by John Walters

Starting Five

1. Hero Takes a Fall

Which is the most provocative “Steph Curry Goes Ass-Over-Teakettle” photo? Is it the one above? Or is it this one? Okay, this one certainly has more of an air of panic to it because you can see Steph’s expression….

Or how about this one? I refer to this as the “Sully Sullenberger” photo: “Brace for impact.”

Curry wasn’t too much of Β factor after this — cut to shot of him running in a hallway in the bowels of the Toyota Center — and the Rocketx extended the series to a fifth game.

2.Toews of Glory (see, cuz you pronounce it “Taze”)

Toews (19) attempted and buried the shot from here….

Anaheim led 3-0 and the Honda Center (Honda Center, Toyota Center) after one period. The Western Conference final series was tied 2-2 and both of Chicago’s wins have come in overtime.

So what happens? The Blackhawks trail 4-2 with less than 4 minutes to play. Then Jonathan Toews scores to make it 4-3. A little over a minute later, he scores again on the hockey equivalent of shooting it from the corner and banking it off the backboard. I still don’t understand how that puck went into the net.

So, overtime. Blackhawks win? Nope. Anaheims scores :45 in to to up 3-2. That was the sixth overtime session in five games this series, though.

3. Honorary Dr. Lou

Former Notre Dame coach and certifiable living legend (as a public speaker of course) Lou Holtz received an honorary doctorate from Steubenville University, not far from his place of birth, Follansbee W. Va., and then he addressed the graduates. A Lou Holtz speech will have a few old (but good) lines, but it’s still a good listen. My favorite: “They called it ‘Catholics vs. Convicts.’ I didn’t like that. Because not everyone on our team was Catholic.”

4. House of Plane*

And suddenly it was a pent-house

*The judges will also accept “Air BnB”

A bouncy house with three kids aboard in Fort Lauderdale makes a brief, unscheduled flight to a slightly more western section of Fort Lauderdale. There were a few broken arms, but nothing worse. I think most kids would say, “Do it again! Do it again!”

5. Cersei’s Unhappy Hour

What time is happy hour in prison?

Everyone’s favorite diabolical and incestuous queen mother, Cersei, is imprisoned on Sunday’s Game of Thrones (making it an incarceration hat trick for the Lannister kids).Β Although I imagine she feels that any place that does not serve Prosecco is prison enough.

Rising: Tyrion, Ser Jorah, Jon Snow (even if he does know nothing)

Falling: Cersei, Bronn, Sansa

Cersei (played brilliantly by Lena Headey) has long been the Don Draper of GoT: do we love to hate her or hate to love her? Sure, she’s flawed –and, okay, far more ruthless than Dick Whitman — but something within her still makes me feel empathy. There are days when I even wish I were related to her.

A review of Sunday night’s episode by Andy Greenwald of Grantland….

Music 101

The Tracks of My Tears

So take a good look at my face/You know my smile seems out of place/If you get closer it’s easy to trace/The tracks of my tears.

(A few) Motown acts of note:

The O’Jays: a 3-man vocal group.

The Four Tops, Smokey Robinson & The Miracles: 4-man vocal groups. (Diana Ross & The Supremes, a four-woman vocal group.

The Spinners, The Temptations, the Jackson Five: 5-man vocal groups.

Very similar templates, just different numbers of members.

Back in the Sixties, when scoring a Top 5 hit on the Billboard chart was akin to winning the SEC West, this all-time classic rose as high as No. 16. That’s it. It also made a wonderful cameo in the 1986 Best Picture winner, Platoon. There’s a future Best Actor winner in that scene, too, but you’ll have to find him.

Remote Patrol

Game 4: Hawks at Cavs

TNT 8:30 p.m.

Someone on Twitter wrote the caption, “Jesse Pinkman and Walter White.” Yup.

All offseason long, I’ve worked behind the scenes to enlist TNT to create a Susie B.-cam for Cavs games. They’ve told me, “No dice, as long as she continues to refer to him as ‘Sweet Pea.'” I can respect that. It was a nice run, Atlanta. There will be some lovely parting gifts for you.

2 thoughts on “IT’S ALL HAPPENING!

  1. Smokey still puts on a great show, and he is big on the waterworks. Exhibit A: The Tears of a Clown. Personally, I prefer sunshine…on a cloudy day.

  2. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ HA HA! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    Actually despite the win(s) THREE-ZIP, BABY!, I was mighty cranky till I came here this morning. The Hawks are embarrassed that they, the #1 seed, are losing 0-3 to a team that is without 2 of their best players (All Stars!) & thus are desperately trying to change the story from their sorry-ass play (sorry) to making a hardworking, super hustling guy into “the bad guy”. Well, they can DEFLECT all they want, with the help of the pathetic sports “media”, but anyone with eyes can see what is happening. I haven’t picked up your book, jdubs, but does it say in there that players are NOT to dive after loose balls? Ha, I bet. That’s the 1ST thing a coach yells at players.

    And for the record, Al Horford had grabbed onto Delly’s shoulder & arm & pulled him across & then DOWN to the FLOOR in Game 3. If Delly had fallen onto Horford’s legs, he’d have had NO ONE but himself to blame. And THEN, forget the elbow the media squawks about, Horford went all WWE & BODYSLAMMED Delly while he was on the floor. It’s a miracle there was no damage to his head &/or shoulder. Not only should Al have been ejected, he also should have been SUSPENDED another game!

    As for LeBron, yes, he, um, missed his 1st 10 shots in Game 3 (argh) but unlike mere mortals, he didn’t mope or get panicky, he did everything else to help keep his team in the game until his shot came to him. 37 points, 18 rebounds, 13 assists, 3 steals! Admit it, who else but SWEET PEA could have numbers like that, especially after such a rough shooting start? Plus, he had a sore back, a tweaked ankle & cramping! And he played more than 40 minutes!

    And tell TNT if they don’t like “Sweet Pea” (quite a shock actually since they are located in Atlanta, worldwide capital of “Sweet Tea” consumption), I can switch over to “Sexiest Man Alive”. πŸ™‚

    Also, “Air BnB” for sure & of COURSE it happened in Flor-i-duh.

    And speaking of “air”, very glad Steph is ok. Every Warriors fan must have seen their “fan lives’ flash before their unbelieving eyes & thought their “golden” season was crashing to a devastating end. Compared to the other 3 teams left in the playoffs, the GSW have gotten off easy in the injury department but to lose Curry at this point sure would have made up for it. Ummm, how soon before that Rocket is called a “dirty player”? Wait, that’s only if your nickname rhymes with “belly”?

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