The coronavirus provides the ultimate irony for Donald Trump, and I don’t mean because the first half of its name is “Mexican.” No, the irony of the coronavirus is that the Trump presidency, which has been a hallmark of bigotry, racism and xenophobia, is being threatened like it has not yet been by an adversary that by its nature is… non-discriminating.

Coronavirus don’t care if you’re black or brown or “regular.” Man or woman. Democrat or Republican. Cis or trans. Rich or poor. Ford or Ferrari.

Coronavirus never provides a soundbyte, so it can never be caught in a contradiction. It never tweets. It can’t be wiretapped. No wall can contain it. Nor can Mitch McConnell or the Supreme Court. It’s only limit is the limit of human travel and interaction, which in the year 2020 is relatively limitless.

Donald Trump can’t belittle it because it has no ears. And the average MAGA fan (and most everyone else) cannot identify it. Not before it’s too late.

Coronavirus has killed and it will kill more. And that’s too bad. What it will do that President Trump fears more, however, is slow down the economy. You can’t boast about growth and the Dow Jones when they’re both hurting. And when you blame it on CV, your critics will rightly point to the fact that you’ve appointed bozos to be in charge of mitigating the pandemic and they’re completely out of their league.

It’s scary, CV. Yes. But it’s also heartening to see a contagion in the United States of America that at last is not wearing a red baseball cap.

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