As my pop used to say, “The Invisible Man will not be seen tonight.” We’ll try to have something up for you later today. Duty calls.




  1. NBA update from your Couch Correspondent :

    I was all set to title this piece ‘GET BACK TO EVEN Night’ but one of the teams didn’t want to cooperate. There were 3 games & all involved higher seeds that lost at Home in their 1st games. Thus, if the loser teams all won last night, it would be 1-1 in their playoff. Get it? Even. Ahem. Well, the Raptors & the Clippers got my memo & won their games (although the Raptors were thisclose to digging a hole not even a real Raptor could leap out of) but the #1 Celtics lost. I feel so bad for Isaiah Thomas & his team that it’s heartless to criticize. Whether the team that ALL the TV talkers wrote completely off back in JANUARY could have beaten the #1 Eastern seed* without the tragedy that befell Isaiah’s family last Saturday will never be known, but the Bulls are definitely outplaying the Celtics right now & with the next 2 games to be played in Chicago & the shock wearing off for Isaiah to be replaced with abject & lingering grief, I’m not too hopeful for Bill Simmons’ fave team.

    * Let me state that the only reason the Celtics are the #1 Eastern seed is because
    a) LeBron & the rest of the Cavs scoff at the easy road OR
    b) The Cavs partied too hard when they pounded the Celtics at their home arena on that 2nd-to-last road trip & thus were in no shape to play YET ANOTHER BACK-BACK set against the Hawks OR
    c) the loss in that 2nd Hawks game where they were AHEAD BY 26 POINTS AS THE 4TH Q BEGAN & somehow lost the frickin game. This is kinda like having 5 lottery tickets & not matching even one number – a seeming impossibility when Sweet Pea is on the floor (well, at least till he egregiously ‘fouled out’ HAH! during OT). Can I just say that the SPURS were ahead by more than 20 & lost earlier this season & even the Superteam Villains were ahead by 22 near the end of the 3rdQ back in an early January game & they didn’t lose in OT by a point, no, they lost by 14 & yet the TV talkers did NOT spend all the next damn day & night accusing the Warriors of having no stinkin defense or that they would be “lucky” to get into the Finals once again. Ok, I feel better now. 🙂

    And in NBA-related news, Carmelo & his wife apparently did NOT separate because he impregnated a stripper. I’m betting that Phil’s voodoo hexing “Be gone Melo, be gone!” is the real cause.

    Question – (I saw this on SC last night), if you were going to bicycle around Cuba for 50-some hours straight & could ONLY listen to one song, what would it be? I thought WHO better to ask than the guy who knows more songs (of the past 4 decades!) than anyone else I know? I’m going with Tusk (Fleetwood Mac) or Beethoven’s 5th. 🙂

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