by John Walters

On Saturday evening, as the WHCD was taking place in Washington, District of Columbia, President Donald Trump spoke in Washington, Michigan. Trump spoke for nearly 80 minutes. Here are most of the people he name-dropped during his speech:

Bill Schuette (Michigan Attorney General)

California governor Jerry Brown (“Moonbeam”)

General James Mattis (“Mad Dog”)

Sen. Jon Tester (Montana-Dem)

Natalia Veselnitskaya (Russian lawyer)

James Comey (former FBI director)

Hillary Clinton (you may know her)

Admiral/Doctor Ronny Jackson

Jon Lovitz (comedian who made lying a joke…those were the days)

Andrew McCabe (former deputy FBI director)

President Macron

The planet Mars


And here’s who Donald Trump did not mention: James Shaw, Jr., an unarmed black man who overwhelmed a white gun man at a Waffle House and probably saved at least half a dozen lives, his own included. Then Shaw set up a Go Fund Me page whose proceeds paid for the funerals of all four victims. More than one week later, and not in a speech that droned on and on for more than an hour, the man’s name has still not escaped Trump’s lips.

Which reminds us of this spot-on video from 2016…


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