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Starting Five

Princess Diana

Her team lost in overtime, but anyone who stayed up late (on the East Coast) and witnessed her performance in Game 2 of the WNBA semifinals between the Phoenix Mercury and Seattle SueBirds (or Seattle Stewies) can bear witness to the fact that Diana Taurasi is the greatest women’s basketball player EVAH.

The Mercury trailed by 19 at Seattle in the 3rd quarter, but the Chick from Chino began to will them back. She buried a trio of three-pointers in the final three minutes, the first from Mercer Island and the last two off-balance as she moved to her right. The latter of those two, to tie the game, came with three seconds left in Sue Bird practically in her bra.

We Must Mention: Seattle led by four in overtime and Phoenix got the ball back with a few seconds remaining. Analyst Rebecca Lobo noted that all five Seattle players should just stay in the free throw lane because the only possible thing that could go wrong here is if they fouled and Taurasi made a three, setting up a potential four-point play. She’s ABSOLUTELY RIGHT.

Of course, the Seattle coaching staff/players ignored that sage advice, manned up on Taurasi, and fouled her as she drove and shot the three. They were bailed out by the facts that A) she missed and B) the ref did not call it, which is why you get this stalk-off staredown above.

2. Aaron Cox

Cox, left, and Trout, right, both starred at Millville High

It’s not even a blip on the radar screen here in the East, but the death of Mike Trout’s brother-in-law, Aaron Cox, 24, has been cataclysmic inside the Angels clubhouse. Trout is from a small southern New Jersey town, which is where he met his future wife, Jessica. Aaron was Jessica’s younger brother, who starred at the same high school in baseball that Trout did.

Earlier this month Cox, who was a minor-league pitcher battling back from injuries, died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Trout wore his name on the back of his jersey last weekend. In his first at-bat since returning from an injury and dealing with Cox’s death, Trout hit a triple.

3. ย Baby, It Swarm Outside*

The judges wonder, What is a Hot Gog?

*The judges will also accept, “Bee-vacuation”

On what might have been the hottest day of the year in New York City, a swarm of bees gathered on the umbrella of a hot dog stand in Times Square (and ordered 3 dogs, kraut, no relish). City officials wisely removed the bees without doing harm to any of them, since bees are probably as responsible for the continued success of all living creatures as any one species in the animal world.

Of course, some people failed to grasp this. If they were smarter, they’d realize that the best move toward public health would be to remove the hot dog stand. Don’t @ us, we love hot dogs, too, and are frequent visitors to Gray’s Papaya, the “Famous Hotdoggery.”

How did the bees get to Times Square, you ask? They took the B train…

4. Amazon $2,000?

Morgan: Not a bullish Bezos bank

This morning Amazon (AMZN) shares got a 2% boost when investment bank Morgan Stanley (not to be confused former Patriot wideout Stanley Morgan, but then why would you?) raised its price target on the Bezos Behemoth to $2,500. The stock, which closed July at a price of $1,777, is now at $1,970. Those who were saying that it could top $2,000 by the end of 2018 are adjusting their predictions to “end of the summer.”

MH’s fiduciary arm, Walker Capital, owns a large stake in AMZN, but not as large as that of MH’s chief consumer and critic, Susie B. If AMZN hits $2,500, that lady is gonna be rich Rich RICH. Would she attempt a hostile takeover of Medium Happy, or will she simply continue her passive aggressive takeover in the comments section? Stay tuned….

5. The Grange Award Nominees (and Pick)

Let’s dispense with the suspense: we’re letting our feelings for good friend Thom Gatewood get involved and picking his grandson, A.J. Dillon of Boston College, to win the Grange. Last season as a true frosh Dillon, from New London, Conn., rushed for at least 149 yards in six of the Eagles’ final seven games, i.e., when they at last made him a starter. He’s also very good at body-slamming defensive backs who dare to take him on mano a ย mano.

This move alone would have gotten Dillon onto our list

Our other finalists….

2. Nick Bosa, DE, Ohio State: Super stud who will play in some big games (at Penn State, versus Michigan) in November.

3. Khalil Tate, QB, Arizona: Like Dillon, didn’t make a peep in September, then became a starter in October and lit the Pac-12 on fire.

4. Jonathan Taylor-not-Thomas, RB, Wisconsin: As a true frosh, finished third in the nation in rushing last season and he may have the nation’s best offensive line in front of him. Also, Wisconsin plays no one until it visits Ann Arbor on October 13.

5. Bryce “What Is Love, Baby Don’t Hurt Me, Don’t Hurt Me, No More”, RB, Stanford: We really didn’t want to add another RB to the list, and we feel that David Shaw would probably put him out on the field even if he had a pair of torn ACL’s, Type-2 diabetes, a hernia and syphillis, but the kid can flat-out fly and he has marquee games versus USC and Notre Dame in September to get the Grange Express rolling. So, reluctantly, we’ll add his name and watch as Tom Rinaldi gushes about how he’ll become a doctor and cure 97 types of cancer.

Music 101

Live Forever

It doesn’t happen often: a song you’ve never heard of by a band you’ve never heard of plays on the radio and before that song is over, you know both it and the folks playing it are gonna be YUGE. Oasis never fulfilled their promise of being the greatest British band since the Stones or Beatles, but then again, who from the U.K. has been better than the Gallagher brothers since the early ’90s? Radiohead. Okay, perhaps. Coldplay? SHUTCHO MOUTH!

We contend there are more Oasis songs people would rather listen to than Radiohead, by the way. Their greatest error is not being as magnificent over the long haul as this song suggested from 1994 suggested they could be.

Remote Patrol

Bogie & Bacall


8 p.m. The Big Sleep

10 p.m. Key Largo

Now that is a dame

They smoldered onscreen and, despite a 25-year age difference, fell in love and got married off. Bogie, born on Christmas day in New York City in 1899, was the son of a cardiopulmonary surgeon (we didn’t know the profession existed 100 years ago) and a Mayflower descendant. Betty Bacall was a nice and lovely girl from the Bronx (just like the mother of this site’s author).

Here are two of their better films, both of them in the noir category.

5 thoughts on “IT’S ALL HAPPENING!

  1. Ha ha, you make it sound as if I own a THOUSAND shares! I wish. I’ve been bemoaning these past years that it was too damn bad I didn’t put all my opening stock investing money (in individual stocks vs my long time mutual funds) into AMZN back in late 2008 instead of diversifying. Then just recently, I realized I COULD have also put all my 2008 ROTH money into it too & that would have been a tax-FREE 50-something bagger. Argh. Earlier today, it was a 55-bagger. Felt great. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Speaking of, er, “bagging” – just last week I read the headline of an online financial article that stated 50-something women are “scared to death” of becoming “bag ladies”. The article then said their fears are JUSTIFIED since most younger Boomers have such piss-poor retirement savings & won’t get a pension. I guess since my AMZN is now (almost) a 55-bagger, I qualify as a “Bag Lady” too, although, thank god, not the same! ๐Ÿ™‚

    In other good news, another one of my stock DOGS is up over 20% today (a Chinese deal was revealed this morning). However, I won’t be dancing in the hallway as this is by FAR my worst stock investment of the past 6 years. It was a Motley Fool recommendation & it’s bad enough I put any money into it, but worse is I ADDED all the freakin way down. Even after today, the stock price would have to almost TRIPLE for me to just get back to even. THIS is why I diversify so much & boy, I wish I’d listened to my OWN advice here!

    BTW, what is YOUR definition of “rich”? And please, spare me any “worldwide peace &/or to love & be loved” answer. I’m pondering it more & more these days I think because I read so much financial stuff on a DAILY basis (both online articles from mainstream financial sites & more personal blogs, especially by the folks of the F.I.R.E. ‘movement’ which stands for “Financial Independence/Retire Early”). I also print out these massive (100-200 page) yearly reports about the ‘state of Americans’ retirement savings’. If you read ANY of this information, one thing becomes blatantly clear – this country is becoming SOLIDIFIED into a land of Have & Have Nots & the differences are VAST & becoming more so with every passing year. UNLESS something happens to reverse course, an actual economic class war will be inevitable.

    • Susie B.,

      My definition of rich is ordering the lobster tail appetizer without asking the market price.


      J Dubs

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