From Thursday night’s episode of “Mad Money,” Jim Cramer recommends 10 companies to buy in the midst of the coronavirus panic:

  1. Adobe (ADBE)
  2. Etsy (ETSY)
  3. Moderna (MRNA)
  4. Nvidia (NVDA)
  5. RingCentral (RNG)
  6. Shopify (SHOP)
  7. Square (SQ)
  8. Telodoc Health (TDOC)
  9. theTradeDesk
  10. Zoom Video (ZM)


  1. Any rhyme or reason to these cuckoo choices? Let’s check back in a year and see where they are relative to the rest of the market.

  2. One of the few things that’s made me laugh the past 2 days is that the shares of “ZOOM” spiked HUGE. The problem is 2-fold : that company has gone out of business & the “investors” (loose definition) mistook it for ZM (the videoconference company that’s on Cramer’s list above). 🙂

    Anyhoo, this week I have added a few shares of some of my dividend stocks (mostly shares of large energy companies that have been beaten to a pulp, although NOT CHK, that long-held sorry investment of mine has been on life support since last year & I’m now hearing “the machines” going off…). I also have a long list of limit orders that I’m still waiting & waiting (for example, still waiting for SHOP to come back down a LOT more). And I’ve still got my order in for 25 more shares of DIS at $95.50 (I put in that order last summer). Think it will get there? Who knew it would take a pandemic to get the shares even close!

    With today’s continual beatdown, this week officially rivals Black Thursday of 1987. However, back then, being young, spry & very optimistic, I was THRILLED & added as much cash as I could scrounge up to my little mutual funds. Since I’m no longer young or spry & definitely not as “optimistic”, I’m not so thrilled at this particular RED SKY WARNING! However, a small silver lining – it has allowed me to finally start investing my 2019 ROTH money! I’ve got 2-3 more weeks to get it all in there (must complete before I have my taxes done) so I console myself that at LEAST I didn’t invest that money 2 weeks ago!

    IF the rout continues & AMZN gets close to $1250, I’m breaking into my Emergency Fund.

    Good luck to all.

    • Er, that was Black MONDAY back in 1987. Sigh. My only excuse is that my eyes have been RED-filled all week & it blurred my vision as I was typing. PLUS, my winter coat, boots, hat, gloves weigh “45 pounds” & wearing all that weight while driving into work made my arms “too tired” to type. 🙂

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