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Happy 22nd birthday to Carl’s, Jr., burger spokes bikini-wearer Charlotte McKinney. Discovered via Instagram.

Starting Five

80,000 people were killed on impact, another 60,000 died within the year.

1. Hiroshima

Today is the 70th anniversary of Hiroshima, when the United States became the first and still only nation to drop an atomic bomb on an enemy at war. The stubborn Japanese still refused to surrender unconditionally and so, three days later, President Harry S. Truman ordered a second nuclear attack on Nagasaki.

Hiroshima today

As 17 Republican candidates square off in Cleveland tonight — seven in the jayvee game, and 10 in the varsity — I’m trying to picture a leader under those conditions surviving today’s social media gauntlet. Truman had only been president for about four months, and he had not been elected: he’d been elevated to the port with the death of FDR.

And yet Mr. “The Buck Stops Here” gave the command that led to the largest single-day loss of life known to man. Of course, it may have saved countless lives in the long run. But I doubt the antagonist party and pundits would have cared to see that nuance.

2. The Far Side (of the Moon)

Astounding photo of the moon and the earth here (Do you fully appreciate how few people in the planet’s history have had access to such a view??? Sit up and show a little respect and gratitude. Geez, you people…). For the record, this is ALWAYS the far side of the moon, but it is incorrect to call it the “dark side of the moon.”

What’s the difference? The far side of the moon never changes, since the moon’s rotation is such that we only ever see the same half of it from earth. This side you are seeing here, the far side, is never ever seen from earth.

The “dark side of the moon,” besides unofficially being the soundtrack to The Wizard of Oz, is the half that the sun is not illuminating at any given time (just as the “dark side of the earth” is what we’d call “night.”). So, looking at this pic, you are actually NOT seeing the dark side of the moon. Got it?

3. Deadliest Kvetch

You’ve probably already seen this, but just in case and, by the way, just one more example of over-analysis being a terrible trait (and trend). These crab fishermen off the Alaskan coach, the cast of The Discovery Channel’s Deadliest Catch, were, for this one play, far wiser than the Seahawk coaching staff. “WHY DID THEY THROW IT?” asks one of them in utter disbelief. Why, indeed?

4. At Least The Hed Did Not Read “Notre Dame Is Back”

Heading into the 2015 season, are the Fighting Irish one of the four best teams in the country? Sports Illustrated seems to believe so (or it recognizes that the Irish will do better  at the newsstand than Baylor or Oregon), but this alum is skeptical.

(For the record, SI put out four “regional” covers, but two of them had teams from the Midwest, ND and Ohio State; also included, Auburn and TCU. Apparently “East” and “West”, as in west of the Rockies, are no longer regions).

I do agree that Alabama is not finishing in the top four this season. It’ll be a down year in Tuscaloosa, even if the Coaches’ Poll has the Tide at No. 3. Here’s SI‘s Top 25.

Do the Irish have the potential to be so, with 18 returning starters? Sure, but they are thin at tailback, even though they have one great one (Tarean Folston) and one with the potential to be great (C.J. Prosise) and their QB, Malik Zaire, is a first-year starter. And his backups are neophytes.

I can’t shake the manner in which the Irish just laid down last November in Tempe and Los Angeles, and unforgivably at home against Northworstern. Louisville was a solid team, but the Irish still should’ve won.

Joe Schmidt is footballese for “Pat Connaughton.” Love this kid. On and off the field.

Just my opinion, but Notre Dame wins at least two of those games if Joe Schmidt is in the lineup. They were a rudderless team without his leadership. Joe’s back this season, which is why it is possible that SI may be correct. And keep an eye on sophomore Drue Tranquill.

By the way, I met a few Notre Dame students last week. Absolutely great kids, but when did the prefix “rising” get attached to your year in school? “I’m a rising sophomore.” Hey, kid, I’ll let you know if you’re rising or not. Until then, shaddup!

Best soundbyte from Brian Kelly’s presser this a.m.: “We don’t play for conference championships.”

5. There’s No WiFi in Heaven

The Grand Canyon is cool and all, but they’d rather be getting to the next level on Game of War

Interesting piece in Outside magazine noting that outdoor gear has never been more advanced but that the target demo would rather just stay indoors and play DraftKings or Call of Duty (why live real life when fake life is so much more gratifying?).

Music 101

See Me, Feel Me

So many songs from The Who to choose from for their first appearance here, but I went for  one that doesn’t get as much radio play. This is a live performance from Woodstock, which took place 46 years ago this month (The Who are currently on tour, by the way). Roger, Pete and the lads went on at 5 a.m. and played a 24-song set at that festival. The single-day ticket cost $6 and included Santana, Janis Joplin, Sly & the Family Stone, The Grateful Dead and Creedence Clearwater Revival as well)

Remote Patrol

The Daily Show

Comedy Central 11 p.m.

Good night and good luck… finding someone who will ever be able to so astutely and adeptly rake through the bullshit that pols and pundits toss at us.

2 thoughts on “IT’S ALL HAPPENING!

  1. Sources tell me that WiFi is readily available in hell, as hot spots are ubiquitous. No credit card required. You pay with your soul.

  2. Swimming Worlds update – Legendary Ledecky added yet more glitter to her Russian gold-mining operation as she anchored the women’s 4 x 200 Relay to victory. Missy was the lead-out. However, we also saw Katie’s main threat to Rio Olympic 200 Free Gold in Swede Sarah Sjostrom, who bested Katie’s winning individual 200 Free time in her relay anchor. She did not compete in the 200 here but I’m thinking that depending on the schedule, she’d be crazy NOT to at Rio. She’s already won Gold & set a new WR in the 100 Fly & is favored in the 100 Free tomorrow.

    Ryan Lochte won gold in the 200 IM, his 4th straight in that event, mighty impressive. However, I just read that he “flirted” with disqualification on some new “technique” on his final stroke changeover. The coaches were fine with this? He only qualified to swim 2 individual events here (his lowest in a decade at Worlds I think), so I’m thinking that was risky strategy.

    Team USA did win a surprise silver in the women’s 200 Fly (yeah) but got NO medals in the ‘glamour event’ – Men’s 100 Free. Our sole entry in the Finals & London Olympic champ, Nathan Adrian tied for last. NOT so good.

    Our medal tally so far is 11 which means we have 3 days left to win 10 more just to tie our worst showing at a Worlds ever. I don’t mean to sound medal obsessed but this is a shocking turn of events in a sport America has dominated since day one. Is this just a momentary setback or harbinger of the future? Is swimming about to emulate women’s figure skating? Where the USA dominated for DECADES but for the past 10 years haven’t even been able to get on the podium let alone win Gold?

    And my MAIN concern is if the USA is no longer a medal threat in one of the main Olympic sports, what does that do to American Olympic interest? Heck, city after city, & state after state already want nothing to do with hosting the Olympics. Plus, as usual, you barely hear a peep on ESPN about any of these sports’ World Championships. Unless some ‘doping scandal’ erupts of course. (What’s the so-called ‘penalty’ for testing positive in the Big 3 sports? 4 games? A few months? You’d think the NFL/MLB/NBA were being run from China or Russia….) . And God forbid ESPN interrupt the 24/7/365 unrelenting, mindnumbing coverage of the NFL. I USED to really like pro football, now I just want to GET AWAY FROM IT.

    Anyhoo, without American interest & especially American MONEY, how long would the Olympics last? As a ‘ringhead’ of several decades, I am close to hyperventilating. I love many sports but the Olympics have always been my absolute favorite sporting event. Heck, If I’d actually gotten married (I broke 2 engagements) , I MAY have walked down the aisle to the Olympic theme!

    Since YOU’ve not just attended but actually worked at a few Olympics, what do you think?

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