by John Walters

A Medium Happy 88th to Gordie Howe….

Starting Five

Kobe: 2 points in 9 minutes on 1 of 7 shooting.

That’s A Wrap?

The Lakers beat the Heat, 102-100, in overtime in L.A.

Lamar Odom showed up.

Kobe scored 2 points, then was taken out with “general soreness” (It only gets worse, Kobe; trust me).

I don’t know if any of the Lakers slapped hands with D’Angelo Russell after he shot a free throw.

Kobe Watch: 33,464 points in 1,339 games for a career scoring average of 24.99 points per game.

2. TCOB (And Working Overtime)

The angle looks off here, but the shot went in

In other NBA overtime news, the Dubs needed it in Salt Lake City before taking down the All That Jazz, 103-96. Klay Thompson missed a three-pointer with less than :25 to play and the Warriors trailing 89-86, but GSW got the offensive rebound, kicked it right back out to Klay, and he buried it with :21 to play to force overtime.

Golden State is 68-7 and the Spurs, who still have two games against them, will probably be resting their starters. GSW could very well face Utah in the first round.

3. “Hero Mate” and His Mate

The man on the right saved Brett Connellan’s life, and the woman on the left is like, just another sheila in New South Wales

Sure, you’ll want to read here about how 22 year-old pro surfer Brett Connellan was mauled by a shark at Bombo Beach (Why do Aussies have such wonderful names for beaches?) and lost much of his left thigh, but stick around for the video as the man on the right, “Joel,” is captioned as his “hero mate.” And that’s Joel’s girlfriend, Agie, an intensive care nurse. I mean, who needs to “build a wall” (and Mexico’s gonna pay for it) when we should all just move to Australia and hang out at places named Bombo Beach, where everyone looks like Jude Law or Naomi Watts ?

Connellan may be retiring this board

Connellan, from his IC bed, issued a statement pleading that this incident not lead to any reckless shark hunts. He’s a good man.

4. You’ve Got (More) Male

Berube played on the 1995 UConn team that went 35-0 and won the national championship, kickstarting the modern era of women’s college hoops

Yesterday in Newsweek we ran this piece I wrote on how this week, for the first time since they began staging a national championship in women’s hoops in 1972, all four head coaches will be male: Geno Auriemma of Connecticut, Scott Rueck of Oregon State, Mike Neighbors of Washington and Quentin Hillsman of Syracuse.

Then I dug further. The Division II national championship, which will also take place in Indianapolis (3 p.m., Monday) features our old friends Alaska Anchorage, coached by Anchorage native Ryan McCarthy, versus Lubbock Christian, coached by Steve Gomez (who apparently survived that shootout in Tohajiilee).

The Division III national title game, also in Indy (6 p.m., Monday) features Thomas More, coached by Jeff Hans, versus Tufts, which will have the lone female coach in a women’s championship game this year: Carla Berube. Her college coach? Geno Auriemma.

5. Death in Kolkata*

At least 14 dead, more to come

In the Indian city of Kolkata (formerly Calcutta), one of the most populous in the world, an overpass collapses above a street, trapping dozens. They are not big on inspections in India.

Music 101

Over My Head (Cable Car)

When Denver-based band The Fray released this song in late 2005 off their debut album, it became the fifth-most digitally downloaded tune of the year, selling more than 2 million copies. It lost the Grammy for Best Pop Performance the following year to “My Humps” (what a time to be alive).

Remote Patrol

Jimmy Kimmel Live

11:35 p.m. ABC

This happened once….

Not much worthy fare on tonight, but one of the world’s greatest guests, Bill Murray, will be making an appearance. Also, on Conan (11 p.m., TBS), the ENTIRE cast of Batman vs. Superman (like, the top 5 billed names) will be appearing. Is that the acrid scent of desperation you smell?



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