-cool cred and Kim Jong-Un is a ruthless dictator. But people are behaving as if this is a free speech issue. Really? Would the reaction be the same if Mel Gibson were producing a film about bombing the Holy Land? I think not.

2. Havana Good Time, Wish You Were Here!

It’s been a good week for both the Cubs and Cuba

The Twitter account of @PourMeCoffee said it best, “We cannot normalize relations with oppressive regimes” –sent from my iPhone.

Interesting that Sports Illustrated put the Cubs on its cover this week as Cuba makes big news.

3. My Kinda (Navrati) Lova

Czech mate (I know, TOO easy)

That’s 18-time Grand Slam champion Martina Navratilova, 58, and her new spouse, former Miss U.S.S.R. Julia Lemigova (There’s a lot of “ova” in this relationship, in more ways than one…yes, I love plural Latin puns), 42. It’s the first marriage for one of tennis’ all-time greats, which means that there is hope for the rest of us (and if it happens to be a former Miss Russia 16 years my junior, so be it).

4. Today In B1G Coaching

From Faux Pelini to Foe Pelini

“Bo Peeps!” would normally be all you’d need to sate your desire for nutty news.

Today, in addition, we have “Harbought”: Will Michigan alumnus Jim Harbaugh accept his school’s offer of a reported six years and $48 million to turn its program around?

5. That’s How I Got to Memphis

Zach Randolph had 21 points and 21 rebounds in last night’s win, but refuses to go on the Marc Gasol Diet

Beware the Grizzlies, who took down 21-2 Golden State on Tuesday and then beat, in three overtimes, defending NBA champs San Antonio in S.A. the following night. Memphis and Golden State are following the same model: find a solid core (here, Z-Bo, Mike Conley and Skinny Gasol) and give them a couple of seasons to blend.
Recall, last spring, Memphis maybe ousts OKC if Russell Westbrook does not make that steal late in Game 5 (?). The Grizz (21-4) are for real.

Remote Patrol

The Colbert Report

Comedy Central 11:30 p.m.

Nation! Our star-spangled host signs off after nine years tonight–and then he’ll take the next nine months off. Nice work if you can get it.



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