by John Walters

We’re OUT!

You Dummies! (use the Fred Sanford voice there)

Anyway, the house (me) realized yesterday that its best chance to win was for all of us to lose on the same day. So when the other remaining players, Bret Keyes and Sean Sullivan, took Kansas yesterday, joining me, I was all for Villanova! I’ll send you a percentage of the $100 I saved—after you go pro, of course—Daniel Ochefu.

It was a fun pool. We’ll do this again. I’m even toying with an MLB knockout pool to see how long that would last.

Thanks for playing. And just like life, nobody wins, ultimately.

One thought on “KNOCKOUT POOL, R.I.P.!

  1. Thanks John, it was fun. Please give my share of the winnings to a local animal shelter.

    I think it would be fun to do it again this summer for Copa America and/or Euro 2016, the two big soccer tournaments taking place in June and July. The only problem is ties can happen in the group stage. Maybe there’s a way to work around that.

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