Do The White Thing

by John Walters

As I contemplate this afternoon’s third and final installment of the White House/Republican defense of President Donald John Trump, I distill it to a simple question: Do the right thing or Do the white thing (or, if you prefer, Do the Alt-Right thing)?

The question of whether Donald Trump did what the House alleges has never been in much question and John Bolton’s book galleys are the final nail in the coffin. Moreover, the latest item, the fact that former White House chief of staff John Kelly has come out and said that he believes Bolton, is just another nail.

At least the O.J. jurors were given an out by Chris Darden: the glove didn’t fit. The glove not only fits here, but Trump has been wearing it throughout the proceedings.

So, 53 Republican senators. And most, if not all of them, appear to have a very myopic sense of historical perspective. They are worried about a nasty tweet from Trump; or a threat from Mitch McConnell; or an angry “base” who may not reelect them.

There’s no need to complicate it. Most of them are lawyers. Many of them have litigated in court. They have been on the side that asks a jury to study the evidence and follow the law. But now they’re conflicted—maybe there’s something more important than the law? Like unborn fetuses? Or their 401-Ks?

It’s so much simpler than that. Any person of character—good character—knows that you make decisions based on principles, not consequences. Because once you forfeit your principles for a short term gain, you are no longer a person worthy of being followed. Or listened to. No longer a person worthy to lead, or to represent others.

Do the right thing. It’ll be liberating. Suddenly you won’t be so hair-trigger angry any more. You won’t be defensive. You won’t ask people to repeat questions because you need time to think up a good lie or at least misleading response. You may even smile.

A vote for impeachment is not a vote against Donald Trump because you hate him. It’s a vote against a president who betrayed his oath of office. Nothing more, nothing less.

One final note: Imagine a black man is on trial for murder. Now, there are multiple witnesses who said he did it. The suspect even wrote a note claiming he did it. His defense team has no alibi. All they do is 1) quash any proposed witness from testifying and 2) make long-winded orations about how unfairly black people have been treated in America, bringing up slavery and Jim Crow laws and segregation and anything else they think will stick.

That’s their defense. You’re a Republican on that jury. Is that an adequate defense for you to declare him not guilty? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

Do the right thing, GOP senators.

Stop doing the white thing.

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