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Tweet du Jour

And Pardon The Self-Promotion…

Starting Five

1. Capital Letters

In Las Vegas the Washington Capitals and Alexander Ovechkin at last broke their maiden, winning the first Stanley Cup game of Ovi’s fabulous career. The Russian scored one goal in the 2-1 win but everyone was babbling about net minder Braden Holtby’s game-saving save late in the third period. Series knotted at 1-1 as we return to the Capital aboard Ovi Force One.

2. Iceland vs. ICE land

This is one of SI‘s four World Cup covers this week (Egypt, England, Mexico sorry, defending champion Germany and host nation Russia, you don’t get one…something about Communists and Nazis?).

And this is Time’s cover from two months ago, illuminating a different type of ICE land.

3 The President Must Wear Flame-Retardant Pants

Earlier this morning….

And then there was this from last year…

4. Sounds Like Han Solo

His name is Juan Soto, he’s only 19, he’s been in The Show for less than a month and he’s already batting leadoff for the first-place Washington Nationals. Soto, of the Dominican Republic, is hitting .375 with an OBP of .459 and an OPS above 1.0. He won’t turn 20 until October 25, by which time he may be playing left field in the World Series.

5. The Walking Dead (Updates)

That’s Russian journalist Arkady Babchenko, who was reported murdered by forces in the Kremlin on Tuesday and then showed up at a press conference in the Ukraine on Wednesday (now THAT is a commitment to duty). Babchenko staged his own murder story to, well, we’re not sure why, but we’re sure the Kremlin may be happy at a later date to amend this false narrative.

Lincoln, who is British, will no longer have to work on that slight Southern twang any more

Meanwhile, in other Walking Dead news, series star Andrew Lincoln has announced that he is leaving the show. We left it about two seasons ago when it became overly redundant and sadistic.

Music 101

The Show Must Go On

In 1973 Leo Sayer, who co-wrote this tune, released it and would perform it live dressed as a French clown. Just a year later Three Dog Night covered Sayer’s tune and had a much bigger hit with it, peaking at No. 4 on the Billboard charts. That circusy jingle you hear at the beginning is called “Entrance of the Gladiators” and was composed in 1897 by Czech composer Julius Fucik.

You’ll notice that Sayer sings, “I won’t let the show go on,” while Three Dog Night sings, “I must let the show go on.”

Remote Patrol

Cavs at Dubs: Game 1

9 p.m. ESPN

Live look-in at the Cavaliers’ chances of winning

If we line these series up next to the Rocky films, isn’t this the one in which LeBron goes to Siberia to train? Livin’ in America, eye to eye, station to station….

4 thoughts on “IT’S ALL HAPPENING!

  1. I don’t follow baseball like I use to, but it seems like there are a ton of young, bright budding stars in the league. What do you guys think, Wally & JW?

  2. If “young” is under 25 and you are looking for American-born players — Corey Seeger was the best SS in the NL before getting hurt recently; Cody Berlinger set the NL rookie HR record last year; Byron Buxton of the Twins looks like a huge star in the making.

    IMO, the two best players under 25 are both AL shortstops, Carlos Correa and Francisco London.

  3. In Rocky 4, Rocky’s new best friend/coach (Apollo) is tragically killed by the villainous Russian but then WINS in the end (bringing Russians & Americans to their feet in joyous & respectful unity). So, you’re saying LBJ’s not-so-best friend/teammate Kyrie was ‘tragically’ removed by the villainous Celtics but he will WIN in the end? Sounds good to me! And if the Celtics want to celebrate with us in “joyous & respectful unity”, then let’s get these Finals started! 🙂

    “Livin in Americaaaaa!”

    And, er, just to remind you – you stated the Pacers would win (wrong) & that the Celtics would win (wrong). Here’s hoping you’re 3 for 3. 🙂 🙂 🙂

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