Monrovia Bear Market?

The Dow Jones was above 29,000 just last Friday when Twitter went aflame with video of a giant bear roaming the suburban streets of Monrovia, Calif. The Dow has dropped about 3,500 points since then.

Pulling The Ruggs Out

Former Alabama wide receiver Henry Ruggs runs a 4.28 at the NFL combine. Former Notre Dame wideout Chase Claypool, who stands 6’4″ and has incredible hands as those of us who watched him the last two seasons know, runs a swift 4.40. Does Claypool go in the first round?

The fastest combine 40 ever was a 4.22 by John Ross of U-Dub, who now plays for the Bengals.

Dayton Place

Obi, wonderful

When you think of Dayton and college basketball (unless you’re old enough to remember the name Damon Goodwin), you think of the first four, the annual preamble to the NCAA tournament. Not anymore.

The Dayton Flyers are 25-2 and are likely headed for a 2 seed in the NCAA tourney. The Flyers, ranked fifth nationally, have just two losses: one to current No. 1 Kansas and the other by just 2 points to current No. 21 Colorado.

Dayton’s leading scorer and rebounder? Obi Toppin, a 6’9″ Brooklyn (“BROOKLYN!”) native. Keep an eye out.


A week ago, Donald Trump was welcoming most of the members of America’s “Miracle On Ice” hockey team to the stage at a Las Vegas MAGA fest. Six days later, he’s in the White House, intoning to close confidants (i.e., sycophants) that “It’s [the coronavirus] going to disappear. One day it’s like a miracle, it will disappear.”

See, when you’re both ignorant and a narcissistic sociopath, it’s impossible for you to accept that there are problems seem out of your realm that are relatively simple for others to solve. Your thinking is, If I don’t know, nobody must know.

One day earlier in the White House briefing room Dr. Anthony Sauci, the GOAT (living) of working on infectious diseases in the USA, declared that a coronavirus spread in the U.S. was inevitable. Trump, having no insight at all but not wanting the stock market to tank any further, publicly contradicted him.

So now that it’s beginning to dawn on Donald that this problem is too big for him, he’s going with 1) hand it off to Pence and 2) it’ll take a miracle. Maybe they can all pray it away at CPAC today.

Hippo On Pump 9

I’m seeing more of these types of videos on Twitter each day. Bear enters neighborhood, mountain lion climbs back yard fence, hippo strolls into gas station. This is the only thing to remember: They are not encroaching on our space; we’ve been encroaching on theirs. For centuries. I’m with the animals.

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