When your star goes apesh*t

Have Seen:

  1. King Kong: The original classic, and a very clever veiled analogy about the American slave trade that was way ahead of its time. Watch the Inglourious Basterds scene that deals with this allegory.
  2. Duck Soup: Who will save the bankrupt, tiny nation of Freedonia? Groucho! Considered by many to be the Marx Brothers’ finest work.
  3. Little Women: The first and, for many, finest incarnation of the adaptation of Louisa May Alcott’s novel. Why? Because Katharine Hepburn plays Jo.

Need To See:

4. Bombshell: Jean Harlow, who would die at the age of 27, in her signature role.

5. 42nd Street: Singin’… and dancin’…

6. Dinner At Eight: About the right time for New Yorkers

7. Footlight Parade: Jimmy Cagney wasn’t just a tough guy, he was a master of musicals. Here, produced by the legendary Busby Berkeley.

8. I’m No Angel: Mae West being Mae West. Find out what all the hype was about.

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