Twenty-five or so peeps entered, three remain: Bret Keyes, Sean Sullivan and yours truly nolen.

Here’s whom each of us have picked through six rounds, from Day 1 through last night:

Bret Keyes: Duke, Villanova, Iowa State, Syracuse, Oregon, Virginia

Sean Sullivan: Miami, Villanova, Duke, Maryland, Oklahoma, Notre Dame

Moi: Miami, Oregon, Duke, Villanova, Oklahoma, Notre Dame

All of us have already taken Villanova, who are as hot as any team in the tourney

Bret (“Present!”) has previously selected two of today’s four teams. His choices are Kansas or¬†Oklahoma.

Sean has also previously chosen two of today’s four teams: His options are Kansas or Oregon (“Look at the big brain on Sean!”).

I have painted myself into a corner by having already selected Oregon, Villanova and Oklahoma. My choice has been made for me: Rock, Chalk, Jayhawk!

I choose Kansas.

5 thoughts on “KNOCKOUT POOL! ROUND 7

    • I wanted to pick Oklahoma but I was traveling and didn’t get my pick posted before their game started. Now we’re all rooting for Bill Self to not lose a tournament game where his team is the favorite and has a clear talent advantage. What could go wrong?

  1. You dummies!

    The only way I could win is by all of us losing. And that’s what happened. We all lose, which means I save $100. Thank you for playing!

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