Democrat or Republican? It’s right there in the title.

Was rushing out the door earlier today, but two thoughts on Michelle Caruso-Cabrera’s decision to file to run against AOC in the Democratic primary:

First, of all the districts to choose, MCC chose that one.

Second, as a Democrat? Hunh. I watched MCC on CNBC (MCCNBC?) for years and she’s even farther away from being part of the Donkey party than Michael Bloomberg. She’s a Kudlow Democrat, if ever such a thing were to exist (Larry Kudlow wrote the foreword to her book, You Know I’m Right, i.e., You Know I’m Far-Right, and Donald’s financial advisor is as conservative as they come).

So this is a knockout strategy from, if not the White House itself, than by the CPAC conservative Schlappdicks. My guess is that MCC has not resided in that district in decades, if ever. Although that’s a technicality, of course (as when HRC ran for the Senate in New York state).

If I’m AOC, I take the compliment. The GOP is this threatened by her that they’re going to run a reasonable facsimile who just happens to be relatively famous but is fiscally conservative. And if you ever watched her on air, you know that MCC is combative.

Wonder if any CNBC anchors will note that nothing about MCC’s past suggests she has a Democratic viewpoint.

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