by John Walters

Starting Five

The KKK in North Carolina has announced a December 3rd victory parade for Donald Trump. No kidding.

Yes We Klan!

Is everyone who voted for Donald Trump racist? No.

Is everyone who is racist a Donald Trump voter/supporter? Almost certainly.

It’s been funny in the first 30 hours or so to witness the level of offense and umbrage taken at the intimation that Trump or his supporters are racist by the very same group that professed with no evidence that his predecessor was not born in the USA.

The millions of decent people who supported Trump? Why are they more bothered with being considered racist than they are that so many racists feel empowered by a Trump presidency? Where is their empathy for people, for fellow Americans, whose lives and welfare are now at risk? And what has their president-elect said or done during his campaign to assuage any fears that white supremacists and nationalists are about to become more brazen? The blood of innocent people is on the hands of anyone who voted for Trump. Strong words? Yes. But let’s not sugarcoat this.

2. Van Against Evil

This exchange between Trump surrogate Corey Lewandowski and Clinton surrogate Van Jones on CNN is incredibly symbolic. Here’s one grown man acknowledging his party’s defeat and calling for a period of grace and acceptance—basically the five-minute cooling off period after a sporting event—and here’s the other guy saying, “Nanny nanny doo doo.” This is just the beginning.

And here’s NBC’s RIchard Engel on election night, after midnight. Engel knows the Middle East and America’s foreign policy better than almost anyone, certainly better than Gary Johnson or Donald Trump. When Brian Williams asked him what a Trump presidency means for America’s standing in the world, Engel plainly stated, “Absolutely catastrophic.”

3. Why He Won: “Git ‘er Done”

Red, WHITE, and Blue

Red, WHITE, and Blue

Whites still outnumber every other race in the U.S., and non-college-educated whites still outnumber college-educated whites. There’s nothing wrong with not having a college degree (I have two wonderful parents who did not attend college but literally worked two jobs apiece to send to a great school), but the heaviest incidences of unemployment and yes, nationalism and white supremacy, emanate from this demographic. Trump, while he very well may “love African-Americans” and the like, did little to disabuse white nationalists of the notion that their values were his values during the campaign.

Yes, in 2000 The Simpsons predicted America’s first female president, but only after a President Trump. Sad.

Popular Vote

Clinton…………………..59,814,018 (48%)

Trump……………………59,611,678 (47%)

Electoral College



Among White Men

Bros For Trump

Bros For Trump



Among White Women




He's mad as hell and he's not going to take it any more. Mad about what, exactly, nobody knows. it's as if some vegan tried to outlaw buffalo wings.

He’s mad as hell and he’s not going to take it any more. Mad about what, exactly, nobody knows. it’s as if some vegan tried to outlaw buffalo wings.







Among Blacks



Among Latinos



Among All Eligible Voters

“If you vote for her, you’re a grownup. If you vote for him, you’re a sucker. If you don’t vote, you’re an asshole.”  –Louis C.K.



Did Not Vote………….49.9%

4. I’m With Herb

California voters passed Proposal 64 (they couldn’t have called it Proposal 420?), making it legal to use marijuana recreationally. As many a tee-hee’ing scribe wrote, support for cannabis “reached a new high,” as voters in Massachusetts and Nevada approved similar proposals.

5. “Not My President!”

Protests erupted in cities (but not likely in rural areas) all over the country over the election. I dropped in on the protest outside Trump International Hotel on Columbus Circle. There were at least 1,000 protesters there, chanting things such as “Pay Your Taxes!”, “My Body, My Choice!” and “Not My President!” I also saw a young woman go topless and sit atop a dude’s shoulders.

I saw signs that read “My President, Not My Leader” and “Grab Him By The Balls.” Given the nature and the degree of invective that Trump launched, wholly without apology, during his campaign, given all the people he insulted, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that these protests are taking place.

But, for the moment, they are peaceful protests. And it is possible to support your nation, and to respect the office of the president, while not liking or respecting the person who holds it. That would be more than many a Republican did for Barack Obama during his eight years in office.

Word Up

Surreptitious (Adj)

Kept secret, especially because it wouldn’t be approved of

The president-elect engaged in daily surreptitious phone calls with Vladimir Putin.

Music 101


The second single from the Rolling Stones‘ classic Exile on Main Street, with Keif handling lead vocals. In the summer of 1971 Richards wrote the song in the south of France in his inimitable style: “We did that in an afternoon, in only four hours, cut and done. At noon it had never existed. At four o’clock it was on tape.” The tune reached No. 22 on the Billboard charts, or not as high as Pharrell’s song of the same name 40-something years later.

Remote Patrol

Utah at Arizona State

FS1 9:30 p.m.

If’s-and-Buts: Trailing 28-23, the Utes had three shots from inside Cal’s 2-yard line back in September to score win with less than :10 to play. Had they won that and with everything else being equal, they’re 8-1 heading to the desert tonight, the lone loss by a TD to No. 4 Washington. They can still win the Pac-12 South if they win out, beginning tonight in Tempe. Joe Williams, who has 683 yards rushing and 6 TDs in the 3 games since returning from “retirement.” was not at the Cal game.

13 thoughts on “IT’S ALL HAPPENING!

  1. I never accepted or acknowledged that the 2000 election thief Bush JR was the President so I sure as hell won’t accept a lying sociopath. But the dire situation of our country goes beyond that one racist/misogynist bully, it’s that half the country voted for him; well half of the half that actually bothered to vote. THIS is now “America”? The country is at an impasse, a tipping point, a LINE IN THE SAND, call it anything you want but what we do NOW is what will determine our country’s future existence & the lives of the citizens. I am no longer willing to give him/them a “chance”. Taking the ‘high road’, the conciliatory street, the “let’s work together” avenue has gotten us HERE. If HERE is not acceptable to you or me then we need to change HOW WE FIGHT. If we gotta go low, then go in the freakin gutter. Fire with fire, etc. I hope the future WH occupant is DELUGED with lawsuits. And that at least one will get him impeached & forced to resign in disgrace.

    I have never been so angry, disgusted, disillusioned with my “country”. Watergate pales in comparison & at the time people wondered if America would survive. THIS is worse because that was just one man & his henchmen, whereas this goes deeper & farther. HALF THE COUNTRY, jdubs! Is this the country to which you want to pledge allegiance? Stand at attention &/or respect while its anthem is played? How do we go about TAKING BACK OUR COUNTRY? Send Democrat “missionaries” to go work & live in the ‘swing states’ & become part of their electorate?

    I’m asking because all I know is what we’ve done so far has gotten us HERE. And HERE is not acceptable.

    One more question – were the Nazis defeated with kindness, understanding & cooperation? Hell NO! The 1st rule of war is to recognize your enemy. Done.

  2. Looking at this holistically, think about it: In a representative democracy, such as the USA, the Commander-in-Chief was voted on by a quarter of its citizens (same for both candidates).

    Is that not profound in some fashion? I’m sure there is a ton of research out there on the subject, which will certainly be of interest to me in the imminent time frame.

    This seems like a big deal. When does the title “Representative Democracy” become irrelevant?

    • Of course in the early days, only MALE land owners could vote & thus even less of the country’s inhabitants determined the Presidency then than now. Also, the runner-up in the general election actually became the VP. Well, THAT would be a hoot now, wouldn’t it? 🙂

      BTW, Jacob – have you talked to your family, friends, neighbors back home why they voted the way they did? I never thought of Nebraska as a heavy factory state so ‘bringing back’ those jobs wouldn’t be an overwhelming concern to them, I thought. So, what turned them to Trump?

      • Susie B.,

        I’m not particularly interested in the “why” behind the vote. You implicitly comply with DT’s stance on matters when you voted for him.

        From just my observation, I saw one Hillary Clinton bumper sticker the entire campaign. That was on election day. I have seen numerous Trump signs and, in rural Nebraska, have seen “Lock Her Up” signs.

        It is worth noting. Douglas and Lancaster county (home of Omaha and Lincoln, respectively) didn’t vote overwhelmingly Trump. In fact, Bernie Sanders was a HUGE attraction when he visited the University of Nebraska – Lincoln. His bumper sticker still lives on.

        I don’t consider myself a Nebraskan. I was born here and was raised by two wonderful, hard working parents before my mom’s passing.

        Growing up in rural Nebraska is not something I’d want my children to go through. The amount of hate I’ve heard directed at Mexicans and black individuals doesn’t sit well with me. “I’m just joking,” they’ll say. But then they’ll vote for Trump. Coincidence? I think not.

        Google Deb Fischer and Hal Daub. That’ll give you a perspective of what politics is like in Nebraska.

        I could carry on, but it really doesn’t matter. Republicans will vote Republicans, even if they have to sell their soul for it.

        It is worth pointing out that I am an Independent. Many folks like to think a criticism of DT equats to you being a die-hard liberal. Nope. I’m just a human with feelings.

        • But Jacob, the WHY is important. It’s necessary knowledge to defeat the opponent next time. Also, why are they Republicans? Was the state always Republican? Or are they like my original home county which was Democrat since the Civil War & then changed over to Republican in the late 1970s?

          As mentioned here before, I grew up on a farm in a conservative area of MD. However, my family was heavily involved in Democrat politics. I even helped “campaign” for various Democrat candidates as a kid. When I was eligible to vote, I registered as Independent as a form of rebellion. (Yeah, I was a troublemaker). However, the DAY after Reagan got elected the 1st time, I called my Mom (she volunteered at the Board of Elections) to send me the form to re-register, as a Democrat. Been a Democrat ever since & while in my early days, I would have considered voting for a Republican & actually did in some state elections, I will NEVER do so again. For me, the line has been crossed & I will NEVER forgive the ‘Republican party’ for the shit pile we’re now in.

          • See, that’s why I don’t care about the WHY.

            “It’s necessary knowledge to defeat the opponent next time.” To me, this isn’t a football game. Political figures have the power to alter people’s lives. Tribalism is alright at college gameday tailgates. It’s fun. It’s enthralling.

            Donald Trump keeps saying we don’t “WIN” enough. What the hell does that mean? It is alright to be competitive and try to further improve yourself (Space Race), but it is completely different to say “China is beating us.” Beating us at what? Making progress as a global society?

            It is like current day education systems. Do anything you have to do to get an “A” or else you are considered a failure. It is a rabid, pointless competition. No. Enjoy learning. Enjoy making progress. It is the journey that matters.

            When my neighbor seeks to learn and better herself, I am better off. Donald Trump is the guy that wants to be the smartest guy in the room (even though he’ll never will be), instead of the guy that wants to be in a room with 10 smarter guys.

            You only learn by putting your ego to the side and saying, “Yeah, maybe I don’t actually know everything.”

            Lastly, why tie yourself to a political party? Why bend your beliefs around an agenda? It is pretty simple: Treat others how you would like to be treated. Everything else is just for glamour.

            Last thing I’ll say on this: I know of an individual that receives disability because he is morbidly overweight. He would constantly share articles of how immigrants and refugees are taking what is “rightfully ours.” You can draw the rest of that picture.

            People are scared of immigration because they don’t want to lose their jobs. You know how you don’t lose your job? Be good enough to occupy that job. Someone is working for a lower wage than you? Sorry. That’s how the market works. Educate yourself. Learn a new skill.

            Life isn’t easy. But don’t blame someone from another country seeking opportunities because of your own insecurities.

            (My thoughts go off on many tangents. My apologies.)

        • Jacob,

          In the first graph you said “You implicitly comply with DT’s stance on matters when you voted for him.”

          then you closed with “Many folks like to think a criticism of DT equats to you being a die-hard liberal. Nope. I’m just a human with feelings.”

          so a human with feelings can be against Trump but can’t support him? Would it be accurate to say that all who voted for Hillary support killing babies?

          and Susie is right, learning the why is important. Why did 42% of white women not side with the white woman running for president? That’s the whole key to the election. The white male percentage didn’t change from 2012 to 2016. Yes there are die hard Dems and GOPs who vote party lines and it doesn’t matter who runs. But there are indy voters like you, me and I believe JW who are shaking their heads on how this happened.

          Susie I don’t think BLM pushed that many undecideds to Trump. the anti-BLM crowd was already pro Trump as I indicated earlier the % of white males that voted was the same as Romney.

          Your economic point is a good one, I think Hillary having concerts with Jay Z, Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, etc. resonated with voters that here she is with more rich people telling me what to do. Trump had Ted Nugent and I realize Ted is rich, but he comes off as blue collar.

          • That last sentence is the most illuminating, Gene. Because it’s a metaphor for Trump. “I realize Nugent is not what he presents himself to be, but I prefer the package I’m seeing with him as opposed to Jay Z,” etc.” Why? And so you’ve perfectly described Trump, too.

          • I never said people that voted for Trump don’t have feelings. I made a statement on my own state of affairs. You can perceive what you’d like.

  3. By the way, JW, I recommend Erik Larson’s “In the Garden of Beasts”. I think you’d find William Dodd’s foreseeing of Hitler’s rise quite interesting. And if I remember right, you have read the work of Larson in the past.

  4. Question – do you think the ‘Black Lives Matter’ activities contributed to this HRC defeat? I do as I think some portion of whites who would not have considered themselves racist before were scared &/or disgusted by what they saw & heard of these activities. I think it pushed these people towards Trump.

    On a related note, when ESPN’s ‘The Undefeated’ began, I went there every day & read at least 2-3 pieces each time. The last few months, I’ve only gone about once a week. While I’ve read some good articles, I am overwhelmingly frustrated & angry at the tone & emphasis & the constant US vs THEM mentality. Just today, I saw a piece about the election & sooprize, sooprize, ALL WHITES are being lumped in as the “enemy”.

    I’ve said it before & will say it again – I don’t see the main problem in our country as a racial divide but an ECONOMIC & EDUCATION one. Recognize the “enemy”!

  5. Jacob – I did not mean to imply future politics in this country will be a game or sport. It is now WAR. I am not attempting to be humorous. It may not be physical (yet) but it is most definitely an undeclared civil war. The build-up to the 1860’s Civil War transpired over decades over what was in both the short & long term, a difference of ideology. Plus, financial jealousy & lust for power.

    We thought humanity had evolved in the last 150 years; we were just kidding ourselves.

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