Lots of fans are, and rightfully so, praising SNL’s “Airport Sushi” sketch. For me, though, it was host John Mulaney‘s monologue that was the high point of last night’s show. It was meta-Mulaney: a riff about his dad (who is truly his comic inspiration), followed by a riff relating a real historical event to the comedy that no one has thought to squeeze out of it before. And finally, a funny riff that is both sweet and takes aim at the joke-teller himself.

Every show Mulaney hosts (this was the third for the former SNL writer) is like flying first-class as opposed to coach. And by the way, a signature of all three of his appearances as host is taking a dedicated New York City space (e.g. bodega, LaGuardia Airport) and writing a mini-musical (using parody versions of classic show tunes) about it. I’m wondering what he’ll do for his fourth hosting gig: The L train? Penn Station? The High Line?

Michael Che was also in classic form on “Weekend Update,” by the way.

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