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Starting Five

The only blight on this contest was the Ram uniforms


With Rams 54, Chiefs 51, in a game between the NFL’s top two teams, the league officially joined the Big 12 last night:

–The highest-scoring Monday Night Football game in NFL history.

–The first game ever in which both teams eclipsed 50 points.

–10 passing TDs, 6 by Pat Mahomes (who also threw a pick-six)

–Each quarterback threw for more than 400 yards.

–Oddly enough, Todd Gurley’s 13-game streak of at least one touchdown per game ended.

It was the first Monday Night game in the Los Angeles Coliseum in 33 years. Don’t wait so long for the next one.

Chicago Fire

Four dead in Chicago after a mass shooting at Mercy Hospital. A 38 year-old ER doctor, Tamara O’Neal, was the target of the gunmen’s wrath. She had recently broken off an engagement. It appears he shot her in the parking lot and then ran into the hospital as he was exchanging gunfire with police who responded to the call.

A 25 year-old pharmacy resident, Dayna Less, apparently was struck by stray fire. A policeman, Samuel Jimenez, was also fatally wounded. What a mess.

Stay tuned for the president’s praise of the HEROES who prevented it from becoming a greater tragedy (this most likely was not a mass shooter-style incident, but rather a domestic violence incident).

3. All The Small Things*

*The judges will not accept “In the Blink of an ‘i'”

It’s moments such as this when the internet and Twitter are fun.

It began when James Corden, host of The Late Late Show and a Brit, said that across the pond Blink-182 is pronounced “Blink One-Eight-Two.” And that got the ball rolling…

Then Cordon replied…

At this point Tom DeLonge, the band’s original vocalist and guitarist, entered the fray…

And from here we were watching and waiting, an-ti-ci-pa-ting…..

What’s my age again? What’s my age again?

4. Lanka Her Up 

News from Washington, D.C.: Ivanka Trump, alias “First Daughter,” alias “Secretary of Handbaggery,” alias “The One That Got Away” (in dad’s opinion), has apparently been using a private email server to conduct government business. This almost automatically erases her chances to win the 2016 presidential election.

5. The DOWN Jones Industrial

Catch me I’m falling! Whoa, what a stinker of a week for the stock market. As we type this the Dow has already fallen nearly 600 points this morning. Let’s hang on/To what we got/Don’t let go, girl/We’ve got a lot/Got a lot of stocks between us…

We reminisce to last year at Thanksgiving, when Bitcoin was soaring and Walker Capital was raking in the cash (and obviously, using those rakes on cash instead of forest floors, where we should have been using them, proved catastrophic). All’s we can say is that if you haven’t sold or shorted already, you may as well hang on for the ride. At some point this beast must resurface for air.

In the meantime, here’s where Bitcoin Investment Trust (GBTC) was last December 18


and here’s where it is today….


So there’s that.*

*We got out long ago


3 thoughts on “IT’S ALL HAPPENING!

  1. Amazon, which hit all-time highs in September, is now down 28%. One of two things need to happen: Either they do a stock split or someone allows for partial shares to be purchased. Say what you will about Bitcoin, but being able to buy partial shares was awesome. We need that in the stock market.

    I’d recommend watching this, as well:

    Astonishingly, ecommerce only represents 10% of retail sales in the US. 10%! As we all know, it doesn’t exactly take a ship captain to figure out where this ship is sailing.

  2. Has the president Tweeted yet that the election results (i.e., the heavy vote for Dems) are the cause of the stock market tumble? If not, I’ll take 1:30 pm today in the pool.


    I clicked over to the MNF game around 11PM & saw most of the 4th Q; it was the 1st NFL game I’ve viewed this year. Verrrry interesting although can I just say “DEEE-FENSE? WE DON’T NEED NO STINKIN DEEEE-FENSE!” Anyhoo, within about 60 seconds of clicking to the game, I saw Mahomes throw a BOMB TD, then a KC defensive player somehow got the ball away from Rams QB Goff when it was knocked loose & ran it in for a short-yardage TD & within 2-4 minutes the score had gone from 30-40 Rams to 44-40 KC. The quarter continued like this! I was rooting for KC (that Mahomes kid is a cutie) so I was thrilled, then crushed, then thrilled, then crushed, then just plain tuckered out.

    It’s another “Moses” day in the stock market (parting the Red Sea…). Two more of my loooong-standing limit orders finally got filled, so, er, yippee for that. I’d actually been TRYING to prepare myself these past 3 years for this expected deluge but can you really, huh? NOT SO MUCH. And I KNEW having such a big chunk (thanks to the past 2 years’ wild escalator ride up up, up) in just 3 stocks would come back to bite when the correction came & tech was 1st in line for the hammer! OWWWW!

    And finally, I’ve believed from the very beginning that the Saudis got the “green light” from the WH or from just The Sociopath himself BEFORE the murder took place. The Saudis apparently call the journalist a….wait for it….”ENEMY OF THE STATE”. Gee, WHERE did they come up with that?

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