by John Walters

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Starting Five

The Baur au Lac hotel had quite a few sudden checkouts on Wednesday morn.

1. Going Down, FIFA?

This was from Sam Farmer:

Early May: Under-inflated bladder.

Late May: Over-inflated Blatter.

Yesterday was a great day for justice. It takes more than just being on the side of justice. It takes people to do the dirty work to rectify injustice, to pay no mind when cynics say a corrupt system cannot be changed. Good for you, Loretta Lynch. You’re no coal-miner’s daughter any more.

Here’s Dan Wetzel’s column, which was well done. And here’s mine, which was medium rare but came with a side.

2. The Rookies

For the first time ever, the NBA Finals will feature a pair of rookie coaches. So take a bow, Steve Kerr and LeBron James.

Oh, that show above was popular in 1975, the last time the Golden State Warriors won the NBA championship. And yes, that’s Kate Jackson….before Charlie “took her away from all that” (ask your mom or dad).

Didn’t you like Klay Thompson’s explanation last night: “I did feel dizzy, but there was no concussion so we had no need to go through the concussion protocol.” (In so many words). That’s like when FIFA said, “Sure, there were ethics violations, but it didn’t affect the integrity of the vote.”

3. Amy Schumer Explains the Universe

I still find her show hit-and-mistress — she’s a naughty girl, that Amy Schumer — but this bit with Bill Nye the Science Guy is why she’s elevated herself into the Tina Fey realm. Apricot Puggle? That’s good.

This was Schumer’s coming-out party on Comedy Central a few years ago at the Charlie Sheen Roast. She swung for the fences here. This could have been a career-ending set, but she rode that wave home.

There’s talk of Schumer being the next Bachelorette. God help those men.

4. Alcohol = Truth Serum

Sherman will also be starring in the Chanhassen Dinner Theatre production of “The Passion” this summer.

While James Harden was committing 13 turnovers in Game 5 last night, another bearded ‘baller was making news with his tweets. Former Michigan State and Notre Dame center Garrick Sherman, currently deployed in Georgia (the country), spewed out some after-hours tweets relating to how he helped a former Spartan teammate beat a drug test and ridiculing the NCAA.  The entire spree seemed unsolicited. This is what happens when you smoke a bowl in a small former Soviet republic by yourself in the pre-dawn hours. C’mon. We’ve all been there.

5. Is This Really Her?

I know. I know. I’m worse than Dave Grohl. But is that really Taylor Swift on the cover of Maxim? That looks like the Taylor Swift stand-in you use for birthday parties and bar mitzvahs. Or a budding Russian tennis prodigy who’s currently ranked 91st in the world. I’m not trying to hate (“hate hate hate hate”) but she really appears to have shaken it up with her look.

Swift a couple of weeks ago with another multiple-time host of SNL.

Music 101

Turn It On Again

A couple of favorite Genesis songs: this one and Follow You, Follow Me. Released in 1980 off the album Duke, this tune never climbed higher than 58th in the U.S., but made it to No. 8 in the U.K. However, the video for the song did appear on MTV’s first day of broadcasts in that same year.

“Turn it on again,” by the way, refers to a television.

Remote Patrol

Men in Blazers

NBC Sports 7 p.m.

I’m not sure that this is a new episode, but Lord I hope so. These are the two gents who, during last year’s World Cup, would constantly say, “Well done, FIFA,” when something that appeared to have come straight out of a script occurred. Give Michael Davies and Roger Bennett an hour to opine on the FIFA kerfuffle (kerFIFAle?) and that’s restaurant-quality television.


5 thoughts on “IT’S ALL HAPPENING!

  1. Are you saying you DON’T like your future wife’s appearance on that cover? Looks like she just came out of a shower & is going for the au naturelle “look”. Which meant it only took the hair & makeup people about 3 hours to perfect. Dry or wet, you two make a cute couple. 🙂

    Anyhoo, you may have mentioned this before & I apologize but an alien must have zapped it from my mind bank – did you know there’s a cable TV channel called POP & that there is a reality show on it called “SING IT ON” about college acappella groups in the Boston area? Well, there is! I came across both last night. Some of the “student-singers” (do they have NCAA restrictions too?) are comically self-absorbed (typical 18-22 year olds) but those are the ones that always become “break-out characters”. Would love to know your take on the show since this is, well, one of your wheelhouses. Hmmm, how many wheelhouses can one person have? What exactly IS a “wheelhouse”?

    And speaking of TV, Katie – what did you think of The Flash’s season- ending episode? I get a kick out if that show but must admit that episode has me confused (yet again!) – if Eddie kills himself then the faux-Dr Wells (his future great-[x 7?]grandkid) won’t exist & thus we see him desolve before our eyes, but then that ALSO will mean Barry won’t become The Flash as the faux-Dr Wells never came back in time to Central City & created the accelerator which exploded & turned Barry into The Flash. Plus, Barry, Cisco & Caitlin won’t know each other let alone be working together. Which means the entire show gets a total reboot?! Eat your hearts out, Bob Newhart & Bobby Ewing!

  2. 3, Schumer Humor. She’s really funny, and there’s no other way to say it: she has balls.

    5. Taylor never goes out of style. She. Never. Goes. Out. Of. Style. You wouldn’t believe how difficult it is to look THAT natural. I bet it took a staff of 8 at least half a day to ‘deconstruct’ her look.

  3. To answer your question, Susie B., alas, the story no longer exists on-line (thanks, but in 2008 I wrote one of my favorite stories after spending weeks following around a cappella groups. I titled the story “Sing It On.” A woman I knew at the time is the person who pitched the show (and title) to Pop. Do the math….

    • I read that piece at the time & remembered it (& your affection for this musical style/competition) but not the title. Was that “woman” someone you, er, “loved & left”? Is this payback of a woman scorned or is she just a lowlife idea thief? Hmmm, if Marvin Gaye’s “estate” can sue & win for plagiarism over ‘Blurred Lines’, why can’t you, er, “bring it on”?

      Anyhoo, I’ve been thinking you must need a parking garage for all your “wheelhouses” but damn, that must be expensive in Manhattan! 🙂

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