Macur writes: “Anyone who has supported the program the past couple of years should feel dirty by now.”

1. Force Macur

The New York Times publishes a scathing story/commentary by Juliet Macur on Florida State chasing glory down a rabbit hole. Did someone tell Macur that the Seminoles just gave head coach Jimbo Fisher an eight-year extension?

Meanwhile, Sports Illustrated plays “One of These Things Is Not Like The Other” with its four regional College Football Playoff covers….

2. America: A Spike Lee Joint

“Time out! TIME OUT! Y’all take a chill! You need to cool that s*%& out! And that’s the double truth, Ruth!”

First, there was Ferguson. Then Eric Garner. Then two police in Brooklyn are shot execution-style. Then protesters close down 5th Avenue on a pretty vital shopping day. Now a man allegedly points a gun at a cop in Berkeley (the town adjacent to Ferguson) and is fatally shot by the officer. Thank God we have Rush Limbaugh and Al Sharpton to make sense of it all for us.

3. Kobe Misses (A Game, Not A Shot)

Kobe Nicholson’ed last night’s 115-105 victory.

Laker legend Kobe Bryant has missed more shots (380) than anyone in the NBA this season, but last night he missed his first game. Coach Byron Scott sat him to give the 19-year vet some rest.

Of course the LOLakers went out and easily dispatched of the league’s best team, the Golden State Warriors Come Out and Play-Ay! L.A. led by 22 after three quarters and had seven players in double figures, with 28 assists.

It’s Bill Simmons’ Ewing Theory come to life (again). The Ewing Theory, by the way, does not translate to other sports. But in a game where teamwork and passing is emphasized on offense, it manifests itself often.

By the way, even former Laker Vlade Divac outscored Kobe last night, sinking a half-court shot for charity to earn someone $90,000. Of course, Kobe earned nearly three times more than that last night ($286,585) while sitting.

4. Art Imitates Life Down Under

At some point someone will just smile and hand someone else a vegemite sandwich.

Australia, the country that recently brought us eight children murdered in one home (and the mother of seven of them, via five different fathers, is the prime suspect), also is providing the best horror film of the year. Or so we’ve heard. It’s called The Babadook and it revolves around a mom, her seven year-old son, a scary children’s book, and the husband/father who was killed while driving the mother to the hospital to deliver said son. Guilt, resentment, frustration, madness. Rotten Tomatoes gives it a 98%.* Only Boyhood received a higher rating.

It might’ve received a 99% if they’d given Yvonne Strahovski a minor role.

5. Noel, No Odell

Yeah. So?

As Deadspin aptly put it, “86 players not named Odell Beckham, Jr., made the Pro Bowl.” The rosters for the annual game that no one wants to play in were released yesterday and the New York Giant rookie, who made the Catch of the Year and, oh, by the  way, had 79 catches, 11 TDs and more than 1,100 yards. Surely, he’ll make the Rookie/Sophomores Game.

You know who may have a more legitimate gripe? Golden Tate, Warrior, who finished fourth in the NFL in catches with 96. Haters will counter that this is a perk of lining up opposite Megatron. They’re right, but you still gotta catch the ball.

Remote Patrol

A Christmas Story

TBS 8 p.m.

I never knew this. The film’s director, Bob Clark, also made Porky’s and Porky’s 2: The Next Day. I think we could all see the potential there, no? Underrated aspect of this brilliant, charming 1983 film: Darren McGavin’s performance. The same decade gave us this and The Princess Bride. What have you done for kids lately (that isn’t animated), Hollywood?


2 thoughts on “IT’S ALL SANTA-ING!

  1. Just to clarify – you actually think Macur’s piece is GOOD? If so, I disagree with you even more than your old stand against the CFB playoff. It’s mostly a rehash of what has already been written ad nauseum by many, many others. Also, like some other writers, she trashes Winston & his roommates for not “testifying” in that FARCE of a “hearing” at FSU. WHAT LAWYER ON EARTH would have had their client utter a word in that NON-legal “hearing”? Of course, the accuser’s lawyers wanted them to “testify” as they could then use these words in their future civil case, ka-CHING.

    What’s priceless in this piece is that Macur begins with the accuser’s “testimony”. So, she says she ‘REMEMBERS’ being raped? Well, it MUST be true! Does she “remember” how SHE came up to Winston & his friends outside the bar while they were waiting for a cab? And willingly entered the cab & went with the 3 guys she had just met back to their apartment? Does she REMEMBER what she THOUGHT was going to happen there? A rousing game of Monopoly? Clue? (This is NOT to say that any woman who goes back to an apartment with 3 total strangers is just “asking to be raped”, I’m just curious to know what this woman thought was going to happen).

    Also, as the accuser, the woman pretty much HAD to “testify” or there would be no friggin case, so praising her for such “testimony” is nonsensical. And from what I’ve read, her lawyers campaigned for this hearing. (Again, they were HOPING to get Winston & his roommates to say something over which to sue or at least be used against them in the $civil suit$).

    After the recent debacle of Rolling Stone’s UVA rape article, one would think a JOURNALIST would know that just because one person allegedly “remembers” an event/act, does NOT make it any more true than the denial of the accused. Oh, but wait – Macur includes the “testimony” of the “victim’s advocate” about the “victim’s demeanor” being consistent with someone sexually traumatized. Surely, this a ‘professional’, how can she/he be wrong? I don’t know, let’s ask the several “rape advocates” at UVA who thought “Jackie” was telling the truth.

    Over the past year, I have read a great many articles about this alleged rape since it 1st came to light. And while it seems the local police may have not done an excellent job with the initial investigation, said investigation was supposedly hampered by the non-cooperation of the accuser. (Which of course, she & at least some of her various lawyers have denied). From all the things I’ve read, the woman has changed her “story” quite a few times. But let’s say the local police are protecting FSU & that is why they would not indict, what is the excuse given for why the STATE attorney & now this former FLA Supreme Court chief (not an FSU grad) also do not think there is enough evidence to even indict let alone convict Winston? Conspiracy? How many times does Winston have to go through an “investigation”/hearing before HE can be cleared? Three times the evidence has been found wanting & still this guy is deemed a “rapist” by the freakin New York Times. (BTW, NY Times… Selena Roberts…Duke lacrosse players…HOW did that work out?)

    And I guess what really ticks me off is that I do NOT like Winston but feel compelled to defend him because this case is GARBAGE. Just like Macur’s article.

  2. On a happier note – MERRY CHRISTMAS, jdubs!

    And even though you didn’t ask me, one of MY favorite things in 2014 (& the preceding few years) is ‘MEDIUM HAPPY’. 🙂

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