1. Coco: I had no expectations when I walked into the theater with my two nieces. And then at the end I was annoyed by how dusty the theater had become. “Remember me…”
  2. Get Out: The oddest twist on Meet The Parents I’ve yet come across.
  3. Dunkirk: I had to see this a second time to fully understand what director Chris Nolan was trying to do here. Glad I did.
  4. Call Me By Your Name: a.k.a., Brokeback Villa.Yes, I got squeamish during that scene near the end, but there’s no denying this is an excellent movie. You just know Timothy Chalameet thought he might be able to earn a Best Supporting Actor totem off that final grief scene.
  5. Molly’s Game: For us, it just edges out Ladybird. Not Sorkin’s best, but still not bad.

Also liked but not loved: “The Post,” “Darkest Hour.” Meh on “The Shape of Water,” which won Best Picture. Loathed “Three Billboards.”

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