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From the Halls of Montezuma to the shores of Tripoli, wishing the U.S. Marine Corps a happy 240th. Semper Fi!

Starting Five

Melissa Click: So rude and fascist that she’ll probably be working media hospitality for the NCAA at next spring’s Final Four

1. Missouri Loves Company

So much to say, don’t know where to begin. I’ll just leave with you some videos and the politically incorrect thought that it’s refreshing to see a U.S. college campus make national cable news without there being a body count involved.

This, from October 10…

And this, from early yesterday…

…and of course, this, from later yesterday…

Briefly (most of what I’m about to say I’ve already tweeted): There’s no excuse to use a racial slur (unless you’re writing a rap song) and racism is ugly and wrong. But it’s not illegal, because unless it turns to violence it is no more than free speech. There was no systemic racism, at least from this outsider’s perspective, at a campus that recently elected a black, gay student at its student body president.

Meanwhile, as soon as Professor Clickbait and her Mob decided that THEIR cause was more important than free speech, they forfeited any good will their cause may have engendered. In the end this was just another rabble deciding that their rights were the only ones that mattered. Respect begins by respecting the rights of your neighbor.

2. Black and White Lives Matter

This is what happens, Orca, when you demand a minimum wage of 15 baitfish per hour

At last, Sea World San Diego has opted to end its theatrical Killer Whale show…and I’m fine with this as long as they don’t start offering Orca Sushi at concession stands. Dear Professor Click: this is a righteous movement that took off after a member of the media produced a documentary (Blackfish) that fomented good people to action. None of the whales tried to physically intimidate any one. Try it sometime.

3. Goodbye, Mr. Chips

Pokers’ best hand. I wonder how many times during the Miain Event someone actually won with this hand.

Day/Night 3 of the World Series of Poker is tonight. This is it. Either Joe McKeehen, Neil Blumenfeld or Josh Beckley — all of them Yanks — will leave with all the chips and $7.6 million. Even the losers will be able to afford far more than a house of cards.

4. Michael’s Back (Stroke) (Of Genius)

Phelps has won 18 gold medals and appeared in four Olympics

I’ve only started reading Tim Layden‘s cover story on Michael Phelps in SI. First of all, Tim is a truly gifted writer so I look forward to it. Second, it’s a fantastic cover shot. Fantastic.

Third, I’m always weary of hagiographies or redemption songs about athletes/celebrities whose woes are self-induced (I’m jaundiced, sure, but I’ve become immune to the Gary Smithization of any jock), but I’ll wait until I read Tim’s story. Finally, the Meadows in Wickenburg has housed quite a few celebs and jocks of late, including Phelps and also reportedly Johnny Manziel and Tiger Woods. It may be located in Arizona, but it really is the Hotel California (You can check out any time you like/But you can never leave…)

5. Where In The World?

Monday’s Answer: Yungas Road, Bolivia (World’s Most Dangerous Road)

Music 101


Day 2 of James Bond week, and here’s the brassy Shirley Bassey singing the title song from 1964. For me, this is the Bondiest tune outside of the original Bond theme. It reached No. 8 on the Billboard chart. No word of whether Bassey considered this gig an odd job.

Remote Patrol


USA 10:30 p.m.

In the grand tradition of Jerry Seinfeld, Larry David and Louis C.K., ad man/TV personality Donny Deutsch is starring in a sitcom about himself. Not bad, actually. My review in Newsweek.

2 thoughts on “IT’S ALL HAPPENING!

  1. When I 1st heard about the Mizzou ruckus & that the Prez was forced out, I thought there must have been cause for such a drastic action. It’s very possible I don’t know “all the facts” but from what I’ve read the past few days, I am APPALLED. Not at the various racist incidents, which yes, are disgusting, but for the over-the-top/semi-hysterical/chest thumping & back slapping actions of various protestors (including the 30 or so members of the football team – NOT even half, which was NOT explained by the media) and the media who was so quick to “COMMEND” the guy on the hunger strike & the “football TEAM”. What exactly was this guy willing to “die for”? Was there a racially motivated killing on campus? No. Was there a racially motivated sexual assault on campus? No. Was there a racially motivated physical assault of any kind on campus? No. Was any person or group repeatedly threatened on campus due to their race? Not that I read. Maybe the former president could have promised more SOMETHING (what, exactly?) when meeting with the protest group a few weeks ago, but I do NOT think his actions or inactions were serious enough for forced resignation.

    But, I’m not really surprised. I have become increasingly alarmed over the past few years that our society is becoming MORE restricted & LESS FREE. Any little slight becomes a major offense. Not only is this the opposite of what America is supposed to “stand for”, it actually belittles the real offenses.

    And anybody who thinks forced “diversity training” at the college level is THE ideal way to combat racism or sexism is a FOOL. At most, it will just educate the bigoted to hide their true thoughts & feelings (until latter) & at worst, it will provoke some into becoming the one thing being “educated” against. This is not to say I think’ diversity awareness’ should not be a part of one’s education. On the contrary, it should be incorporated throughout one’s entire schooling from kindergarten to college & not just as a one-off seminar or class.

    Racism is a problem in this country & throughout the world. As is sexism. Any blind hatred &/or ill-treatment of a person or group is a PROBLEM. But the hysterical elevation of minor offenses has LESSENED & NOT STRENGHTENED ‘THE CAUSE’ & most of these people are too busy patting themselves on the back to realize it.

  2. And I know you may find this appalling, but I’m GLAD I was able to see Shamu in person. He looked very healthy & seemed to be having a damn fine time. I do think ‘in-person’ sightings & “meetings” of humans & wild life in a controlled environment is usually a good thing. As long as the animals are not mistreated. It is educational & fun (maybe more so for the humans…) & most of all, makes humans more inclined to VALUE the wild animals & not view only as something dangerous &/or beautiful that should be killed & or worn. (If wild animals could vote, I think they’d gladly offer up a few of their brethren to protect the rest, a little known adjunct of ‘herd mentality’. 😉 ).

    What I do find horrific (besides wretched mistreatment of animals) is humans ‘swimming with sharks’ out in the ocean (or cove somewhere). This is not good for the stoopid humans & not good for the sharks. And will lead to immediate & long-term tragedy ( typed as she shakes her finger).

    Also, even though I was always excited about seeing the elephants & other animals at the RBBB circus as a kid, when I’d actually see the elephants going around the ring, I felt bad as they looked skinny & sad. Thus, it’s probably a good thing RBBB will soon no longer include elephants in their shows but it’s still difficult to imagine a circus without at least one elephant.

    Ok, ok, maybe if Shamu had looked skinny & sad, I’d be clapping my flippers too that Sea World is getting out of the Orca business….in California. Didn’t say anything about Florida!

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