Not Happening Today…

We’re on a few days’ sabbatical. For life and death matters, please contact Katie McCollow. Thanks!

3 thoughts on “Not Happening Today…

  1. It’s not that you don’t deserve a “sabbatical” or vacation, it’s just that I’m having trouble breathing. Once I find a paper bag, I’m sure I’ll be ok.

  2. In-out, in-out. Ok, I’m a little shaky but breathing.

    Question – don’t you think ND should be above TCU in the current CF standings? I know you don’t care much about them but I thought ND’s 62 (SIXTY-TWO!) point effort against Umass was much more impressive than the we-don’t need-no-stinkin-defense-ESCAPE of TCU over Texas Tech. And I’d put them above Baylor too. If Clemson beats them this Saturday, then they’ll go shooshing down the standings, but for now, I think they should be #4.

    Also, I’ve created my own Top 4 of what’s really important in the college football game – the HELMETS, in the following order : MD (partly because they’re my alma mater but come on, the state flag as a helmet is AWESOME!), Syracuse (love, love,LOVE those orange matte-metallic helmets, SO sexy! I check in on every Syracuse game each Saturday just to oogle & sigh – I want a car that exact color!), Va Tech (similar to Syracuse but a darker orange & not matte, just metallic, still gooorrgeous) & ND – the best golden domers out there. And just outside my ‘playoff contenders’ – those mirror-chrome helmets the Ducks trotted out a few times last year – maybe they should have used them Saturday to distract Utah. Quack, quack, quuuaaaaaacckkkkk, what a beat-down!

  3. DAY 3 of the MH “SABBATICAL” (I’m having flashbacks to the ‘Iranian Hostage Crisis’…)

    Did you read about the drunk petty officer/car breathalyzer/raccoon/car crash?

    Florida should be incensed that someone is stealing their “stu

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