This photo is not from O.J.: Made In America, in case you were confused
  1. O.J.: Made In America : Okay, this felt more like an ESPN 30 for 30 on steroids than a film, but it was tremendous. It’s not just a murder documentary, it’s as significant a document of historical record as anything that Ken Burns has done. Essential viewing in terms of American history post-Watergate.
  2. La La Land: One of the all-time Hollywood critics’ backlash films of ever, right up to the point where they thought they’d won the Best Picture Oscar only for their own producer to realize Warren Beatty had read the envelope incorrectly. Anyway, I liked it. Minor amendment: I LOVED the first 30 or so minutes of it. The first two songs are energizing and dynamic and the meet-cute song is magical.
  3. The Witch: A colonial era horror folk tale. The sense of doom and foreboding comes as soon as the village gates close behind our ill-fated family. And what’s up with that goat?
  4. Sing Street: From the same folks who brought us Once, a sweet story about a high school loser who forms a band and gets the girl. In Dublin, early Eighties. You’ll enjoy this if you grew up John Cusack films back in the day.
  5. Hell Or High Water: I don’t know how come Chris Pine isn’t a bigger star, especially after a film like this. Still can’t believe his dad was the sarge in CHiPs. Pine is a young Redford/Newman combo type in this modern-day Western and Jeff Bridges as the retiring sheriff is at the very, very top of his craft. This is an A-minus No Country For Old Men, and there’s no shame in that.

Also liked Hacksaw Ridge and The Nice Guys and would have put them on a longer list. Never saw: Moonlight.

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