1. “Oh, Rob!” He wouldn’t listen. Rob Manfred insisted on holding a press conference. He thought levity would be a good tactic. He sarcastically congratulated a reporter for doing his job well. And he seemed to think that knowing all the facts was more important than punishing the offenders. Has he not seen a single episode of Law & Order?
  2. The Clipper Picker-Upper: Kawhi Leonard scores a game-high 30 as Team LeBron defeats Team Giannis 157-155 at the NBA All-Star Game in Chicago.
  3. Donald, Daytona, Delay: Donald and Melania take a lap around the Daytona Speedway accompanied by a massive flyover. And then the rains came and washed the whole thing out until today. If you’re keeping score: Chicago, basketball, Obama attends; Florida, racin’, Trump attends. No surprises.
  1. Coronavirus Toll: 1,770 deaths at this point.
  2. Trevor Noah on Mike Bloomberg: I like Bloomberg. I really like Trevor Noah. This is worth a listen. And as I’ve said many times, if you want to read an incredible book, read Noah’s memoir, Born A Crime.

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