by John Walters

A look back at the weekend that was…


–U Must Be Cinderella? U Make Brackets Cry? Unlikely Mutts Beat Cavs? Or how about “Wonderdogs?” “Historic Pupset?” So what if Stringer Bell’s alma mater lost in the second round of the tourney? The 16-seed Retrievers already won March Madness.

“Professer, would that be the first upset of a 1-seed by a 16-seed in 136 tries?”

P.S. We wanted to screengrab Seth Davis’ infamous “Sharpie” tweet but he blocked us five years ago. We’re doing fine, thanks or asking.


Flipping The Script

This was not Custer’s last stand, as it turns out

Underdogs UMBC, Loyola and Marshall all won their first-round games and all have old-school script lettering on the front of their jerseys.

Is Loyola the first “Nun and Done” team? Sister Jean is 98.



Why, oh why/Lemon fire brigade am I….

You Stunned

An all-timer of a shot by this tourney cameraman. Give that dude a raise.

For the second time in tournament history, Houston missed free throws that would’ve secured victory in the final seconds and then were beaten by a prayer shot that will live in tournament immortality. Earlier, the TNT/TBS cameras lingered a little longer than usual as the announcers discussed Elvin Hayes (foreground). Wonder why…


In the same month that Jordan Peele wins an Oscar (Best Original Screenplay), Jordan Poole wins a 2nd-round game (Best Original Shot Off A Screen Play).

It’s bad enough that Michigan sunk a prayer three to beat Houston. Then the Wolverines’ Mo Wagner had to go and make us like them?!?



Cincinnati, WRIP

Modified Surrender Cobra

The Bearcats, a 2-seed, blew a 22-point second-half lead to Nevada and lost. Later, 1-seed Xavier squandered a 14-point second-half lead and lost to Florida State. I have no idea why Chris Mack’s defense fouled with 8 seconds left on the shot clock (and about :20 to play) while only down one point. I wonder if Mack has any idea, either.

All in all, six of the 12 teams seeded 1st, 2nd or 3rd in their regions lost. Two of four 1-seeds lost. There are four ACC teams left in the tourney (25%), and none of them played in the ACC Championship Game less than two weeks ago.

Looking ahead, we like Duke, Gonzaga, Kentucky and Villanova to advance to San Antonio. But what do we know: we picked Arizona to win it all.


  1. The script lettering for UMBC/Nevada/Marshall/Loyola are “old school” in idea only — that style is part of the current templates for Nike and Under Armour. Look how similar the Nevada and Loyola jerseys are in the images you posted.

    TBS (then known as WTBS) was famous in the old Skip Caray/Pete van Wieren days for its lingering shots on coeds in the stands at Atlanta Braves games.

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