by John Walters

Starting Five

Chillin’ like a villain
  1. Bernie, Baby: Bernie Sanders, 78, and Pete Buttigieg, 38, go neck-and-neck in New Hampshire. Keep up the good fight, Liz-Klo! Meanwhile, read this editorial, Paging Michael Bloomberg, by Thomas Friedman in The New York Times. We wholeheartedly agree with him. You don’t have to, but we do.
  2. Stone Cold: All four DOJ prosecutors in the Roger Stone trial quit after their boss at the DOJ, William “Lowering The” Barr, tells the judge that their recommended sentence for Stone, who has already been convicted of both perjury and obstruction of justice, is too severe. Now who’s going to try the case for these four civil servants having been stabbed in the back?
  3. Coronavirus Tops 1,100: This virus has gone viral!
  4. Zion Torches Blazers: Rookie Zion Williamson has his first 30-point NBA game as the Pelicans pummel Portland, 138-117. The NBA rookie scored 31 points without making a single trey. How often is that done any more?
  5. Siba Attack: Siba the standard poodle wins Best in Show at the Westminster Dog Show.

One thought on “IT’S ALL HAPPENING!

  1. ‘Chillin like a villain”? The thought of jdubs watching & singing along with The Descendants on the Disney channel ALMOST makes up for my witnessing yet another, er, ‘dog gone’ ROBBERY at Madison Square Garden last night! Daniel the Golden Retriever was the STAR & deserved to win Best in Show while YET AGAIN another g’damn poodle walked away with the dog biscuits! Well, actually no biscuits were awarded but enough trophies surrounded the ‘winner’ that you could barely see the dog. Which was probably a good thing since the audience in the arena were ALSO aboard Team Daniel with me!

    Also, the winner of the Terrier group was the SAME breed that won BIS last year! Really? REALLY? Not one of those other terriers (all winners of their breed) were just as good if not better than the Wirehaired Fox Terrier? I can’t decide if the Westminster judges are just LAZY or corrupt.

    Good thing I mostly watch this event just to watch all the different breeds strut their stuff & then debate with myself which breed(s) would do well on my future ‘estate’. 🙂 Picking one’s favorite dog breeds is akin to a Rorschach test although I don’t know exactly what my faves reveal. I love the “long & low” doggies (Basset, Corgis, Sussex Spaniel, etc) & “chunky” dogs, such as Mastiff, Clumber Spaniel, St Bernard, Newfoundland, Great Dane (not chunky but big), Golden Labrador, etc. I don’t like dogs with “beards”, long & thin faces (like a poodle!) or smushed-in faces (Pekingese, Pug, etc). I especially dislike dogs that “yip” instead of bark! There’s probably a book somewhere that can now analyze me better than any horoscope. 🙂 Do you have an affinity for one or more dog type, jdubs?

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