by John Walters

Starting Five

“Unift to serve” meets “the worst president of my lifetime” as a bust of Martin Luther King, Jr, looks over the former’s shoulder. Coincidence? No, product placement.

Paradox Lost

*The judges will also accept The Manhattan-churian Candidate and/or White House Meets Breit House

Donald Trump was the favored candidate of Middle Americans who identify with a man who lives in a gold-and-glass tower on the most expensive stretch of Fifth Avenue in New York City.

Donald Trump was the favored candidate of blue collar types who identify with a trust fund kid who never had to apply for a job until the one he is about to take and who regularly, over the course of 40 years, stiffs working-class types who either work for him or do business with him.

You did this to yourself, America. And you will pay for it dearly.

You did this to yourself, America. And you will pay for it dearly.

Donald Trump was the favored candidate of evangelical types who identify with a man who never attends church, doesn’t pretend to, and who is a serial adulterer in the midst of his third marriage.


(He’s a sore winner, too? Are you surprised?)

Donald Trump was the favored candidate of white military veterans who identify with a man who not once, not twice, but at least three times found a lame excuse for not serving in Vietnam: bone spurs in his foot, which never prevented him from marching at his military-style high school. Oh, and he insulted a senator and war veteran who had the option to leave the Hanoi Hilton soon after being captured and chose not to invoke his privilege, remaining there and being tortured for a few more years.

White House staff: I saw these same looks on people's faces when the Nazis rolled through Paris in 1940

White House staff: I saw these same looks on people’s faces when the Nazis rolled through Paris in 1940

And those who voted for Trump will say, “This just proves what a terrible candidate Hillary Clinton was.” Maybe. She had her flaws. But maybe it proves even more about that voter, something that voter has never consciously confronted about himself or herself. Because when you defy the value you most identify about yourself to cast a ballot for someone who is antagonistic to that value, maybe it’s time to admit that there’s another something you identify with even stronger.


Meanwhile, what an historic day at the White House: the 44th president, the 45th president, and LeBron James (the 50th president?) all were at the White House within an hour of one another. Immediately after shuffling Donald off, Barack Obama cleansed his palate by welcoming the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Kevin Love trumps hate?

Kevin Love trumps hate?


Two things to consider: 1) If Donald Trump had won the popular vote but lost election in the electoral college—which is exactly what happened to Hillary—do you think he might have invoked the “R-word?” Maybe just once. 2) As Rachel Maddow pointed out last night, imagine if John McCain had led Barack Obama in 2008, then in the final weeks a source started leaking damaging information about McCain and Obama took the election (which he did)? Then, just imagine THE DAY AFTER THE ELECTION if Russia had bragged about having been in touch with Obama advisors and operatives clandestinely in the weeks leading up to the election? Do you think that might have caused a little bit of a furor? Because that’s exactly what happened in this election.

2. Join The Fun!

Late Night with Seth Meyers writer Amber Ruffin perfectly summed up the “misery loves company” angst enveloping so many voters (on the coasts). I know I’ve walked around the past month looking at white people an entirely new way.

3. Colbert Comes Back

Been a solid week for Stephen Colbert, his best since arriving at CBS more than a year ago. Last night he delivered the best monologue I’ve seen since hatching from his Comedy Central show, and you definitely want to stick around to the end.

The only place I can find the video is on that link above, so I entreat you to watch. It’s all good, but the ending in which he shows Omarosa threatening that Donald Trump will make everyone who ever insulted him bow down to him….well, at first you get the standard network host reaction that we’ve come to expect…but then Colbert reaches back to his cable comedy roots and delivers a jaw-dropping line.

Most telling: After he delivers that final line—which I did not expect—his bandleader Jon Batiste, ran over from the bandstand and gave him what certainly seemed like a spontaneous and honest embrace. It may be the moment where Colbert planted his flag and for the first time since he left Comedy Central, the first time he really seemed to have a pair.

Newton espoused her First Law of Social Dynamics

Newton espoused her First Law of Social Dynamics

Also, if you stayed up, Colbert’s second guest, the lovely Thandie Newton, who is mixed race, had some very wise things to say about the election. She talked about how so much of the hatred comes from fear, and that all she has for the hate spewers on Trump’s side is compassion. Because they’re afraid of change. And how spewing hate back is like drinking poison to kill your enemy.

The night before, Triumph the Insult Comic Dog appeared and discussed the Trump victory: “People hope he can take us back to a happier time—like yesterday afternoon.” (Ba-DUM)

4. Welcome President Euron Greyjoy


Re-watch this scene from last season’s Game of Thrones. Did anything presage the past few months of this presidential election better than the kingsmoot? You can almost hear the rabble of the Iron Islands chanting “Lock her up!”

5. The Kelly File

Yes, but where will she work next?

Yes, but where will she work next?

Talk about good timing. Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly’s memoir, Settle For More, comes out on November 5. In this New York Times (“Horrible paper, they’re going out of business…Did you know that?”) book review we learn that Roger Ailes quite explicitly sexually harassed her 10 years ago (she’s an attorney; she understands the legal definition) and that someone at Fox fed Donald Trump her infamous question the day before she asked him at the first GOP debate. In other words, 1) the Rosie O’Donnell line was not off the top of his head and 2) yet again, he accuses Hillary of something that he himself did.

Music 101

When The World Is Running Down, You Make The Best of What’s Still Around

This song by the Police from 1980 just sort of fits this week.

Remote Patrol

No. 20 USC at No. 4 Washington

Saturday FOX 7:30 p.m.

Keep an eye on U-Dub's blazing fast wideout John Ross

Keep an eye on U-Dub’s blazing fast wideout John Ross

Will the Pac-12 land a team in this year’s College Football Playoff? We should know by the end of tonight, as 9-0 U-Dub hosts a 6-3 team Trojan team that is far better than its record. Meanwhile, the L.A. Rams will watch this game wondering why they took Jared Goff when these two Pac-12 QBs, Jake Browning (sophomore) and Sam Darnold (frosh) are going to turn out to be so much better?



5 thoughts on “IT’S ALL HAPPENING!

  1. Thank-you for showing the Cavs at the WH. And your Paradox Lost segment was perfect. Unfortunately, I’m still so devastated & angry, I can barely function let alone post a pithy comment. I refuse to watch any of the Late Night shows because I cannot abide at this moment even an attempt at humor about the 2nd worst national catastrophe in my lifetime.

    I didn’t watch TNT last night so didn’t see the NBA guys start their show but watched a clip this morning. Unlike Deitsch, I am disappointed in Ernie Johnson & that makes me even sadder, because he’s always seemed one of the nicest, most decent people on TV & while he still is, but I’m just so disappointed in what he did on Election day & said last night.

    My parents called me yesterday & I’d been afraid to actually hear how my Dad voted. He’d shockingly been voting for the Republican Pres nominee the past several years (old age, I guess…) & when I talked to him several months ago, he said nice things about Voldermort. I began screeching into the phone & immediately started itemizing all his lies, bullying, fraud, deceit, more lies, etc. AND that he was NOT a “self-made man” as apparently folks in my home county had been led to think (Can you believe IT?!). I honestly didn’t think I got through. So, when we talked yesterday, imagine my giddy surprise when my Dad called Trump a “very bad man who should be locked up”. Whoo-hoo! I clawed one back. Maybe I should take my show on the road next time. 😉

    Anyhoo, the week has not been a total disaster. I bought into NVDA back in 2011 & 2012. My avg cost is $13.30/share (soon to go down with the increased divy!). Ordinarily, a stock jump like today would have me dancing down the hall. Today, just a 🙂 . Life, or some version of it, goes on.

  2. I am not as eloquent as the contributors to the comment section however desperate times call for desperate measures. I laugh at the handwringing of the Democrats after the Tuesday’s outcome. I did not vote for Trump and never considered him a serious choice. He stiffed a union in NYC many years ago and those who ran it had less than kind things to say about the man. I also remember a speech he gave in the 80’s at a business luncheon in Manhattan where he carried on about the unfair trade practices of Japan. He mentioned the dumping of cars in the US market and speculated GM was blocked from the market. Of course he was unaware cars in Japan are right drive and at the time GM did not make right drive cars for export.
    Back to the handwringing. This election was about a lot of things but it was mostly about how tired we all are about being told what’s good for us. The bottom line is the Republicans respected the primary process and to the horror of the Republican establishment the people chose DJT. The Democrats had the opportunity to respect the people and they did not. The super delegates weighed in and HRC with all her money and backing of the “elite” (do they have a private club or secret handshake?) was shoved down the throat of the base. One of my daughters works for State. There was no doubt she was voting for HRC. My other daughter, her younger sister was going to sit this out when the nomination went to Hillary. She eventually got over it however 3 of her step sibs were the same. They all voted eventually. Many of their 20something friends stayed on the sidelines. They couldn’t vote for Trump and they viewed their abandonment of Hillary as a protest to the DNC. It’s unfortunate the younger folks have yet to learn about unintended consequences but there you have it.
    My wife was convinced of Hillary’s victory. I kept telling her it was going to be close. As I traveled through the Midwest and Mountain States there were no Hillary signs outside the cities. Not only were there Trump signs many were hand made. Bedsheets, painted plywood, painted barrels. It was a movement. It was an unwavering movement that was countered with apathy by many who are now shocked by the outcome. I know there are reprehensible segments of the population who supported Trump but there were many who simply are tired of being told what’s good for them and the more the media and the Republican establishment railed at Trump the more sure they became of their decision. All the while ignoring the glaring negatives.
    I admire John’s steadfast resolve on this site and on Twitter. He is unwavering. He talks how integrity and character matter. I agree. I can state I left ND a better person and over time many lessons that were taught settled in. I walked away from a very good career that changed and stretched my integrity. Tried my hand with a business that did well but when the market collapsed so did we. Every penny went to pay employees and debtors. There are days when I think if only I was like Trump….but then I go to work and am thankful I live in a country where there is work if you want it. I am the perfect demographic for DJT. I should me an angry old white guy. I am not but I will say I am disappointed with my contemporaries who have been blessed through birth and timing. There was a time where all we had to do is show up. Early in my career we got A’s for C effort. The world changed. Women and minorities entered the workforce and created competition. Technology blossomed and changed the game. But despite all of that a man my age can get a job with a tech company in a sales position because the fight posed by women and minorities also gave way to antidiscrimination for age. I will be working, god willing, till I am 70. Running, if my knees hold out and riding my bike as fast as I can.
    Lastly, the author Richard Russo who writes of the downtrodden white guys in economically challenged cities posited the idea that their anger doesn’t come from not having a job, it comes from not having work. I will take it a step further and say in this day if you can’t find work the problem is imagination.

  3. I don’t for one second seriously believe Americans actually think we’re headed for some neo-Nazi, post-Obama cataclysm! The only fear on the minds of white suburbia was HRC bankrupting the country and sending the dollar into orbit.

    What happened Tuesday was the result of a deep distrust of popoliticians, not disliking being told what to do. Putting it all on HRC just shows (to me anyway) just how little politicians care what we think.

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